This is not a site about domestic violence.  Just as our name states, it is about corruption in Hawaii.  Unfortunately the events being reported here are not unusual for what occurs in the Hawaii “justice” system. The only unusual aspect is the irrefutable evidence provided by the LEGALLY RECORDED events.

As you look through our pages of evidence (and even more will be added when the time is right), you’ll soon realize the danger to all citizens arising from the unchecked powers of our judicial system.  A system which can only be described as corrupt.  This case not only clearly demonstrates how tenuous each of our civil rights and liberties are, but also exposes the absurd waste of taxpayer monies.  How many untold thousands of dollars have been spent on this case which is ultimately about protectionism and retribution?  How many more will be spent as Carrie continues her battle?  Justice replaced by corruption is rampant in our courts and it affects every one of us.

According to the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct a defense attorney’s duty is to zealously represent their client.  The prosecutors duty is as a minister of justice and carries with it specific obligations to see that the defendant is accorded procedural justice.  Both attorneys in this case failed so miserably in their duties to Carrie that we have to seriously question their intent.  As a matter of law, the evidence amassed in adducing their intent would rise to a level far above what the two attorneys have used to incarcerate many other defendants.

Criminal cases generally begin with police involvement.  This involvement will be initial contact, investigation, then reporting to the prosecutor.  In this case what Hawaii Police Department did could arguably be called at best inept, at worst corrupt. The reports were based upon statements made by Kevin Walters and his friend Bill Church.  The police made no attempt to verify a single word they said.  Based solely upon Kevin’s statements, even though each one alleged a different story, Detective Royce Serrao charged Carrie with assault.  One month later Det. Serrao testified to the grand jury that he had not viewed the video, the primary piece of evidence.  We leave the question of whether HPD is inept or corrupt up to the reader.

The next phase of criminal cases is the sole obligation of the Prosecutor.  In this case that fell to Deputy Prosecutor Ricky Roy Damerville.  After reviewing the evidence he had the choices of going forward with, amending, or dropping the charges.  DP Damerville chose to go forward and present a story to the Grand Jury.  Suspiciously conveniently, DP Damerville is unable to get the audio to the video to work, and lets the video run silently while Kevin testifies to things like “I stood up and she was yelling and screaming at me…”.  Among all the other suspicious comments DP Dammerville makes during this event, we find the following to be glaringly obvious towards his intent; “Okay, now this is going to stay quiet for a little bit, okay.  Voice will come on in a minute.”  The video immediately begins with Kevin’s derranged ranting, however DP Damerville presents it like it’s as quiet as a church.  Throughout the entire Grand Jury proceeding, there was not one mention of Kevins videoed threats.  The first video was never mentioned.  The police call log time-stamping the events and proving that Kevin’s testimony was blatant perjury were never presented.  DP Dammerville committed gross Prosecutorial Misconduct by knowingly suborning, and potentially orchestrating, Grand Jury Perjury.  We highly doubt our readers are now having trouble deciding between ineptitude or corruption at this point.

The Grand Jurors, who serve for a one year period in Hawaii, failed their duty and took only moments to rubber-stamp a True Bill.  How many other innocent people had their lives ruined by this Grand Jury during their year of service?

Now comes the defense attorney, Deputy Public Defender Nailani Graham.  Or as Carrie calls her, Assistant Prosecutor.  At their first meeting DPD Graham tells Carrie, “I haven’t gotten your file yet but these types of cases are usually disposed of with a plea.”  Unfortunately this was to be the highlight of her zealous representation.  The complete Grand Jury transcripts and other exculpatory evidence were withheld from Carrie.  According to DPD Graham, she did not know if the recordings of Kevin admitting his guilt could come in at trial.  When Carrie presented her with the law clearly showing they were allowable evidence, DPD Graham responded “I do not consider you my co-counsel.”  DPD Graham refused to take the contact info of two witnesses who could testify that Kevin had pre-planned his defense, nor would she take his hand-written out plan.  She refused to consider the video as evidence to impeach his testimony.  At one of their meetings DPD Graham said that should Carrie succeed in having Kevin charged with his crimes “the irony would be that he would get a real attorney” since the public defenders office wouldn’t be able to represent him.

DPD Graham filed two motions in her “defense” of Carrie.   First, she filed for a 704 Exam in which DPD Graham “declared to under penalty of law” that she didn’t think Carrie was capable of participating in her own defense.  This put Carrie under the very real risk of being institutionalized, but it was a process Carrie did not co-operate with.  Secondly, she filed a Motion In Limine to suppress Carrie’s prior criminal record.  Again declaring under penalty of law, DPD Graham writes “Defendant’s conviction is approximately twenty years old and therefore too remote in time, place, and circumstances to be relevant to the instant case.”  Problem is, Carrie has absolutely no prior criminal record what so ever and she was the only party in this whole process who was mounting a defense.

As DPD Graham’s antagonism and retaliation against her client increased, Carrie sought other avenues to exert her rights.  She tried to have DPD Graham replaced, but Judge Hara refused the motion.  Carrie tried to have her order of protection modified and put the suppressed evidence on the record.  Initially Judge Bartholomew was willing to do this and scheduled a hearing.  Until DP Damerville arrived in Family Court and sent the clear message to shut it down.  Judge Bartholomew then refused to hear any of the evidence.  After 16 months of this nightmare Kangaroo Court Carrie was forced to accept a plea deal in which she was incarcerated for 30 days and 5 years of probation.  Judge Hara justifies her incarceration by stating that she could have extricated herself from the situation by calling a cab, while completely ignoring the true perpatrators crimes.  Without the battle she waged this case would have had a much quicker and less costly resolution and Carrie would have gotten 10 years in prison.

However, the battle continues.  Carrie had boldly declared to all parties involved that she had recorded every one of them and would put it up on the web.  The response was Probation Officer Rose De Lima attempted to incarcerate Carrie by violating her probation, calling Carrie unprobationable.  Carrie stood in court and stated that PO De Lima had a complete lack of veracity and her recordings prove it.  Judge Hara did not violate Carrie, however he did order her to stop recording.  Given Carrie’s past record we highly doubt she has abided by this illegal order.  PO De Lima tried to violate Carrie a second time for getting behind on her restitution payments.  Carrie proved that the payments were a hardship and said she was willing to do community service.  Judge Hara denied her the option of community service.

Carrie reported PO De Lima to the Attorney General for knowingly falsifying a court document.  AG Inspector Domingo does agree that when a state officer falsifies a court document it is a crime, but it must be reported to the PO’s supervisor first.  Carrie also lodged a complaint against DPD Graham with the Office of Disciplinary Council (ODC) for ethics violations.  The ODC responded  they don’t investigate ineffective assistance of council complaints, effectively playing the role of protecting attorneys.  The most egregious ethics violators are the least likely to be sanctioned or disbarred.

The Hawaii Judicial system has completely broken down and morphed into a business of incarcerating as many citizens as possible.  At the same time it is protecting the true criminals, those sworn to uphold the law yet using any means to justify their agenda.  This case makes it clear that our Judicial System is anything but just, it is a syndicate whose main goal is to protect their own while pushing forward with their oppression of citizens.  Carrie’s case is far from over and we will continue to monitor and report on it.  In the meantime, we hope to find just one single respectable Judge, Attorney, or Officer in this system and we’ll report on that too.

Update 9-6-12: At this time we can only give a hint as to the changes about to occur in Hawaii County.  Although Carrie scored historically low on the probation departments risk assesment, she was placed on high monitoring status for the past 1 1/2 years.  This woman with no prior criminal record, no susbstance abuse issues, no danger to the public has been monitored as closely as a hardened career criminal.  On September 5, 2012 Carrie arrived at her probation appointment and was informed that she is suddenly being dropped to low monitoring and she will not have to check in again for six months.  Ironically, Carrie showed up for her appointment in this outfit…

Update 9-14-12: The following recording is of a meeting Carrie had with the Deputy Prosecutor Lucas Burns and Investigator Gene today. Listen to DP Burns ignore the conflict of interest of his office, then he and Investigator Gene try to cut Carrie off the second she mentions Rick Damerville. Investigator Gene then asks Carrie if her reocrder is on (obviously Carries reputation preceeded her) and DP Burns laughs. Investigator Gene tells Carrie she can’t record without their consent.  Carrie responds “one party consent state”.  DP Burns then says we’re not going to have an interview with that recorder on.  Carrie says, “That isn’t an option you have as a public servant.” Not one quetion was answered, not one solution offered. The entire meeting, which Carrie forced on them, was centered around the Prosecutors office trying to continue their corrupt cover up.  They only succeeded in digging a deeper hole.  As Carrie later said, it was another good day. 

And naturally, this is what she wore…

For obvious reasons, we are allowing people to post anonymously. Just write your comment and send, no need to put in any identifying information if you do not wish to.


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  1. Hi Carrie
    I’m sorry to hear about your experience! I also had a very bad experience with MPD on the island of Maui. I’m white and blond like you. I had a man harass me non-stop online, call me, email me, and follow me. He assaulted me In Costco after following me around and was never charged. He found out everything about me. I reported him for child abuse as I’m a teacher and his child was in my class for a few days. So this started his obsession. He has a history of stalking others. He then had his wife steal my personal information from Maui Memorial Hospital. I filed a complaint with the hospital and they ‘lost’ it, however the office of civil rights charged her with a HIPPA violation. This couple called 911 making up a pretend suicide call to take me to the hospital against my will and the sargeant who has a history of being charged with domestic violence, screamed obscenities at me. They retaliated by posting more defamation blogs about me and stalking me further. The police refused to help me. I was fearing for my life. The original man then enlisted a few other men who had criminal histories and restraining orders against them, to report fake stories to police that I was harassing them. After two years of abuse by this couple and others they enlisted to assist them police showed up with a subpoena claiming I was the stalker!? They stole all my electronics. I was never told what I was being investigated for. I wasn’t charged or arrested. The police then went to my school to take my work laptop, and the Hawaii DOE put me on paid leave. I was never told exactly what I was placed on paid leave for. I wasn’t fired, but then reassigned to the district office six months later still pending investigation. After six months without hearing ever again from police about why my items were stolen by them, no follow up, no charges etc I moved back to the mainland. I have never ever in my life seen such an unprofessional system regarding law enforcement or education! I would caution anyone who is white to move to the islands. It’s corrupt! Extremely third world. I’d like to put up the names of the sargeant and detective who did all this, but I fear for retaliation even though I’m back in the mainland. Also, when I sent a form asking for copies of police records and reports for this timeframe I got a letter saying nothing found. I hate Maui Police Department and The Hawaii Department of Education. My entire career was destroyed by these corrupt agencies. I was financially and emotionally drained. The lowest point in my life. All over a man making a false report? I will never step foot on your crap islands again.

  2. ** HELP WANTED. **

    The Big Island Break Free Project needs at least 30 people to volunteer to participate in some peaceful demonstrations it wants to organize and hold at several key locations around the island. Nothing has been scheduled yet. We need demonstrators first.

    The purpose is to protest current state government policy of enforcing the traffic code in ways that violate our constitutional rights and allows the State to bilk money or forced free labor from its most vulnerable people. Police are instructed to issue was many traffic citations as possible not because people are driving reckless Lee and making the roads unsafe for the public, but for the purpose of increasing revenue to the State to fund its over-bloated budget, including its ever-growing police force, which of course it needs if it is to keep up with the number of traffic citations it needs issued to create the projected additional revenue it anticipates..

    Of course this doesn’t impact people of means who have money to maintain their cars and to get safety checks on time and pay registration on time and never experience lapses in their insurance. This policy only impacts the island’s impoverished individuals, the indigent and homeless folks, the working poor, and certain disabled people who can’t, or just barely, make ends meet…who live paycheck to paycheck, and if they miss one check could be put out in the streets.

    Sometimes people with no money can’t pay the basic costs of living on time. Sometimes people have emergencies that set them back and they require extensions of time or payment plans to take care of everything.

    Since the government refuses to accommodate the ever growing number of poor people on the island, it’s actions and the way that it enforces compliance with its regulatory laws is discriminatory and it doesn’t treat all people equally under the law or protect them equally under the law as it is required to do.

    A new policy that waives registration fees for car owners who are collecting food stamps and finally eliminating the safety inspection requirement would enable poor people to comply with the law. It would also close the loophole that is the State’s excuse to violate the rights of otherwise law abiding citizens. IT IS WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT TO DEMONSTRATE.

    Almost one out of two employed people in Hawaii work for the government. That’s INSANE! Clearly Hawaii’s government is too big and needs major retooling. The problem is there are no private sector jobs to employ people who would be cut from the government payroll. Why? The old catch 22.

    The state gvernment has created a very unfriendly environment for businesses because of excessive regulation and heavy taxation, and it (claims it) needs more government employees to handle the workload created by the excessive regulation and taxation. Hawaii will have to reduce its regulations and taxes on businesses to increase private sector jobs to replace government employment. It will be painful at first but it has to be done. However nobody is going to vote to reduce government because at least half of employed people and more than half of people who vote work for the government. They won’t vote themselves out of a job. The only way to get the government to be responsible is to protest loudly and visibly, and probably to initiate a lawsuit demanding it….a suit likely to fail because nothing in the Constitution puts a specific cap on the size of government in relation to population.

    To relieve the people who are being oppressed, who are all poor and make up a large part of the public at large (I’d say over 3/4 of the 52% of residents who are NOT government employees are pressed down by bad government policies and violations of protected rights), I think the best chance we have is to force the legislature to change the laws to make them comply with the Constitution. If they complied with law of the land, the Constitution, they would not be pulling people over for expired tags and then ticketing them for no insurance or no driver’s license, which they may not have because they don’t have any money.

