Nailani Graham

4 responses to “Nailani Graham

  1. Corruption Watcher

    The US adversarial legal system is heavily weighted in favor of the state, considering both the prosecutor and public defender are paid by the government. Therefore, the public defender seems inclined to encourage factually innocent defendants to accept plea deals rather than vigorously fight the heavy-handed prosecutor.

  2. DPD Graham will lose her license for allowing a Prosecutor to manufacture evidence.

  3. Kevin, Save yourself the pain as truth comes out. You made a mistake and drop charges. No one wants to see you hurt, ask for help. Get your life back and meds under control. All this is from abuse that lead to abuse. Admit you were messed up and drop charges. Can’t you see Carrie was scared for her life?.. as anyone would be.

  4. Be Patient Carrie, as usual Kevin should hang himself. Call if you need help.
    He need to be in a hosptal under observation.

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