    Fining the poor because they couldn’t pay for and pass a safety inspection or pay for vehicle registration when due is counter intuitive (stupid). If they had no money to maintain their car and pass a safety check, or to pay the registration fees on time, then obviously they don’t have the money to get the safety check done after getting the car repaired so it will pass the inspection and pay the registration and pay the fine and Court fees piled on top. It does, however, almost guarantee that these people will not be able to cure the violation they were basically harassed about, and ensure they’ll be pulled over again, pressing them into undue financial hardship but never offering a remedy.

    To fine people for being poor and unable to pay a regulatory fee on time puts innocent people who did no harm to anyone at risk of becoming homeless or losing their car, without which they cannot get to the jobs which underpay them and then their lives unravel. They cannot provide for their kids, so the State has to do it. How dumb is that?! To take an individual driver’s license away because they were unable to pay the fines and fees in full when do, is harsh and excessive punishment; especially given the government’s abysmal failure to provide adequate, reliable, public transportation as a reasonable alternative to driving a private vehicle. This has got to stop.

    The answer is so simple that the government can’t figure it out. All they have to do, and actually what they are required to do by law to avoid discrimination, is to waive or reduce the vehicle registration fees and get rid of the safety inspection requirement (which they’ve been planning to do for 2 years now but don’t because it allows the police to pull people over for no reason in violation of their 6th and 5th Amendment rights).

    Hawaii does not allow what’s called referendum and recall on the mainland, which is a process that truly make a democracy a democracy because it is the way that the people individually get to participate in and make their voice heard by government..

    In other states, when the people believe that the law needs to be changed or bad laws revoked, they are allowed to seek the signatures of a certain percentage of registered voters who agree; and if they get the required number of signatures, the government must put the matter on the next ballot for an open “popular” vote, not just left to the elected officials who don’t usually vote the way their constituents would want.

    I tried myself to get the people the privilege of referendum and recall but, of course, that would have to be approved by the legislature and the legislature will not vote to reduce its own authority and put it back in the hands of the people that it supposedly represent. Without referendum & recall there is little the individual can do.

    I was denied a request for an audience of the legislature to present some issues for consideration and discussion. They do not want to hear anything any one member of the public has to say. However, a large number of people, too many to ignore, might be able to get an audience and be heard. We will not succeed in making any change to this correct government unless we pulled together as — well, a large angry mob. The bigger the better.

    30 people is the MINIMUM number of people to have a demonstration be effective. I know there are more than 30 people who have posted comments and complaints on this website. There are probably more than a hundred people who have posted complaints on this website.

    How many of you are willing to give the time necessary to initiate the change you want to see? I sure hope it’s every single one of you because I can not do this alone. I am hopping mad and chomping at the bit to carve the corruption out of our government. I’ve reached out to you all once before, and none of you stepped up to the plate. Carrie did call me but we never met as discussed and forward movement fell apart. That was more than a year ago. It’s time to try again.

    I’m asking you people to please shit or get off the pot. Stand up for your rights because the Hawaii Constitution says in article 1 of the bill of Rights that our right to life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness and acquired own property are protected, BUT they “cannot endure” (won’t be protected for long) “unless the people realize and perform their corresponding duties and obligations”. In other words, the State will not recognize or protect our ” inalienable ” rights unless we perform some duties and obligations that are not defined or disclosed, but that the State seems to believe we owe it, in return for it not
    illegally violating our inviolable rights.

    The State of Hawaii has turned the charter that created it and sets forth the limitations of its police power over us into a mutual contract!!!! I’ve seen it all now. What does that mean exactly for the average resident of Hawaii? It means that if the people of the state of Hawaii do not stand up and very loudly, visibly, regularly, habitually PROTEST EVERY TIME the government violates a protected right, we all will lose them use them or lose them…a new mechanism for control of the masses and all available resources.

    DANGER, RED ALERT!! We are all in trouble, as are our kids & grandkids if WE, ALL OF US, don’t PROTEST against the government’s abuse of law and oppression of the people it’s supposed to serve.

    My name is Julie. I’m the founder of the Big Island Break Free Project, which sinks to reduce the Big Island dependents on imported Goods from the United States mainland as well as to make our state stop trying to turn our Island into a carbon copy of the mainland. We are not the United States and we don’t want to be like the United States. What works for them does not work for us. The state however has for several years now then implementing and passing laws that are identical to uniform laws passed for the mainland state. They just don’t work here. The project is just getting started and we plan to see a lot of changes to the way things are done around here, hoping to restore some of the island style that has been destroyed over the past 20 or so years. But that’s another story; you can check out our Facebook page.. This is a plea for help to stop oppression by governmental abuse of the traffic code.

    Please send an email to Big.Island.Break.Free@gmail.com if you will participate in the protest. When (if) at least 30 of you have agreed to demonstrate, I’ll personally start making the arrangements. We’re thinking of renting a bus that will take us all together around the island. We could do it for 2-3 days, stopping to demonstrate for 3-4 hours outside of 2-3 choice locations per day. But dammit, people, I CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU. PLEASE, PARTICIPATE.

    Mahalo. Malama kou. We hope to hear from you all before the month ends.

  3. Kamuela Hawaii cops and judge
    Are corrupt as hell!
    I had an physical altercation 1x after 2 years of living together with my boyfriend ( never had any problems prior to this mind you his mom came to visit from the mainland and this happened)
    He went to police
    They took me to psych ward or jail pick one!
    I picked the hospital
    I could not believe what was happening to me!
    He Got a tro we went to court judge granted him 2 year pfa!! ???
    The police saw the marks on me but did nothing I said I wanted to press charges they did nothing??
    He had a lawyer I did not
    Nobody questioned me or
    Got my side of story
    Got thrown out of my house
    ( both names on lease)
    Had no where to go
    No support
    Had to go to court 2x
    Then I finally got off this god forsaken corrupt island!
    Then I received a court document in California where I was living saying the prosecutor was taking me to court for abuse of household member?!!? What in the hell kind of system is this??
    They did not extradite me but said if I ever come back it will be there sitting??! How is this even possible?!
    3rd world or what!
    I could not believe it was happening
    Thank god I got off that Island!
    I wanted to go after the the state of Hawaii for this injustice to my life
    But did not have any idea or money to do so
    I am forever scarred from this
    And think Hawaii is very messed up
    Or maybe just stupid??
    Be wary of the corruption on this Island
    Still get sick to my stomach thinking about it

    • Oh also the one LOCAL HAWAIIAN PIG put his hand around my neck like he was gonna a strangle me!!?
      I’m white by the way
      Hmmm racist or what
      Totally uncalled for
      Disgusting judge in the case to real dummy!

  4. My case is ten times worse then carries. Death threats strikes internal bleeding stress glacoma cell phone burns poisoning fraud identity theft embezzlement money laundering threw false bank accounts officers (also I record too) I have telling me the people threatening me is a civil matter my supervisor said. My complains official night I add are taking months as I have evidandce that would overhaul whole staff of the chiefs office so I get arrested for hatrasment of my late cancer victims employer just cause I asked who her benifits provider was. As I found out the life insurers gave families fraudulent 200k check after her diognoses mom died and I had no idea mom enemy had life insurance as I see everyone cops and all going to super bowl on sisters dime! Oh and not to mention the house I own has police guarding me from. Even though I own it but the live in it, so I am to pay mortgage and not welcome home unless I sell home and give sisters profits. No joke. I put motion to modify tro and county legal documents supervisors take my motion and modify and rearrange and take evidancevand gets denied. My truck is outside and I return to it not starting tow truck driver drops at house and wreaks the under pan of engine and I let insurance email so I don’t get scrutinized turns out insurance lady sends tow driver emails my partner sends cause he also damaged ran over plants and distorted things. I call officer over I record just in case. He meets with driver firsts vibes over and tells me talked to supervisor and it’s a civil matter I was like I called cause he said he was gonna end me and my trucks life the civil matter I didn’t even care. Can you orotevt me . He said driver Denys it so yiu dibt have evidence so it’s civil by. I’m like no I recorded him saying all this. He’s like yiur not listening it’s civil. I was no it’s criminal he know where I live he said kill he runs a bossiness please protect me. He walks away and I said I recorded you too. And he turns around and said so are yiu. I’m like great it’s civil right? He drops his jaw and starts to shake. Backs out as fast as can and also runs over plants cause he was so scared.

  5. I was attacked while pregnant from my sister in law. I did not fight back. I held my stomach tight & tried to protect my unborn child. This Titta has been threatening to kill my child & have her & other people come after me. When I called the police they said they couldn’t do anything & wouldn’t even write a report. She was screaming & going off in front of police. She has a family member that is a police officer & placed a call to him. That’s why she gets away with everything. Turns out she is an ex-meth dealer and every time she gets turned in
    to police, her record gets cleared! I will never live on Maui again. The vast majority of police are corrupt just like a third-world country. You are not safe nor protected. I also witnessed a police officer chase a guy on a motorcycle, causing him to crash & die. At the scene of the crime, he told other officers he had randomly found the guy there. Police asked if anyone had seen the event.. I kept my mouth shut for fear of being fed to the pigs.. literally

    • Oh, also.. cops know all the drug dealers. They are all paid off & on the take. Don’t bother reporting these people.. cops will come after you instead. My ex was abusive & his ex keyed his car. He paid off a police officer to break her hand. ( told me this while we were dating).

    • The Kauai Mayor’s is in bed with drug cartels and protects a meth/heroin dealer. Dirty kpd cops, the Nuance Drug Abatemate Unit NDAU knows about her (casandra/sandra) and she’s been busted many times before and is out free like Donald Potter. Potter has been busted almost ever year for over 10 years and yet he was still able to terrorize Kauai and sell meth/heroin. The meth/heroin dealer drives a light blue subaru and a dark blue f150. The dirty kpd pigs leaked info that she’s being watched so she buys the blue f150 and her boyfriend drives a maroon hyundai suv and a cheap motorcycle. They’ve been popped all over the north shore of kauai and the east side. These wiggles are connected to the Cartels from Washington state importing black tar heroin. One of their customers committed suicide on the Mayor’s property. Months later she and her boyfriend moves in and opens up a 24-7 meth/heroin operation that was way more busy than burger King kapaa. The dirty cops sent 3 meth/heroin dealers to open up shop and sell in a small neighborhood while protecting them. They would leak info to the Drug dealers and Potter’s Junky daughter called her Wa state supplier to set up a hit but didn’t know that the person they marked is well trained and ready to use level 7 use of force to disable the threat. Kauai PD, PA, judicial employees, unions, and many others are tied to the hawaii syndicate mafia that is controlled by former cops that are also former DLNR officers or current DLNR officers. There’s a pattern to the top shot callers. The female meth/heroin dealer was seen at Shell kapaa with a hawaiian/podagee Mafia member who protects her (muscle).

  6. I recently moved off island and back to the mainland after residing there for about 9 years. One of the biggest reasons for leaving, is that I knew I would never be safe there. The MPD are incredibly corrupt; and that’s putting it lightly.
    I could literally tell countless stories of so many ridiculous and illegal behaviors I witnessed these unprofessional men in blue do. I had friends tell me horror stories. The things that happened to me were not bad comparatively, but messed up just the same.
    My home on Front Street had been burglarized many times, and each time, no matter the THOUSANDS of dollars worth of items and money stolen, the officers would *always* act as though “we” were the criminals, lose any police report made, etc. One night we were robbed at gunpoint and it was naturally very traumatizing and scary. The cops could care less, and seemed to make sure of showing it. The defective for the case would come by unannounced for many days after, but just sit on my porch taking phone calls from his buddies and pestered me into trying to get me to give him ice (which I most definitely did not have, nor did). I asked around about him and was told by many that he was a druggie himself and a “dirty” cop.
    A few years before that while living up north, my neighbors (who were known coke dealers) decided that my boyfriend, now husband, were being to loud. A group of officers came over, we apologized and turned our music down. Then all left but one. Suddenly out of no where and with zero warning he cuffed me. I kept asking why, my husband kept asking why, but he didn’t say a word. He took me to the elevator (we lived in an apartment on the top floor) and once the doors shut he slammed my head into the corner of the elevator and kneed me between my legs. I panicked and told him there were cameras (there were not unfortunately) but it did get him to stop which was my plan. Once out in the dark parking lot next to his squad car he began throwing me full-force onto the wet gravel pavement (It had been raining earlier), would puck me up by my cuffed wrists and throw me violently down again. I was sobbing begging hi to stop. I’m a petite 5’6 female, and he was at least 6 feet tall and strong. He repeatedly kept throwing me down and then finally shoved me into the back of his car. Once booked (barefoot in my PJ shorts and tank) I was ignored and not allowed a phone call. By the way, upon being arrested he never read me my rights.
    It was a nightmare. The following day I was informed that I had resisted arrest, assaulted HIM, among a bunch of other outlandish lies.
    I obtained a lawyer, and although nice, he told me that there was no point fighting any of it as it’s Maui and it’s just the small town corruption that came with living in a Mafia-run system. I had printed photos of all my bruises and abrasions. But like he said: “Anywhere else, on the mainland of course, we would sue and win and justice would be served. But if I wanted to stay in island, I had better just keep my mouth shut.”
    So then I got probation and a bunch of fines.
    I just feel terrible for some of the people/females that go missing, get raped, etc.
    Thank you for reading my story. And thank you especially for creating this site, which I randomly ran into this evening.
    I was too scared to talk about any of this while there, but hopefully this is a safe space because it’s nice to talk about it.
    Although, I’m happy to hopefully never relive any of it.
    Good luck to all of you who still live there. It’s a shame that the people who are supposed to serve and protect us are the ones we have to be weary of.

    • Mahalo, for posting your story Miranda. Unfortunately it is not an uncommon one. Mostly the people i Hawai`i are extraordinary, the systems are another story entirely. We aim to change the systems.

    • I’m so sorry this happened to you. MPD are a bunch of rapists. Many women I’ve heard of through Coconut wireless have dealt with this. We need FBI

  7. Is the public school system the same? I’m guessing that everyone covers eachother. I don’t even trust an attorney here. Not public or private.

    • Read the history of the syndicate mafia in the state of hawaii. State, county, and feds are corrupt. Even an FBI secretary was busted. The school system is so bad that they work for the mafia and all you have to do is look up the hawaii mafia and UH. There’s lots of info on how they gained power and control. Most were cops then DLNR officers and that’s how they were able to protect the rackets and extort from businesses. The honolulu rail is a multi-billion dollar racket connected to the corrupt unions and council members. Who is the new Godfather is the #1 question since the Hawaii Mob boss died on the big island in 2015. There’s many people to look into. They also protect the serial killers in hawaii because of family ties to the syndicates. From Chung then to the Company in the 1960’s and now it is still deeply rooted into the counties, state government and unions. DOE is a racket and all you have to do is research the PV installation bids for the public schools in hawaii.

  8. Mpd entered our home without providing a search warrant although said they have one. I asked the detective 5 times for the search warrant. He replied I’ll give you after we done.
    They waited for the victim to arrive that no longer lives at the home and. Started the search, there was still no warrant. Shown. The detective said he would give a copy to my son at the jail . And not. Provide or served my son with one .

  9. Hi it’s me I spoke with you before. I’m dealing with a case on corrupt cops and fabricated evidence. Here on Kauai my website is michellencory808.com. well today is the 2nd day of our jury trial. In court room 4 in lihue and we need all the support we can get. Would u or anyone who is with me come to my trial for support. Would be great.

  10. Finally some one has had the cerage to state the curuption and money driven activity that has bin happening for way to long. It is undisaplined dusaplinary actions that ha’s taken prevalence to benafit for themselves. Meaning they organize crime t I be organized in pointing the finger on there organized crime.playing as pupitiea waiting for moments and circumstances that allow them selves to conduct in ellegal activity with out getting cough and or using there laws to cover up evidence to protect there own. Hpd is not here to protect the public there objective is to protect there system witch works in there favor because no one is regulating their miss conduct. Locks are mad not to keep you out, there mad to put the thought of wrongful doing into perspective so if there is or are no consequences in place to remind a person of the law of reasons why they decided to become the law they become above it. That is a dangerous mind set to have with the ability and power(responsibility ) they are given as police officers. I bet if every one was told in the department (just as atest) they were all going to be drug tested just before there shift in tell every single person in the depart. Had given a urine sample I bet my life that less than half would piss clean.

    • Sadly I am learning first hand about the effectiveness of various c ouncils. Utterly useless. I was notified today that my inch thick report against a dickhead lawyer is not going to be investigated. WTF?! This ass lied to the judge more than once in ways that can be proven, conspired with a local realtor and Broker, gave advice and counsel that went against Hawaii Statutes, disregarded an order from the judge…..blah..blah..blah. So according to the “disciplinary counsel” “After careful review of your complaint our office has determined that there is no reasonable likelihood we could prove an ethical violation by clear and convincing evidence. Thus, we will be taking no further action on your complaint.” Other than sending a congrats to the lawyer I’m sure. I also filed a RICO against the realtor & company and got basically the same although I do have to commend the “investigator” as he actually called me; more than a week after sending a rejection letter; to apologize for not taking the case.
      So apparently you can hand these people all the “CLEAR PROOF” in the world yet nothing happens. It is crazy!! I have learned that it is not equal and justice isn’t for all. No one gives a shit about honesty or what’s ethical or morally right. Or those pesky stupid statutes. I guess once you pass a certain tax bracket you win the justice joke of a system. Free pass to shit on us lesser people. Besides what are we gonna do…Hire one of the 5ish lawyers available (good luck I’ve heard they are all too busy!) at +300/HR?! Better off doing it yourself

  11. Brave women standing up for are rights thanks you. Please reach me facebook and message me. Bod dan

  12. While working in my yard on the Big Island; 2 police officers showed up and asked my name then whipped out the handcuffs. They read me my rights and took me to the Kau police station. It was more than an hour before I found out why I was arrested. One of the jail officers started yelling and screaming obscenities in reference to me while my fiancée was in the waiting room with my bail. I finally found out that the charge was harassment after spending over an hour in a holding cell. With no one else in the jail but me, it took over two hours to process me. I was bailed out and told the ONE phone call I made to my Credit Union was considered harassment because I referred to them as a third world bank. When my court date came, I drove over an hour to get the court house only to find out that there where no charges and no paperwork in regards to my arrest. No one called me to inform me that the case was thrown out. The prosecutor never was going to pursue the case. Why then, was I arrested? Why was I thrown in a holding cell for two hours? Why did I not get a phone call that is my right??? This is NOT America! This is a third world island chain full of corrupt cops! We put our house on the market 2 days after my bogus arrest! I have no record and never been in trouble in my life! These cops on the Big Island are lazy and EXTREMELY racist!!!!

    • Hey Steve, I live in O.V. and have had the Kau cops do the same thing to me. A man who I’d hired to fix my front brakes wanted to date me, but I’d said No, thank you. So he intentionally left parts off when he put the brakes back together. He ruined my rig. Several weeks later (after I’d told him to buzz off and never come to my house again), he pulled into my driveway, using as an excuse that he knew the people who were painting my house. I asked what he was doing here, he looked over at the rig he’d ruined, sitting broken, and snarkily asked “what happened”. Grrrr. I told him he knew exactly what happened and told him to get OUT and NEVER come back. As he was leaving, he knocked a bunch of trim boards that were just painted off the saw horses, into the dirt. Mother F-grrrrrr. I lost it then, and began to chase him to his truck. I was on his butt. He ran around his truck 3 times to create enough distance to open the door and jump in. I tried to smack him once; he needed it, cuz he obviously does not listen very well, and he was trespassing after being told never to come over, and while trespassing, he “vandalized” personal property. I chewed it over in my mind for a couple hours, whether to call the cops or not; on one hand, I thought they should have a complaint on file in case he kept doing it; on the other hand, it IS the Kau PD, and they were not going to DO anything, so why bother? Right?

      I finally opted to call in the complaint, a couple hours or so later, after the painters left. Now, you know how cops here, if you call them for help they take 3-4 hours or more to show up, but if you call and they find out you have an unpaid parking ticket, they’ll be there in 30 minutes, and arrest you? Uh huh. Well, they showed up within an hour (I wasn’t so akamai then as I am now), so I naively went out front to greet them. As I was saying Hi, and thanking them for coming, one of them asked my name, I said yes, I was me, and same thing: he just pulled out the cuffs and told me to turn around. No reason given. And that was after I had called in to file a complaint, and I knew I had no warrants, or even an unpaid traffic ticket.

      I freaked, and refused, and they threatened me. I objected on numerous grounds, but they said they’d throw me down and “do it the hard way” if I “continued to resist arrest”. That made things worse (I have PTSD, in part stemming from abuses of the cops and the legal system). They were going to take me away and leave my house, front door, WIDE OPEN, with my purse inside on the sofa (which would have precluded me from paying bail or getting anyone’s phone numbers from my phone). I tried to explain I was not resisting, but could not, would not leave with my front door wide open!!!! HELLO? Police people? This is Ocean View. Need I say more? I wanted to threaten to sue them if anything went missing from my house because they left the door open , but I was able to instead ask if one of them would Please get my purse off the sofa and lock the door. They were not going to. I had to beg. One finally did. I still had no idea why my life was being so maliciously interrupted.

      On the way to the cop shop, they FINALLY told me == check this out, brah:
      The asshole who broke my rig and ruined my freshly painted trim boards, because I would not let him have his way with me, left here and wen’ scratch himself in the cheek and the hand till he drew blood, then went to the painter’s house and told them I did it and called the cops on ME, for assault and battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mother Fgrrrrrrrr. By the time we GOT to the cop shop, the cops told me they knew they guy, he evidently has a bad reputation and is a real scumball. Yet, they arrested me on HIS word, and did NOT even WARN him to stay away and not harass me. I was there about 3 hours; had to wait for a friend to come there, get my debit card, take it to an ATM, come back…blah blah blah.

      The prosecutor dropped the charges when she found out who it was, and it was just a major hassle and waste of my time and money. Now, I (me, alone) call what the asshole did an abuse of process, filing a false police report, which is a crime. The next morning I called to file a report / complaint against the A-hole on those charges, which were irrefutably true. But would they come take one report, even then? No. Of course not. Instead, they had Ofcr. Clinton call me up to explain to me why I COULD NOT MAKE A COMPLAINT THAT HE FILED A FALSE POLICE REPORT in order to get back at me for not letting him touch me. Nope. Clinton told me that the law prohibiting making false police reports considers THE POPO THE VICTIMS, NOT the person who was wrongfully accused and dragged into their stupid system. WTF, man?!? Pissed me off big time. Only the Popo could file a complaint against this guy, and they would not.

      I could go on with a half dozen stories on this island alone where the cops violated not only my constitutional rights, but my Miranda and Brady rights as well, but it doesn’t matter. They are exempt from the law (they think).


      Therefore, (1) I have opted out of that “system” and will no longer participate. Not until they account for the $89 Million (guess: the new judiciary building by KMart? They put the fine money together with the money the County collected for homeless shelters (around $7 Million, or $6 Million more) that they “lost” and refused to account for). I’m never giving them another DIME. (2) I fully intend to do an analysis of the island’s cops/courts/judiciary to compare how much money it took in in fines and special fees, to how much it cost to run the police department, the courts and probation “services”, and compare those amounts against how much actual CRIME, in dollar value, the police actually solved == how much stolen property they recovered, how many rapes and murders or other violent crimes did they stop or at lease catch the perpetrator — and none of the so-called crimes can include anything where the State or County plays the victim (like, arresting people for not paying taxes, or not paying fines, or not having driver’s licenses, or drinking a beer at the beach, or possession of ‘lolo, or or or…, you know?).

      I intend to prove, or try to prove, that it costs about (my guess here) 50-60 times as much in tax dollars to pay for our mini-gestapo, which is NOT in the business of PUBLIC SAFETY, but has in fact become a public MENACE, than they “earn” in terms of actually providing for the public safety. I intend to show they are just like the playground bully who beats kids up for their lunches or lunch money, and I will not be bullied. I opt out. Fuck ’em. I further intend to show (and I believe the analysis will establish this) that the fines are targeting the poorest people here, that the police spend more time giving tickets (to fund their salaries) than they do solving crimes or protecting the public, and that most of the system is overdue for being discarded. I’m going to publish my findings in the local newspapers and wherever I can, because it should really PISS OFF every tax-payer (should, but most people are apathetic these days until they are personally imposed on). It’s time for the rules to change. SOMEONE has to start, so it may as well be me.

      I will never pay another fine, or fee, or sign a citation, or file a tax return, or pay income tax, or do anything that funds our corrupt Gov’t UNTIL IT ACCOUNTS FOR THE $89 MILLION someone misappropriated, and re-writes the laws so they do not infringe on the substantial rights of We the People to leave our homes and venture out into the countryside and to travel on the public highways and byways to do it, and so all people, rich and poor, are AFFECTED AND PENALIZED EQUALLY under THE LAW, and that’s for everything fine-able. Grrrrr.

      I will be pushing an agenda in the legislature to change the entire system of fining people: the law requires EQUAL PUNISHMENT UNDER THE LAW. Not equal dollar amounts, but an equal penalty. We all know that a $1000 fine is nothing to someone making $150,000 / year, but can destroy a person living off a mere $20,000/year. Fines have to be levied as a PERCENTAGE OF A PERSON’S GROSS INCOME; otherwise, only the poor are punished, and it’s not equal.

      Further, the State CANNOT ruin one’s credit and put a license stopper and stop a person from registering their car, because the person could not pay a fine in time (and the court’s have been told they are not allowed to give people additional time to pay fines); to do so is an unlawful seizure of one’s property without due process, the ruination of credit is tantamount to libel because it can be SO harmful to a person, it can obstruct their ability to get a job or housing. Now, while Hawaii law says “no pauper’s prison”, that is, they are not allowed to jail us if we cannot pay fines, they get around that through this extrajudicial game that technically goes beyond the court’s jurisdiction. Further, the Gov, in my case, would be violating my inalienable right to travel the highways and byways of the land, because (1) I am disabled, back related, and can barely walk a block, much less from O.V. to Kona; (2) walking on the highways here is dangerous so they cannot even suggest it; (3) hitchhiking is illegal, and they cannot expect us to break another law so they can leverage money out of us; (4) they don’t provide adequate public transportation or any alternative, but they DO collect my tax dollars and let me live in O.V.; a car is, for me, not an option or luxury or choice. No rig, no can haul water, or anything else, and I go make.

      Nope — they cannot restrict my driving as long as I’m not a clear and present danger to others or myself. Oh hell, no!
      To do do so is the equivalent of placing the pauper under house arrest, cuz as is my case, I couldn’t get a block from home without a car because of my back. And I live alone in O.V., no help, no family, and I’ve chosen to NOT get to know anyone else in O.V., thank you very much…the cops might come and arrest me again if someone robs my house or something. There is no pauper’s prison here and the court CAN NOT put us in jail for inability to pay fines that they won’t give us time to pay. That’s why they make some of their dumb traffic “offenses” into “traffic crimes”, which they can jail us for, even if they made us criminals and we caused no harm and were/are not a threat to society or anyone.

      The Gov is specifically prohibited from interfering with our right to traverse the countryside under Federal law. Because they leave us no alternative but to drive, not even to walk safely in most places, and because there is no adequate, reliable, alternative public transportation available, no safe way to walk or ride a bike IF one’s in good enough shape to do so, etc., IT IS THEIR FAULT we cannot afford to maintain or insure a vehicle, maintain it, to pay all the fees, rising gas prices…and still pay for rent and utilities. It is THEY that MAKE us “criminals”, because they’ve levied too many taxes, fees, fines, etc., they consume most of our incomes, and them fine us for not earning enough to keep paying them! It’s extortion!!

      Furthermore, if they really want to pick a fight, I’ll bring a class action suit against the Gov’t for INTERFERING WITH [interstate] TRADE AND COMMERCE, because every dollar the Gov’t exacts from us to fund its own existence, is a dollar that cannot be spend in a “free market” economy. THE GOV’T IS CRIPPLING OUR BUSINESSES AND ECONOMY by forcing us to give it almost all our money…again, just like a school bully wanting to steal your lunch money. Causing knowing and willful harm to an economy and the businesses within a jurisdiction is commonly called TREASON. Fuck ’em. I am done playing their games.

      THE GOVERNMENT IS HARMING US, even WHEN WE HAVE HARMED NO ONE. It is punishing us for being poor, which is against the law. It creates a trap the poor cannot escape. It is therefore ABUSIVE and OPPRESSIVE, and the Constitution(s) REQUIRE we the People to demand such abuses STOP or that the part of the Gov that is causing the harm to people who’ve harmed no one and are not menaces, or even nuisances, to society, be DISBANDED.


      Anyone else feel as mad as me? If anyone would like to help me do the analysis, or have other ideas how WE, as a GROUP, can otherwise make our collective voice heard, to let it be known that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, let me know. Power in numbers, you know. I’ll be but a nuisance on my own, but if we come together, like enough of us to picket in front of the courts and even the capitol, they’d have to hear us.

      I won’t be able to start on it for a good 3 months because I’ve got a million other things going on at the moment, but it is something I’ve been planning for about 9 months now and intend to do; and it would be much more efficient, fun and go faster if I don’t have to do it all alone.

      “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!”
      Bob Marley — a real hero of the people

      • Count me in!! Something has got to change. Did you know that collections adds 21%!!!! To your fines? As Sholes if I am having trouble paying you the original amount what makes you think adding hundreds of $ extra will help? Catch 22. I am able and MORE THAN WILLING to do anything I can to help with this.

    • I know big island needs to be shut down. To much power for these cavemen

    • Ur right, it should never have been called America in the first place. The reason it’s so corrupt because it’s the Kingdom of Hawaii. Not America. When the white people took over it caused a lot of damages to our culture so thats why it is how it is.

      • ARE YOU tired– I mean totally-spent no-energy-left kine tired — from being suppressed, repressed, or oppressed? I AM. And I am ready to do something about it. It’s time to change some bad laws. Heaven knows, the system has become so rotten, so warped, so cookie-cutter, and the laws have been worded to expand police power so they can violate our rights…and tell us its “legal” because so-and-so statutes say so…even though that is not true…but nobody remembers that anymore so nobody tells them “No, you cannot control me with threats”, much less calls them on the fact that their conduct is that of martial law and a declaration of war against each and every one of us.

        My story — the newest one — involves traffic cops and safety stickers and how the traffic code is enforced to screw the poor; and it is below if you want to read it. I just want to know, who out there besides me is willing (and has the time) to rally together to change some of the stupidest laws on the books that everybody knows the authorities abuse to get all up in the people’s personal business and bleed them for every dime possible.

        I want to meet with a few other people who are serious about making changes. I have some good ideas, and would like to hear more. I’d like to get feedback from everyone out there, whether you think the laws should and can be changed. Respond below and I’ll get your email. If I get enough good responses, I’ll find a way to get us all in touch with each other.

        My story, now…

        Recently, well, for a couple of years now (ever since that new $90 Million Judiciary Complex was approved), our friendly neighborhood popo have taken to preying upon the poor here who have expired safety stickers, using that as an excuse to make an otherwise unlawful “arrest”, and then demand that drivers turn over evidence (because it will be used against them) that may incriminate them and lead to their further custodial arrest (a violation of 4th and 5th amendment rights), which they know will also lead to additional citations for no drivers license and/or no insurance. I know; the popo have cited me 4 times in 2 years for expired tags and driving w/o a license — which I don;t have because there is a stopper on it, a stopper that should have been removed in 2007. I tried, but the State won’t remove it. Now I have an opportunity to use the court I’ve been dragged in front of to help me get out of the “loop” the State has me, which is to be perpetually subject to fining and those additional
        fees the judge cannot waive, which becomes a cycle of perpetual court debt to the State, which puts all of my property at risk of unlawful seizure if I “fail” to pay their fines — and the law does not distinguish between a failure due to inability to pay due to poverty, and a failure to pay even though the person has the ability to pay. In doing this, the State is criminalizing poverty; and because the criminal penalties include potential jail time and “forfeiture” of one’s vehicle, the law as written hurts the poor, while the well off people are hardly even affected by it. That is called “unequal protection under the law” and violates the 4th amendment; and because it can easily be shown that the law hurts an identifiable “classification” of us people and not all of the people equally, the law has to be changed, because it is unconstitutional in its “operation and effect”.

        • There’s a heroin dealer dealing for the Mexican drug cartels at 4554 kaao rd kealia. The heroin dealers is a skinny haole tweeker whore and protected by the Dirty pigs of Kauai. This is a Mayor family member rental property where another heroin addict committed suicide. There’s police reports to prove this and the former roommate told their dealer that it would be a safe place to deal heroin because she will be protected by Dirty pig cops on the take from the Mexican drug cartels. It’s like a fast food restaurant and shows the 7 signs you know there’s a drug house/drug dealer in the hood. The DEA and FBI has been contacted but the dirty pigs in kpd leak info to the heroin dealers and their suppliers the Mexican drug cartels & their mules that hide and use Haole druggies to deal for them. Hawaii cannot let the beaners run their meth and heroin in the islands because these wet backs are fucking psychos. Fucking Kealoha’s aren’t the only dirty pigs doing dirt in the state of hawaii. Fuck the kpd drug dealing dirty pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AGREED!!! I got the hell out too!
      Hopefully karma does it’s job! 👍

  13. Hi I just found this website. I am at a loss about where to turn as no one will help me? Two local police officers assisted a Realtor in self-help eviction of my family from our residence of 2 yrs. No official paperwork was present. Officers did not question us just that if we did not go they were going to arrest us. We were “allowed” to put some things of our on street. 95% of our furnishings are just gone. I know the laws, have done the research. I know I am right. It just makes me sick to think that the laws and our rights are meaningless and these people are going to ruin other people’s lives like they did ours. As a direct result of this we became homeless for 6 months. Huge lesson in humility

  14. Kauai police department is full of amateurs. Arresting someone based on false statements and not doing a thorough investigation or offering the defendant a polygraph to prove innocence. Charging a felony within hours of arrest and then misfiling the record with the wrong court. No legal aid will assist because this is considered a criminal case. Defamation of character, emotional stress, /!: financial loss are just some of what my Ohana is going through right now because KPD failed to acknowledge the possibility that the accuser was lying. No evidence to support the charge and lack of probably cause. Someone needs to stop these officers from making quick and unfair arrests. How can they sleep at night knowing they are charging an innocent man with a serious criminal charge? I’m in disbelief.

  15. Hi there, I just stumbled onto your web link and it’s a bit of relief to see that I’m not alone in this jungle of chaotic CORRUPTIONS in Hawaii. I have been trying So hard to get real help with my case and all doors are still slamming in my face. I would like to know How do you get them all by the balls sort of speak. My son was kidnapped by my ex boyfriend ( not father of my son ) and then he kept our daughter too. Police REFUSED to assist me on a binding court order of my children. Then I been put thru more horrendous obstacles ever since fighting for what’s right! How is this normal or legal ? Where do I turn to and who really cares to solve my nightmares? Is it true that if I keep fighting , one day it Will work and I win? Now I have my son again but not my daughter, the threats are that my son will get taken again If i challenge things. What do I do ?!?

    • Aloha Z,

      Can you provide us with more details, such as:

      What Island, when did the ex take your son, who is threatening to take him now, is your ex connected, what is going on now, etc.?

      HawaiiCorruption.Wordpress.Com Bringing Justice to the Islands


  16. Perverts/prostitutes, cheaters, druggies, cons/liars, and CRIMINALS are destroying this country as much as internal government corruption, so before you attack what government is doing, think about what you personally have done to ALSO destroy society, decency, etc in your own lives, families, neighborhoods, and communities.
    Those who abuse and sell detrimental drugs (and alcohol) and try to coerce others to lower themselves into a helpless state to “join you,” as well as debasing yourselves and your morals, expect the same from the government, as government reflects the society it governs, and vice versa!

    If you can’t LIVE BY EXAMPLE, then GO AWAY! Not everyone wants to be an ignorant/dysfunctional stoner/drunk loser!!

    • Julie Readyforkicksomehighmakamakaass

      People, People, this site has become nothing more than a bitch and moan blog. If we want to CHANGE the “system”, we need to UNITE and TAKE ACTION. Complaining does nothing; in fact, from past experience I know that even taking action usually results in more corrupt results, but that’s because I had to act on my own. Alone we are helpless and revictimized by the system allegedly in place to protect us. Carrie, I suggest that rather than each re-victim trying to tackle the System on their own for their unique sufferings, we all come together and file a CLASS ACTION suit seeking a complete revamping of the Rules of Criminal Procedure and, in the case of family court TRO’s being issued without due process, Rules of Civil Procedure; we demand that there be no immunity for any public official; we demand that cases involving accused officials on one island go before a grand jury on a different island; we demand that the police and courts no longer be allowed to police themselves or try themselves, but rather that grand juries and juries that will make the judgments about public figures be made up ONLY of civilians with no ties to the Judiciary or the Police; we demand that in cases where officials are the accused of due process violations or other infringements of a person’s constitutionally protected rights , the law presume they are guilty until proven innocent…that is, the burden of proof must be on the accused official, not the victim(s); we demand, of the Legislature, that the law be rewritten so the administration thereof favors the rights of the accused over and above “judicial economy”. I realize Class Actions are difficult. We need, last I checked, 12 people with essentially the same complaint, who are willing to be named as Plaintiffs to make up the “class” of “injured parties”. It’s unlikely we’ll find an attorney to work pro bono or totally on contingency (they do half baked work at best if they’re not getting paid), but if every person who’s commented here since 2012, or at least all of the re-vicitims of the System who’ve commented here since 2012, united and pitched in, we all could fund a Class Action. Carrie, Mr. X, Ms. Y, Miss Z, Mrs.Q, and The Citizens of the State of Hawaii versus the State of Hawaii, County of Hawaii, County of Maui…, Districts of XYZ, Named Prosecutors, Named Police Officers, Each County’s P.D., Each County’s Judiciary, Each Named Judge within Each Judicial District or Circuit, and John Does 1-1,000. I’m a retired paralegal, and I’ve love to kick some corrupt ass. I’m a great researcher and decent writer of legalese, but can’t act without a licensed attorney of record (“unlicensed practice of law”), but I’d be proud to be part of a Class Action to take these mothers out. NO MORE IMMUNITY; NO MORE SECRETS, NO MORE REDACTED RECORDS, NO MORE TOLERANCE FOR IGNORING THE LIMITS PUT ON PUBLIC OFFICIALS BY THE CONSTITUTION(S).

      Mahalo for listening; hope to hear from you.
      Jules Big Island, Six-fold Re-victim

      • I would like to unite with others to expose the corruption.

        I’m having problems with lawyers ripping me off and the judge being biased which has caused my husband to be more empowered to abuse me and get away with lying.

        There more to this but I have witnessed and experienced the corrupt judicial system and my divorce is af a stand still because I have pulled away from any lawyers and the process.


        • Wow! Your story sounds a lot like my own. So long and involved that people simply cannot believe all that bad crap happens to me. They think I’m exaggerating.

          Nobody wants to listen to or really try to understand my feelings, my concerns, fears or frustrations when the need to vent built up steam or despair is triggered,
          and having someone to just listen and assure me my feelings are justified is essential! It begins the healing process.
          Not venting, holding in emotions or denying their existence and impact on us, leads to poor health and disease.

          I’m Julie, by the way. If you ever find your so-called friends saying things like, ” just get over it already”, “aren’t you over that yet?”, “can’t you talk about anything else?”, or “I don’t want to hear it”, you may give me a call at (808) 825-7257. I’ll listen. I might even be able to be of some emotional support (assuring you’re not crazy, etc). I have some time between 1:00 and 5:30 most weekday afternoons…if I am within earshot of my phone I’ll pick up.

          It does sound like you’re writing the pic of it right now and really need someone to just listen even if they can’t fix the situation. Who knows? Maybe my experiences could somehow benefit you now. It would be nice to think I didn’t go through all that I’ve been through just to experience a lot of negative emotions. It would be nice to be able to help someone going through similar hard times.

          • Hey Julie, that was written in the heat of the moment. But regardless and unfortunately for me my main loss was a family who cared. Your the first person to offer help with my crisis. Otherwise the help that I supposedly got is from a system organization that checks heat indexes for arrests and no matter what if your redder then the opposer here on Kauai it’s you gong to jail but what’s really screwed up is that if you know just one officer who has a sgt level or higher you become invincible and turn to a life of organization crime. Honest stealing. And it’s great how I turned in a complaint to internal affairs thinking I’m doing the right thing defending my 456 rights and 1st seems the system was ok sending me str8 to prison last week for squerting Sunny-d at my partner because he promised not to polish a bottle of tequila and he of course locks himself in room for 30 mins. D downs a bottle cones out and is Like a dizzy wombat saying so baby hurtful things. Turns out the prosecutor prior was ushering him to press charges on me. I didn’t know prosecutors can be the arrestors on alogations my late mother’s boss who was deemed her life insurance fiduciary and I have legal rights to ask her questions. Yet I call her 2 twice and she was so frantically lieing and she got agrovated just by one question what was the name of the insurance company who supplied funds that was transferred threw my account joint with sibling. All true and all justified thing is no officer or police seem to want to amuse or ponder at my evidence instead they helpbghe criminals fraud more and more playing security on taxpayimer bucks then getting kick backs. What a joke.

      • Let’s do it!
        I’m in for sure

  17. Perverts/whores, druggies, cons/liars, and CRIMINALS are destroying this country as much as internal government corruption, so before you attack what government is doing, think about what you personally have done to ALSO destroy society, decency, etc in your own lives, families, neighborhoods, and communities.
    Those who abuse and sell detrimental drugs (and alcohol) and try to coerce others to lower themselves into a helpless state to “join you,” as well as debasing yourselves and your morals, expect the same from the government, as government reflects the society it governs, and vice versa!

    If you can’t LIVE BY EXAMPLE, then SHUT UP and GO AWAY! Not everyone wants to be am ignorant/dysfunctional stoner/drunk loser!!

  18. I would like assistance writing a comprehensive story .

    I filed a civil lawsuit against one of the largest auto makers in the world in Hawaii.

    You won’t believe this but within 6 months after doing so I was arrested and charged with crimes I never committed .

    I had over 13 traffic tickets in this 6 month period more than I’ve had living there in 10 years .

    I was threatened by MPD detectives that they would make sure I go down for crimes they accused me of .

    I contacted the Detectives telling them I was 20-25 mins away so I could perform a lie detector test . As I was on my to the police station to do so , I was pulled off Haleakala Highway and arrested for an open container in my truck .
    Funny thing is I don’t drink ! The beer was full, warm,and in a beer hugger .

    I was in the back of the cop headed to the station and my Roomate was driving my truck and she was pulled over again not even 5 mins later by another officer and ticketed .

    I filed complaints to the attorney generals office . Nothing came of them but nonsense .

    Because of this I was in a custody battle . I had a TRO hearing where I hired a great attorney on Maui ! I agreed to an injunction with no findings in court . Continuing my TRO for the 6 months .

    I left the court house and was called by a police officer a few hours later and told I need to turn myself in for a TRO violation ! I just left court and both parties agreed to an injunction with no findings ? Yeah ! It only gets worse .

    The police depts police report said the accident happend on the 5th of November , I was arrested on the 15th .

    The prosecutors didn’t even recieve the police report until the 22nd of November .

    Tgere is so much more from me filing an Internal affairs complaint , Hawaii state bar complaints , spending 250 days pretrial with excessive bail , having a total of all 7 cases all dismissed and expunged , being at court for set trial and not getting a trial , prosecution misconduct , government corruption, being held in jail after affidavits in support of warrant less arrests were denied , my auto going up in flames and burnt to the ground mysteriously, getting contempt of court charges while in jail , missing my reserved right to a Civil trial for my auto case , being threatened after released from jail to never go after anyone who was responsible ! I went to file paperwork to reopen my case and 2weeks later an attempt wa made on my life by kidnapping and I managed to escape and the police caught the bastard , 8 months later they dismissed all charges even when he had three new cases of him doing the same crimes to others between that timeframe. Having my car stolen 3 times in 2 months ,

    This story has so much more detail in between it as well. All to cover up my civil lawsuit ! Funny thing is I documented everything including their own documents and I have plethora of this evidence !

    I fled with my life the day after my car was stolen for the 3rd time . I’m in the real world seeking justice within the FBI
    And DOJ .

    I will never give up fighting for what was taken from me ! My whole life my business and my child too ! I need to write a detailed comprehensive story and need help .

    Thank you

    • This is a familiar story I have heard frequently, so you are not alone in this crap. The question is, what evidence do you have?

      HawaiiCorruption.Wordpress.Com Bringing Justice to the Islands


  19. Oahu is corrupt so are the HPD

  20. I had a judge in Hawaii give TRO out to one person, against anyone that went to court. The judge is a total dummy. How can a judge give a TRO against a guy, working for a bank to have you removed from a house that does not belong to him, GOOD OLD BARBARA TANKA F__KED UP JUDGE

  21. Anonymous )”Aprill 11″, et al)

    You should not be complaining, especially if YOU are still a criminal and PART OF THE PROBLEM to begin with!!!!


    I have suffered from dog barking nuisances that police nad EVERYONE ELSE scapegoats their responsibility in confronting and resolving dag barking nuisances. Dos are only as smart as their owners, and in some cases, smarter than their IDIOT OWNERS!!

    SHAME on county corruption that ALLOWS dog barking nuisances and other crimes, where victims are so traumatized, they are pushed to the EDGE!!!!

    I hope someone sues the hell out of this county … NO ONE IS DOING THEIR JOBS TO UPHOLD LAWS IN THIS COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I need to make a report on an individual that is in your Islands that left Texas he is a very dangerous person who distributes marijuana to young girls and when they come back to ask for more he implies to them thsy have to paya price of a blowjob my daughter was 13 years old I tried notifying the female that he is living with me now she has a small daughter she’s putting her daughter in danger her response to me was he is my ex and he is her man now this woman has no idea of who he is I myself did not know about this when he tried to come back crawling to me but my gut told me to get away from him I really wish that I did not follow my instincts but after finding out what my daughter went through I would have ended his life with my bare hands my daughter for her negligence and smoking does marijuana let her to sex and pregnancy and miscarriage none of his family but let him come in their home I did not accept him back last resort was to go back to your Island and take advantage of this woman no she has no idea who he is his name is sebastian james sustaita 12-23-1087 he’s got my name tattooed on his hand and his mother is on the other he is definitely a menace to society you can contact me at paholacorro4@gmail.com he’s got a lot of violence charges so he just don’t know how to keep his hands off women he was in for a very very confusing surprise when he realized that I’m not just some female that can’t defend herself he waits until you are alone undressed and therefore he begins his torture like I said I made it over to her and to some of her people to you can look up his record he was born in Grapevine Texas I will be pressing charges and another parent is also speaking of putting charges on him I know that I’m going to go head he exposed my Dodgers my daughter and the death of grandchild there’s got to be a law about giving a minor drugs I will not rest until I see him pay death of my daughters baby the name of the female that he has stayed with is mara goodfry nukrama I may have the last part wrong it’s a I really hate for her little girl to go throu some thing at her young no more than 5 years I’m really hoping that it was him that sent me that go to hell reply and not her hoping that she loves her daughter a lot more than some man she does not even know more than what she can grab in her hand I don’t know but I take my kids life very seriously his kids got taken away by CPS unfortunately one of them had to be buried I do know him very well

  24. I lived in BI back in 2009. I was physically and emotionally abused in orchidland by my childs father. When the cops came, it was apparent i had been harmed with a torn shirt and bruising. They issued him an abuse citation. Thats what they do in BI when you beat your spouse. You get a citation and then the charges thrown out of court. They suck at protecting women. Completely.

  25. Do you have a facebook? You should talk some sense into the people on the Big island thieves group, they think the system is so just.

  26. Thanks for sharing your story Carrie! I got arrested for a dui. The cop wouldn’t show me what I blew, but claimed it was a .094 on the street, and a .083 at the station. I, like Carrie, am a law abiding citizen, not a drug abuser, but I am a white person from the mainland. When I got a copy of the police report it was riddled with lies. I googled the cop and found a case that went to the grand jury where he and three other cops were charged with haole discrimination. My arresting cop was charged with falsifying evidence too. I’m a pharmacy student, who following a night with my friend where I had a total of 3 1/2 drinks in 5 hours, along with sushi and dessert just doesn’t seem to add up. My life is being destroyed and I’m becoming bankrupt all because of a prejudice, lying cop.

  27. CARRIE HATS OFF TO YOU!!! Wait till I get my chance to sing to whole truth and nothing but the whole truth. I would love your support. I have 13 things against them with real documents and GOD only knows why I kept them at the time but turns out I kept perfect evidence that I did not know would be so great and important!!! Still need to finish court issue before we file suit… I told them they can kill me first cuz I will die for the truth and whole truth be known. Keep this to yourself please for now!!! Breast cancer survivors would say way to fight like a girl Carrie!!!!! Ps funny how they are sworn in to tell the truth and is huge “CRIMINALS ” are the only ones telling the truth and our tax dollars are paying there pay checks for WHY??????????Amen

    • We would love to discuss your evidence, maybe it can be added with all the other cases we’ve been vetting. Changes are slowly occurring now, and then the dam will burst when we are ready for the big reveal.

  28. You all may be interested in this Breaking news. 3-2016. http://codeforeblog.com/?p=2991

  29. You all might be interested in this Breaking News. 3-2016

  30. I have been victimized by the local Waikiki community for 2 years now. I am a self employed independent marketing agent And business associate to the health community in the United States of America.
    Long story short…….felony assault, attempted kidnapping and robbery case#11-266624
    I am the invisible woman victimized continuously on the island of Oahu by a an organized gang of bullies and corrupt police officers. These bullies are security guards, hotel security, and public officials who work with the infiltration of homeless, desolate, and desperate citizens of the community. Google: GANGSTALKING read the urban dictionary definition of this tyrannical crime that has cost me my freedom and financially has burdened me.
    I started dating a guy here in September 2013. He was forced to stop dating me and to participate in this crime known as gangstalking or else he would be the chosen target.
    The police had him file a TRO twice on me where he fabricated multiple stories. Then tricked me into violating the TRO by inviting me to his home in 2014 and then called the police when I got there. He admitted in court that he did not want to get the TRO and that I had never been violent towards him. The judge must of been deaf that day, because I was prosecuted for the violation in a criminal court. I was sentenced 2 days in jail and 2 year probation. Go figure…..up until this very day the entire community in Waikiki who are involved in this crime known as gangstalking have been consistent with the ongoing harassment to have me violate the probation. He was forced to get the second TRO in 2015 where he and several others including police officers who fabricated in court a story of lies. Also had a witness who committed perjury that will be proved in an APPEALS COURT. I have been constantly harassed by people who associate with him and I have been trespassed from just about every where in the heart of Waikiki.
    I have been assaulted and have identified my attackers and not once was I contacted or asked to press charges. The most recent was August 22, 2015 I was punched in the mouth by one of the Waikiki Star Brothers and had my haired pull from behind by a girl who is an associate of the gentleman I was dating. I went looking for this guy who punched me in my mouth after I called police they took pictures of my lip that was split in two places. Because I entered the bar he hangs out and was arrested for burglary because I was involved in an altercation with a drunk bar patron who is unknown to me. She attempted to attack me because the other patrons said I was not supposed to be in there. The trespass was made because these are acquaintances and associates of the guy who assaulted me. He is a long time associate of my Ex as well as the other patrons who frequent there. Already bleeding and bloody I would not intentionally set out to cause harm to anyone in that bar or any other place that night. I needed help and was arrested and taken to Straub Hospital emergency room. Where I was not even looked at because the cops knew the staff that evening obviously. I am being charged with burglary because of my attempt to catch a violent bad guy.
    The reason everything escalated to violence was because the officer who assaulted me during an arrest where excessive force was used put a green light out on me throughout the community. This arrest on June 15, 2015 caused me to be hospitalized for injuries to my knee and leg and recently I was taken to Queens Hospital emergency room because I was suffering chest pains during an arrest for violating a trespass that was issued to me during hurricane season in the middle of a rain storm. Because I was seeking shelter from rain and was not a registered guest I was issued a trespass from the OUTRIGGER properties. The Dukes OUTRIGGER as we all know is located right next door to the Waikiki Police Department where this unwarranted arrest took place…..actually this location is where all my TRO violations were served and arrest have been made. I supposedly violated the TRO on June 2, 2015. But I get accused without evidence, arrested and jailed on June 15, 2015 without being served a warrant. By the way the violent arrest was filmed and posted on instigram and Facebook. Thecase was dismissed this year on February 22, 2016.

    Can someone forward this to an attorney that will assist me in a civil lawsuit?

    • I have been gang stalked for almost 10 years by the dirty syndicate pig Mafia and their slaves. They think they gangstas and no one is watching them but listen to this: Lihue post man got busted for dealing drugs but behind the story the dirty pigs was opening my mail and I reported to the Feds. Kauai police commissioner and director for probation and parole busted for being apart of an illegal gambling ring, well that dirty pig slave is apart of the Kauai syndicates and was sent to set me up and frame me and was seen in a dirty corrupt judge Jude Valenciano laughing at me but he didn’t know he was being watched. Dirty pigs that has connections to the rapist murdering pigs that has ties to the Kauai serial killer was sent to ambush me and used drug dealers, faggot mma hoohz, jujitsu bitches ties to the child rapist in Oregon and a prominent family on Kauai but they didn’t know they were being watched the whole time. Drug dealers got busted, county/state worker who set up the hit got fired, the police commissioner who was a campaign manger for a dirty corrupt Kauai politician used his families construction crew to do the hit was popped, and several other got got. The dirty pigs tried to set me up for a OVUII like they did their former rapist murdeting pig that killed Lauren Kagawa but that failed when they used homies from KCC to set it up at Rob’s good times grill where illegal gambling and drugs are being be sold and used for several ambushes. Drug front business called backyards get popped for trying to use bird shit face to set up a hit from the same drug ring that was busted in Koloa but was given over 2 years to do a hit but couldn’t because they were being watched and then turned their drug ring into a Kapahi steroid ring to supply their muscle at the Kapahi steroid gym. They got got. The dirty pigs been treading my emails and listening on my calls violating constitutional rights for nearly 10 ears because they haven’t found a was to set me up and frame me for almost 10 years. Many people have died and were killed. Murders on Kauai were made to look like suicide while drug imports were coming from Mexico and was being protected by KPD and the drug rings. Also they sent teams from Oahu, big island and Maui to do hits on me. They had the old bowling alley manager set a bounty to kill me. They also had the warden try and use his parolees but he got got with news about how he wrongly treated female inmates and called them whores, sluts, Batunas and more nasty words while he would go to Oahu and buy him prostitues every weekend. The when the dirty pigs were forced to retire they hire new syndicate rookie pig slaves. The karma gets deep because one of their slaves daddy died and his cousin who is a rookie pig was used to set me up is facing negligent homicide for killing a 19 yr old kid on the west side of Kauai (good for that fuxking dirty rookie pig). Former mlb pitcher and now KPD dirty pig used his whole family and classmates to try and set me up and frame me. All these people got rewarded with county and state jobs, trips to Vegas, cars, computers, drugs, money, home loans, mortgage payments, county and state construction contracts and so much more. The Kauai home grown terrorists is apart of the state of Hawaii multinational criminal organization. The Kauai syndicate pig Mafia is the lowest of the Mafia’s on Kauai but they believe that they are the strongest because no one is watching them. They believe that they are above the law but the law is coming for them. Read all the news in the state of Hawaii and the island of Kauai and you will all see that what’s going down is historical. This is like when Giuliani took down the New York Mafia. The federal government sent their top gang FBI director to Hawaii to get the job done.

  31. The frame-up began with a fake video given to KITV by the police (look at the black and white still shot of the fake video – do you see the top of a head in the time stamp. Do you see stair immages pasted on top of another character at bottom middle)

    A homeless Vet was brutally murdered. HPD washed away the crime scene almost immediately with no concern for processing of any forensics evidence. They are claiming he was brutally stabbed UNDER THE STAIRWELL. Scott was a Vet and he would have defended himself, however, the bedding was not even disturbed and it was NOT REMOVED from the alleged crime scene for forensic evidence.

    Then they framed Robert. They extradited him from California. They did not even tell him why. They gave him a $5 Million bail claiming he was fleeing. He is sticking to his NOT GUILTY plea. That was March 2014. He is still in custody in OCCC waiting for his trial. The Prosecutor is stalling. He recently introduced a WATER BOTTLE as evidence, which is taking a year to have analyzed by his Defense Attorney. They have now rescheduled the trial until May 2016. When REFUSED to agree to the last trial rescheduling, his Defense Attorney “convinced him” and he ended up signing the Waiver AGAIN.

    • I don’t see an edit selection for my post from yesterday. It was the State Prosecutor who introduced a “water bottle” into Robert’s case… of course this is a stall tactic keeping him locked up thinking they will get a “deal” so
      they won’t have to present their case to a jury. It’s Robert’s own Defense Attny who is having the Watter Bottle “analyzed by an expert” and the reason he will be in jail for 2 1/2 years (at this point).
      The Prosecutor knew up front they they didn’t have a case and this is why they set the $5,000,000.00 bail. The are stalling for their “SEAL”.
      Robert is putting his time to good use, he tells me he is “doing the Lord’s work”. He started off reading his Bible to his cellmates… now he has “his brothers in Christ”… they meet regularly and read their Bibles together.
      The Prosecutor has a “long wait”.

  32. My husband is being illegally detained and given a 20 year prison term by Judge Rhonda Loo, My husbands case was about Opunui Water Company, we want to provide clean water to every home and business. My husband is rightful heir to the water and land on Maui. Judge loo owns stocks in water transportation with Alexander and Baldwin who have stolen the lands and waters from my husbands ancestors. blood money 125 billion a year. we will take it back in the name of Jehovah our GOD.

  33. Kauai has a syndicate dirty pig mafia that kills, rapes, sell drugs, protects murderers, drug dealers, sets people up, frame them, plant drugs, and are into a lo of rackets.

    Fuck Kauai’s Home Grown Terrorist the Kauai Syndicate Pig Mafia and all those who serve them as their slaves!

    Yah heard me : I am the legendary Conquerer of the Kauai Mafia

  34. im sick of that shit, #freemyboy #freezared #governmentshutdown #BBW

  35. fuck the police comming straight from the underground!!!

  36. This is so wrong we need to boot all the crooks out of the judicial system. This is nationwide and gets worse by the day.

  37. Sending prayers & support your way, heard you needed help. Looking forward to hearing things will be getting better soon. DM

  38. This is really good stuff and thank-you! I hope you end up jailing these corrupt officials.

  39. YourStuckWithMeNow

    Carrie is freakin awesome! She saved my kids from the clutches of CWS and we are a family again! My kids call her there favorite Aunty. She’s my favorite Heaven sent Angel. Like it or not gurl were now family foreva! Love you to pieces my Sistah.

  40. Sovereignty Intelligence Service©®
    Dr.Sage: Million©® PhD, SEO
    Greetings from Iceland
    a pending investigation of crimes against Dr. Leonard Horowitz from the criminals in the Third District Court of thieves. for starters copy/paste
    sorry! wordpress can not be used from our Iceland servers

  41. go to Sovereignigntyintelligenceservice.is Tab on War on America and see what happened to the government officers and state department employees who tried to extradite Million©® to Hawaii.
    The SIS©® will be posting a new case of Hawaii corruption within 5 days

  42. Join the Hawaiian Kingdom, over throw the present corrupt government…teach them a lesson…. Aloha

  43. Carrie,
    Please contact me ASAP.
    Phone. Or email me

  44. your conscience

    “Freedom” sounds like a drug dealer from the mainland!

  45. Hate to tell you the truth, but MOST OFFICERS don’t even know the law, and many of them “interpret the law” for their own corrupt ends, instead of ENFORCING BARKING DOG VIOLATIONS that ruins people’s lives!

    It’s obvious many have been covering for their friends committing crimes, and those bad officers DESTROY PUBLIC CONFIDENCE, just as the criminal drug dealer does when he calls up and reports a theft of ILLEGAL ITEMS!!!

  46. Judge Randal K.O. Lee has been removed from the bench for civil right abuses, and I suspect, more so because he’s a corrupt racist fuck that throws the book at people for no reason.

    Suck a dick Randal Lee. Have fun in retirement!

    • Randall k.o Lee …….K.O.
      Now to make a living …..randy you’ll have to work…..you were a joke as a judge
      You won’t be any better as a lawyer ….I bet…..plus life sucking and being a bitch
      You’ll have to fight harder than others…..to stick around…..you have made so many enemies……what a disgrace you are for your community…. Randy you belong to a federal prison……

      • Sovereignty Intelligence Service©®
        Dr. Sage: Million©®
        don’t stop just one judge. Florendo has done far greater crimes. to say the least of collision with the Yakuza and the US State Dept to falsify charges against anyone that dare expose the so called Hawaii corporation

    • I agree with you corrupt judges corrupt cops every one in the Hawaii judicial system is corrupt. They should get locked up and the key should be thrown away. Even judge Edmond acoba is corrupt not fair and bias he don’t even look at myevidence. We should protest all over Hawaii I need my sight michellencory808.com to be passed on please I need more support as my trial is in 2 months. Also check out kpinkerton.com his sight is good he won his case and exposed corruption on Kauai a few years ago

      • We agree we all need to share information so here is the link to Michelle8081’s site: http://michelle80834.wordpress.com

        • Hi my website that you had post for me doesn’t work. My website that works is michellencory808.com

          • Sovereignty Intelligence Service©®
            Greetings, our Iceland legal dept tried to access your site. it is blocked outside the corporate controls of the corporation known as the Hawaii corp.
            Hawaii is not a state within the union. there is empirical evidence of said subject matter on the
            International website: sovereigntyintelligenceservice.is
            also whatreallyhappened.com in honolulu has the certified info you need.
            That said! you need to be aware of the fact that an illegal and unlawful corporate entity is not subject to constitutional rule of law in the courts of Hawaii. that said! your next move will require that you risk life and limb to expose the system via court dockets. ((court dockets are EVERTHING, when it come to appeals court, if you don’t speak up in the beginning. you have accepted all contractual claims against your vessel through silence))
            pass this info on to all that are being persecuted
            first step: collect at least three resent court cases that are empirical evidence of blatant corruption, you need permission of the living soul that is being attacked to proceed to add to a court document to your document with the court clerk. ((by certifying the corruption through installed docs in the court docket, you throw a money wrench in the matter.))
            I am sorry that we don’t have several hundred dollars to throw at this for you. you need to learn how to go to the clerk window and serve the clerk, the judge, etc.
            you need at least five copies of each dock, one certified copy served in person to the court clerk window. one copy sent certified mail with return receipt to the court, the judge and your attorney. your attorney does work for you! all corp attorneys are court employees. they must be controlled by you. this is your only course of action against the Judges and Attorneys. that being! recorded on record. warning they do not like and will try to bring other false claims against you.
            when you enter a court room and cross through the bar( double swinging doors) you are entering into contract. the contract is sealed including your fate. when they ask you if you are so and so. Here is what to do:
            when the judge says are you John doe? State the following:
            notice! you must state this without stating your name first.
            ONE; I do not consent to the these proceedings
            TWO; your offer is not accepted
            Third; I do not consent to being surety for this case
            Forth; I demand the Bond be immediately brought forward, so I can see who will be held responsible If I am damaged
            Oh! tell your attorney to shut up if he tries to stop you, don’t be fire him an the next one in line that refuses to cooperate with your demands.
            contact the Supreme court in Honolulu and pay for at least three certified copies of each oath of office of judge,and attorneys involved. serve one of each certified copy to the court docket long before any court hearings. and serve the judge and attorney in court before they try to put you in contract. also mail the oath of office to each corp entity with return signature green card. when you serve the judge his copy of his oath of office. demand that the judge operate within the oath of office and the rule of law.
            say for and on the record that you demand.
            Let the record show judge so and so is hereby served his oath of office and thus demand said doc be entered into record.
            This is only the tip of the iceberg that can be done to corporate law. this process was designed for Secured party Creditors. see court doc’s on website stated above.
            Using Word Press is not wise. you need a paid site with domain name to post court docs.
            we have the means to do that for you, but not free. you need a peer group to start a para legal research team in the matter, remember Cosmos? he was murdered in cold blood by the Hilo police dept, so claim many after he won his case and a very large sum. not wise to work alone in said mater.
            there is a para legal in Iceland that works on matters of this magnitude. you still need a team of peers and some money. sorry to say, this is about money, bonds, and control of debt slaves. you would be wise to become a secured party creditor in the future. our Iceland paralegal in Iceland can be contacted via Secured SSL encryption at: sovereign@unseen.is
            we ran out bankers to prosecute.
            do not use hotmail, gmail, etc. these ip’s can be accessed and used against you. including changing any communication therein. acquire a unseen.is free email service. (invite sovereign to make contact) there is also a paid service that is safe, even NSA cannot tap

            • Message from Iceland: all research entities that are watching this URL have been denied access to WordPress. WordPress is demanding verification of viewer’s location, and proof of ID. this is the last email to our Iceland server: copied and pasted as follows:
              This is an automated message sent by the WordPress.com subscription service. You must confirm your request to subscribe to a WordPress.com site by reading the details below.
              Blog Name: HawaiiCorruption
              Blog URL: https://hawaiicorruption.wordpress.com
              details not included in the copy/past
              no further posting herein from this entity herein. subscription will be terminated ASAP due to three letter named entities unlawfully applying tracking cookies to all viewing IP addresses. get a real website

  47. 1 year ago I wrote about COURT BOMBINGS (as Will) and next day they cut my phone and internet. FEAR!! FEAR THEM!! THEY ARE THE GREAT AND EVIL GOVERNMENT!! How do they know its me? they dont. How i know its them? who else could it be… lol…
    My case is the most corrupt and most simple and most clear. They have no way to win, but to BULLSHIT.

    • sovereigntyintelligenceservice.is
      Will please contact us ASAP. we will post your evidence thru Russia and Iceland free of charge. we no longer have websites in America. the Corporation known as the State of Hawaii working thru the US State department had Dr. Sage: Million©® tortured and imprisoned in Panama for nine days. we have now had three US State department officials arrested in said matter. take a deep breath. Hawaii is in line to be totally screwed legally and lawfully, just a matter of time

  48. THIS CORRUPT I ON REALLY NEEDS TO STOP. IM GOING THROUGH ALOT AND DEALING WITH POLICE CORRUPT I ON RIGHT NOW. I HAVE A WEB SIGHT michellencory808.com I’m trying to get my Web sight out there for people to see and for people to comment on it. I’m finding it hard to do.

  49. I believe this women 100% that she is being targeted just like me n my husband is because she is standing up for her rights just like I am. We are fighting back to protect our rights and I’ve noticed everyone that stands up and fights against the state to stop this corruption those are the ones that are being targeted. Which is so sad. Will there ever be justice on the islands. I wish you the best take care

  50. Admirable to allow free speech here, however, I think to allow racist hate speech here, that has NOTHING to do with what this site is about, should be deleted. (IMHO) Don’t allow them to use this site as their toilet. Good people may not want to come back here. I know I don’t want to see that ignorance here. Keep it on topic?

  51. They KNOW that they ARE being LEGALLY recorded yet they STILL chose to violate Carries civil right to report the crime? Although Hawaii has a one party consent law. People if we DON’T BAND TOGETHER, STATUS QUO CORRUPTION CAN continue. We must come together here, on this site to end it, by posting the stories of innocent victims at the time of arrest, to show their patterns of corruption. From the start.

  52. I want to start by saying thank you to Carrie for possibly endangering herself by not backing down from the rotten, sickening & frightening extent of the Big Islands deep rooted blatant corruption. How many citizens are clueless, thinking this does not affect them because they are law abiding folk. Corruption CAN be stamped out if people unite against it. This site gives people a place to post & bring awareness & get feedback, & shine light on corruption that would otherwise go unreported. There is a template here that shows how the corruption works. We CAN break cycle! Post here, spread the word for others to learn & post here. Make this site go viral. Mahalo to Carrie for all she does to educate all of us & help us.

  53. I think in addition to limiting terms, rotation between the courts would help some (some). For example, on the big island, Judge Florendo sat on the same bench for what, 25+ years, seeing the same people over and over. He became jaded and partial and prejudiced. If the judges were required to rotate from jurisdiction to jurisdiction every couple of years until they’d sat on every bench in the State, and then hana hou, they’d be less likely to build prejudice. As for nepotism, it’s very hard to avoid in a small island environment, so yes, it calls for the highest of moral and ethical standards to be exhibited and enforced…but these days, who qualifies? Even Jesus said, “Why do you call me good? I am not good; no one is good but the Father.” If Jesus didn’t even think he was good enough, who on earth could be?

    Our entire legal system (doctrines of law) is based on God’s laws. God’s being squeezed out of society more every day, and there’s no bigger force to keep people honest than fear of God. When people start believing that God’s not real, or that his judgment is exaggerated, or begin justifying even the small things, that’s the root of the trouble. There can be no justifying, period. Way back in the day, when God first appointed judges, the Bible says that God told Moses that He would literally impart upon the minds of the judges what was good judgment so they could know how to judge, because He knew the humans alone can’t judge one another fairly. He was right! Judges have to fear reprisal if they screw up, but these days, they answer to no one, really…what — that maybe, maybe they won’t get voted back in? Right. Criminals generally don’t vote, and voters don’t know a good judge from a bad one, so they’ll vote for whoever’s been doing it, so we never get rid of the bad ones.

    Remember Solomon? When God asked him “son, what is it that you want?” at the time He was appointing Solomon King, Solomon, just a boy at the time, told God he wanted wisdom because he had no idea what he was doing or how he could possibly rule over a bunch of adults and strangers and do it well and right. God was really pleased because he’d expected Sol to ask for wealth or status or some other earthly thing. So in addition to imparting to Solomon God’s own wisdom in ruling, He made him the richest man on earth (to this day none have been richer by comparison). The best example of how Solomon handled contests between people is when the two women were fighting about a baby, both claiming the baby was theirs. Solomon said simply, “cut the child in half and give half to each woman”. Instantly the real mother said, “No no!! Give her the child, she can have him!!” Sol then knew who the real mother was.

    Imagine if every time a person was to testify as a witness in court, they had to sign a form agreeing that in the event it was ever discovered their testimony was false, they’d lose their tongue, or forfeit their house and all their money. Or if every person who became a cop had to agree, as part of their “oath” or whatever they do, that in the event a citizen lost their life because the cop failed to act, or got robbed because the cop looked the other way, or was falsely arrested because the cop cuffed first and asked questions later, then the cop would be placed in stocks in one of the busiest places in their town for 24 hours straight with only humanitarian potty breaks.

    What went wrong with the strict justice concept was false accusations and lazy prosecutions and rewards for numbers of convictions. While we do see the creeps we KNOW are habitual criminals go free all the frickin’ time (and I HATE that), our system also convicts the innocent all the time. I think it’s correct to say that lenient sentencing is at the heart of it. If someone is guilty — and I mean “smoking gun” guilty, their punishment should be super harsh — chain gang, or public humiliation harsh. Any less is no deterrent. But we started convicting people on less than a smoking gun, and then finding out years later that we’d incarcerated or, worse, put to death the wrong person. Yikes!!

    Ask yourself which is worse: that a person guilty of, say, rape, be set free because there’s no solid evidence of criminal intent; or that a person who didn’t rape anyone gets convicted on minimal evidence and lose years of their life to prison when they didn’t rape anyone? As much as I believe every criminal needs to be punished, and it’s a very tough call to make, I’d say let the guilty one on whom there’s insufficient evidence go instead of incarcerating the innocent one who’s wrongfully accused but can’t prove they’re innocent.

    What do you all think?

  54. Not allowing EVERY COMMENT to post here, is ALSO a form of corruption, which directly involves the corrupt form below.

  55. RIGHTS VIOLATIONS (self and evidentiary preservation and protection through taped evidence!), even REPEATEDLY AFTER he was “notified” that one-party consent IS LEGAL in this state”!!!

    Frankly, I think MORE STATES should adopt one party recording rules, purely in the interest of confronting so many liars and cronies with HARD EVIDENCE! I am sick to death of law enforcement and attorneys getting away with LYING, as well as criminals who do not accept their public/civic responsibilities and also lie to police, especially in regards to violations against society/the public that criminals continue to commit crimes against innocent people, unabated and undeterred, as a DIRECT result of lenient judgments!!! All of these people should be thrown in prison!

    “Anonymous (August 27th)” is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!

    Why can’t corrupt law enforcement/justices, as well as serial criminal offenders, do the same?!!! Attorneys who “protect criminal rights, and their activist groups, ALSO circumvent laws when they “make deals” behind closed doors!!!

    ALL CASES are supposed to be held in a COURTROOM, NOT A BACKROOM!!! (Except for FISA, of course, and that’s scary too!)

    Sadly, this is a GLOBAL affliction, not just a national one. It is the nature of the beast that MUST be confronted with their own laws, and new laws that address failed laws and policies, as well as implementation of laws in a FAIR AND EQUITABLE MANNER!

    It CAN be done, but only with the right attitude and FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, namely in the interest of true justice, by confronting the nature of the beast …unfortunately, human greed and narcissism BOTH drive the nature of that beast. The outcome still does not look good for either the public side, nor the justice/law enforcement side, as a result of corruption fro BOTH SIDES!

    How to address the problem:
    Review of policy failures
    FILING CHARGES against public corruption, as well as criminal corruption

  56. Bottom Line:
    Phuque Lawyer’s comment was DEAD ACCURATE!
    Definition of Lawyers : People who study law purely to circumvent their social and moral obligations behind a mask of legitimacy.


    False premise: “If you LIVE within the restraints of the law, the law will be behind you.”

    Justice is absolutely prevented as a DIRECT RESULT of Nepotism, just as CRIMINAL RIGHTS ATTORNEYS for the truly guilty who only perpetuate more crimes.

  57. There may be a drug problem located on Silversword CT. In Kurtistown. It is said to be going on there. Please alert others, since police are believed incompetent. Perhaps others can spread this message, and help.

  58. Been here bout a year. Many men seem retarded, to say the least, and many seem to be bent on petty thievery, the Hawaiian mixed ones. IQ..none.

  59. Where is Carrie?
    How is Carrie doing?
    Who is helping Carrie?

  60. Been on Big Island bout a year, and the cops appear totally inept, but also appear totally corrupt. My take on Hawaiians, the most worthless race on earth…perhaps the mongrelization with the white trash, and slavish Asian, combined with the Cretan Polynesian, has created this population of thieves, and bloated , swine warfin beasts. Imagine a bunch if effiminate cops, imported from the blasted Phillipines, enforcing the law, or worse, the idiot Hawaiian, with his petty mind. Worthless population, utterly worthless. Give them some beer, a TV, and they just procreate more Neanderthals with bad manners. The U.S., land of ull mannered slobs + the nose picking Asian or Polynesian…

  61. Id like to contact Carrie.

  62. Makawao woman gets probation with more than 100 prior arrests

    January 17, 2013

    The Maui WeeklySave |The Maui News – In what a judge called “the deal of the century,” a woman with more than 100 prior arrests was placed on probation last week for a series of thefts.In a rare instance, 2nd Circuit Judge Richard Bissen said he had agreed to follow a plea agreement between the defense and prosecution in sentencing Brianita Ho’opai, 48, of Makawao.Bissen said he committed to following the plea agreement before seeing a presentence investigation report, produced afterward, detailing Ho’opai’s background, which includes 122 arrests and 29 felony convictions.”I would have to say if I had not agreed to this sentence, you would not be receiving this sentence today,” Bissen told Ho’opai. “This is probably the deal of the century.”Ho’opai was ordered to pay $7,498 in restitution as part of her probation.Save |

  63. You have no idea how misanthropic ive become. And in hyperalert mode even at the sight of a Blue-light.
    Its happening again!! A guy i hired to cut some trees down asked me to help him with some legal matters. He observed im Christian, said he was an ordained minister, and we started discussing scripture. He knows the bible inside and out. Ot wasnt long before he began hitting on me. I said no, never, God says No. He keeps offering to do work around my house, and o was helpin him with the legal stuff, si figured ok. Then, in a matter of about 2 weeks, his pretense failed. He lied to me, he started getting annoyed whemn i brought up the Bible and i finally told him to beat it when hr took 4 tires and rims i had specifically said not to take, and intentionally left a lock nut off, causing.the tire to fall off while driving. He could have killed me! So i was trying yo get a TRO, but could notbgey yo courthouse because my ttuck was.broke and the bus broke down both times i tried to take it up to Kealakekua. Then, Thursday evening, my dog was taken, Friday the guy came by unannounced. I chased him off like a dog, then thoiuht id better report his tespassing to the cops. What i did not know was that right after leaving here, the guy scratched himself, drew blood, and filed s false police report that I assaulted him! When police arrived, THEY ARRESTED ME and didn’t even make a reporyt about the trespassing!! When i finally got home, i saw that my generator, a chop saw and a compressor were gone, ha must.have done it. He is the only person who knew i wouldn’t be home that night.
    Of course, the police can’t help.

    • I’d like to speak with Carrie. Foes anyone know how to contact her?

    • The same thing happened to me. I was arrested for something I didn’t do. I bailed out $250 that cameout of my pocket n the chsrges were dropped.

    • Yes the Hawaii police are corrupt I have had many similar run ins with the police. The police in hilo I fear. They do not offer protection. I have noticed a lot of them seem to have bellow average intelligence are they even educated. That’s what I’m wondering. It should be a rule that all police officers have a minimum ifour year college degree By the way they behave I don’t think they do

  64. I think i know Carrie, I Dont think this site was created for individuals to bash others & comments that they leave. Or for people to turn this into an anarchist playroom! Any one of us could start out a normal day, & as it is never planned, when you”sh*t happens” because of many wrong reasons. From that initial uniformed contact (the bad eggs) & those that feel forced to go along with the wrong doings / injustice. You could be doing everything right one day find yourself in the same spot! Carrie helps innocent people when ever possible. This site is about shining a light on the good ol boy small town mentality of corruption. Thats what i see. Any of us could be jacked up & locked up, unless we all take this seriously and mature! Stop citizen on citizen bashing. Unless you are rotten part of the system, trying to keep the status quo of corruption. I know this is a heck of terrible job to do, without pay, let alone the lack of Mahalo’s. Missing here. Wake up, get with the good force. No toxin needed here. SHEESH !

  65. Ahahaha!!! of course you can fight them!! on 3/3/14 the pakistanians bomb the courthouse!! Superhero!!! nough said…

    • Will, youre funny. Yes, bombing a court of injustice sends a message, but because the bombing was (correct me if I’m wrong) was
      (1) the act of one angry person or small group that got shafted, (2) an act of retaliation, not of revolution in an effort to bring change after all peaceful remedies were exhausted, (3) likely equaled or exceeded the harm suffered by the retaliator because of the court’s disregard of the truth, of justice, of honor and probably of the law, and (4) wasn’t something that the majority of citizens would have agreed to or done had they been wronged and it didn’t serve the greater good of all the citizens, ALL IT DID WAS PUBLICIZE ONE EXAMPLE of the court’s corruption of the law and violation of ONE person or group.

      Did the bombing bring about an end of corruption? Or a change in a bad law or rule of procedure? Did it right the initial wrong? I doubt it.

      • That’s funny did “talking ” solve any problems? Answer is no. The more talking the worse society gets and war breaks out. Talking solve nothing because stupid guys talks too.

  66. Watch out for alleged biased and corrupt judge RANDAL K.O LEE.from Honolulu hawaii
    As soon as I can…..I will tell what he’s done to me in a court of law in the usa hawaii
    And got away with it…..maybe not for ever…..and the name of the law firm that worked so hard
    To allegedly bias him…..absolutely pathetic. …unacceptable and totally unethical
    An horror storie that has to be unveiled. …..the total denial of my intrinsic rights….

    • It is only going to get worse. The final prophecy is beginning to be fulfilled. Systems are being put in place to enable a global ruler (probably from the U.N.) to control all citizens. Corruption is at.the core of it. Corruption will enable it. It is a necessary evil to fulfill the prophecy (John’s Revelation). Get used to it and keep low, off the radar, so you never get hauled into court. Soon, our rigjts will be abolished and a court date will lead to taking the nark or death.

      I quit fighting it. I cannot change the prophecy. So i live unobtrusively in the wildnerness, off the grid. Please, i urge you to read Revelation with a coach who can explain how it is already in motion. Spend your energy preparing for future disaster, not on futile efforts to change an unjust past. Youll only be disappointed.

      • you live off the grid yet you are posting on the internet…. you people are fucking whack jobs

        • YOU are a whack job….one can live off the grid and have internet access..YOU are the idiot, for you must certainly have NO idea what living “off” the grid means. Your statement is purely ignorant, offensive and demeaning to YOU !! Especially with your poor ability to express yourself.

      • With you 100%, Revelations is already here, happening right now.
        Jesus is coming soon. gooood!!!

        • Phew !! Another IDIOT displaying the all too common ignorance that proliferates Hawaii. That’s what makes Ameica such a great place to live in..everyone is entitled to MY opinion. Which is as follows, the majority of the populace in Hawaii is ill-educated and ignorant. To comment on very complicated issues regarding corruption in Hawaii with either obcenities, or references to religion are not acceptable within the context of this discussion of corruption, and are evidence of really stupid minds..

  67. Here is a link to our findings of Fact submitted to the Hawaii courts a few weeks after the hearing. http://www.scribd.com/doc/34969637/ERMFINDNIGFACTreEvidentiaryHearingJuly-2010first it was only an evidentiary hearing and a closed hearing at the request of our stepmother’s attorneys with Cades Shutte. the purpose was to show evidence proving our charges of fraud and forgery and elder abuse. Which we did. After the hearing each side is required to submit the Findings of Fact and conclusions of Law. Then Judge Chan is required to take bits and pieces based on the hearing and turn in his OWN findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law and make a ruling. Here’s what happened. He signed off on the document provided to him behind closed doors by Cades Shutte. He affixed his signature on a document they provided to him. Biased? I would say so. he was too lazy to take in consideration our case and evidence and blindly signed off with the opposing party. too lazy to draft his own Conclusions of Law and Decision. Just wanted to pass that along in case anyone else is going to have to appear before this guy. 9 months later we appeared before Judge Chan asking to have our stepmother removed as trustee of the estate and 5 minutes before the hearing, as per instruction, I presented our filed brief to the clerk. Minutes later Judge Chan appeared and denied our motion ……….He read a document over 12 pages and immediately denied our motion? there is no way he could have objectively reviewed that document before making his ruling.

    • Why did you wait till 5 mins before the hearing? To prove a point? Sorry for not soft-stepping, but you didnt think much about ALL the elements involved, you acted out of arrogance, not diligence. You shot yourself in the foot to prove you would be shot. That is illogical, irrational, naive, self-defeating, misprioritizing (unless losing was your goal), selfish, childish and foolish. THINK ABOUT IT: the court calendars are overbooked. The judges, even the honest few, arent given enough time (due to Rules written by legislators) to be thorough on every case even if they wanted to be. So, knowing that, what is more beneficial to you: to submit your FFCL (the legal precedents and statutes that support an assumption that you met the burden of proof and the law supports your conclusion) a week before the hearing so the judge HAS TIME to carefully read and GIVE THOUGHTFUL CONSIDERATION to your argument? Or to turn it it in last minute, knowing the other side’s FFCL were filed a week earlier and that the judge DID HAVE TIME to read AND CONSIDER the opponent’s LEGAL precedents and how they tie to tje facts, and KNOWING he WILL NOT HAVE time enough to thoroughly read and consider YOUR legal precedents or how they support your conclusions, AND that evidentuary hearinga are not like regular hearings.,. that they cant be continued because of your tardiness?

      So you proved the judge made a one-sided ruling…BECAUSE HE WAS ONLY GIVEN ONE SIDE’S position to consider BECAUSE YOU DELIBERATELY TURNED YOUR FFCL SO LATE the judge couldnt possibly dedicate the time needed to adequately read and consider your conclusions, nuch less compare rhem to your opponent!!! You set yourself up to fail. Blame this loss on yourself and whoever gave you the lame idea to FORCE A JUDGE to make a ruling without YOUR position on the table.

      • Julie: First of all our Findings and Fact were filed and submitted within two weeks after the hearing as requested by Judge Chan As far as our answer to the answer regarding Elizabeth being removed as trustee, that was filed 5 minutes before the hearing because we received their response to our initial filing only the day before. If you are going to comment please either contact me first or read my postings a bit more carefully. I have put a lot of effort into this and don’t need to hear words such as self defeating, “shot yourself in the foot”……………I worked for attorneys, my father was an attorney, I know what to do. Again the Findings and Fact filed in a timely manner two weeks after the evidentiary hearing …Judge Chan received the Findings of Fact from Cades Shutte (our stepmother’s attorneys) and signed them, filed them and gave no consideration to our findings of fact and FYI I am the one who requested the evidentiary hearing wherein Judge Chan would not allow ANY of our evidence to be submitted. As far as the last hearing wherein we requested Elizabeth be removed as trustee….the Judge it would appear was already set to dismiss our motion. He had our initial motion in front of him, as well as their answer, the last minute document was our answer to their answer. Hope this clears it up for you. FYI most recently we learned Elizabeth committed fraud and identity theft compromising my identity, we reported it to the police and she is being charged with a class two felony. She stole MY identity to obtain a credit card in my name running up charges using her address and phone number. Nice lady huh?

  68. we lived the corrupt Hawaii Judiciary for the last 9 years along with the Bank of Hawaii. Go to our web site and see what we tolerated during our litigation regarding our father’s probate fraud case: http://imokproductions.com/home Also were told by States Attorney Chris Van Marter to NOT pursue our fraud case because the statutes of limitations had run out. The 1st Amendment to our father’s trust (which we have proved had fraudulent signatures even our stepmother admitted in court she didn’t sign the document and the billing statements for the high priced law firm hired by Bank of Hawaii has a notation reflecting they were comparing the 1st Amendment (signed in Hawaii and the one signed three days later in California) so we know the Bank of Hawaii knew about the possibility of fraud. Chris Van Marter said they wouldn’t pursue a criminal action because the statute of limitations of 7 years had run out. That is not true. The statute of limitations begins after you discover a fraud……he said because the date on the 1st amendment was 1997 the time had expired. we didn’t discover the fraud until 2007. he also kept reminding myself and Detective Okita that it wouldn’t be wise to disagree with the Judge as she tends to side with anything pro Bank of Hawaii. Also during a conversation with a representative with the Honolulu FBI I was told that Honolulu is a small town and a tight community so I shouldn’t bother getting them involved. Go to our web site for more insight and name dropping on what we went through. Thanks for making this site available and I wish you well with your efforts.

  69. Watch out for HONOLULU OFFICERS: ROSS BORGES, DAVID YOMES, & CHRISTIAN SAHLEN. They fabricated 90% of a DUI report I am currently fighting. NONE of the police vehicles have surveillance cameras, so it is essentially their word against yours.

    • Haha this is funny. Why did you blow way over the legal limit then. You were drunk off your ass. Bet the 10% that wasn’t fabricated was the part about you being drunk off your ass and putting innocent drivers at risk of your dangerous, drunken driving

  70. as said earlier … It’s not just Hawaii but our government … It’s corrupted and rotten to the core from Obama on down. If you can’t stop the senate and congress from being corrupted than how can you possibly try to get these little guys to stop at the bottom?

    Ever hear the term Sh!t rolls down Hill? Well, the only way to stop corruption is by getting rid of it in your churches … There must be some sort of MORAL Ramification of it. The only way is to get rid of greed and ego. With out that there would be no need to stab people in the back and lie about it. Our faith and Government has failed us. Until we can right both there isn’t much hope left for the rest of us sadly.

  71. Happens all over the world. Happened to me in Missouri

  72. What I went through when my wife and I moved over from Laguna started April 1 and a terrific lightning and explosive thunder cracks every ten seconds directly overhead at keahou bay.This was a warning for all to take notice..I arrived at the end of the world and it turns out the center for insane damaged fundamentalists driven from larger centers of civilised peoples and lorded over by Mind controling CardinalEstates and its minnions rolling in the dirt moaning expressing their highest intellectual talents and cleaning off the sins of this world….Well I had to
    witness a conversion of a normal teen experimenting with a like friend when all the weight of sin was put upon his fragile public sense to terrorise him to suicide or worse ..becomming another lost soul sold to foreign dignitaries as so many other nice looking kida are.All untracible because of the influence and money involved this being a known bank for the cia and its control of armies of agents disguised as ordinary mainlanders…Well it started off with my wife comming home toasted on some drug like meth or more like coke and lsd together ..she was psychotic and unreachable and my pleas to her flosie mother were to no avail bigamy runs in the female side .So offshe runs with a local looser and I end up halucinating and wondering what the fuk is happening…it all comes together twenty five years later as entrapments unfold and the facts lead straight to obama and leahey to make an active shooter out of me..more if you are interested

  73. Jane Doe
    Carrie I thank GOD for you everyday!!!

  74. The whole legal system in Hawaii is a farce, and between ineptitude, corruption and nepotism, it and its agents ruined my life. A man who was arrested for trying to strangle me while I was on the toilet was arrested (but mischarged). Cop told me at time of arrest that he’d issued an emergency TRO against the perp that forbade him returning home for 3 days. I started packing. Because the cops report mischarged him, the creep was able to bail himself out within hours, while I was packing. No one from PD called to warn me they’d released the perp. As soon as he was released, perp went to Family Court and lied on a TRO petition to get ME thrown out so HE could violate the cop’s emergency RO and come home despite the order he not come home for 72 hours (with me gone, no one to turn him in). Of course, the TRO was granted with no questions asked, and without the judge verifying that the guy he was granting the TRO to had no warrants out, no arrests for “assaulting” or otherwise already hurting the person he was (falsely) accusing, wasn’t awaiting trial in any matters relating to the accused…nothing. and the police failed to notify ANYONE they’d released a man on bail after attacking/trying to strangle his fiance. So the same day the arresting ofcr. (Karl) saved me and told me I’d be safe at home for three days until I could pack and leave, about 8 hours after arresting the criminal, returned to the house. I thought he had more questions for me, but no. Although he apologized for having to do so, he served my attacker’s perjuriously obtained and bogus TRO on ME and said a court-issued RO trumps the police- issued RO, and I had 5 minutes to vacate my home.

    The perp abused the law, and the legal system helped him do it, because the law is poorly written, totally ignores mandatory due process and the “innocent til proven guilty” rule, it has no system of checks and balances, it requires no discovery or verification by the court prior to ordering people be thrown out of their homes without their possessions. The family court TRO law in Hawaii violates citizens’ constitutional rights AND has proven to lead to revictimization of victims of domestic violence as or more often than protecting them from their attackers. It’s a law so poorly drafted, it’s rife with abuses by deviants who want to get rid of spouses but keep all the property, by people seeking an upper hand in divorces and custody disputes, and by perpetrators seeking preemptive strikes to discredit their victims in hopes of escaping conviction.

    After all that, the perp continued to abuse the law, lying to police claiming I’d violated the TRO when I hadn’t…but again, accusations of violating TROs lead to arrests without genuine probable cause, further victimizing the victim, usually to a point that the poor victim can’t defend themselves and the people in the legal system actually view the perp as the victim and treat the victim as the criminal. My perp was able to get me fired from my job and arrested on false charges twice in the 3 weeks before the TRO hearing…which of course preceded the trial against him for what SHOULD HAVE been charged as a class C felony, so by the time HIS trial came up, he’d succeeded in making ME look like the criminal. The beast got off on a technicality at trial, wasn’t properly prosecuted, never got punished for ANY of his crimes (perjury, abuse of process, conversion, slander, filing false police reports, etc.), much less for trying to kill me.

    Then, after he got off scott free and convinced the judge to extend the TRO to a full year, and just 2 months after I was able to leave Maui and return to my home in Kona, HE MOVED TO KONA, and spent the next 1.5 years harassing me further by slandering me to everyone I’d worked for and others in my line of work to ensure I’d never get another job in my field again, killing my cat, calling in a false report to CPS trying to have custody of my son taken away, and with MORE false reports of me allegedly violating the RO. The evil cretin got away with it all…again…thanks to our inept and corrupt cops, overzealous and unaccountable prosecutors who break their own rules and laws, absolutely ridiculously lazy and incompetent public defenders who are told and expected to put on no defenses but get all the accused to plead out, regardless of innocence or mitigating factors.

    The end result was me having a nervous breakdown and losing everything (my son, my employability, my house, my reputation, my ability to trust, all former faith and respect I’d had for our legal system because the people who operate and control it don’t follow the law or rules of their office, and they’re so nepotistic they’ll NEVER scrutinize each other, and judges won’t even examine or rebuke those officials whom they KNOW violate the accuseds’ legal, constitutional and civil rights and/or failed to follow procedures and rules, much less actually ever sanctioning or suspending or firing them.

    In my case, the first PO was a crippled, crotchety, bored old man of nearly 100 who didn’t listen, didn’t care, and didn’t relate accurate information to the court. When he retired, my new PO was a woman unimpressed with, uninvolved (socially) with, and untainted by, her nepotistic coworkers and associates. The first time we met she very candidly told me she was shocked how “they really threw the book at” me. She said the punishment was unusually harsh for the single misdemeanor I was tricked into pleading no contest to, it was inequitable, and that in her opinion, I’d been railroaded. She herself had seen too much corruption and injustice, she knew it wasn’t going to change, it made her sick, and she quit the month after my probation ended.

    Also, the people running anger mgmt groups knew within 2 weeks I’d been wrongfully convicted and didn’t belong there. By near the end of the program, the head lady said I’d actually be an excellent anger mgmt COUNSELOR and recommended me for a job replacing another counselor who was moving. I applied but was told I had to be off probation for 2 years before they could hire me. Go figure.

    I later filed a petition to overturn what I’d later learned was an illegally obtained, wrongful conviction and accused the pub defender of inadequate representation, the prosecutor of misconduct and obtaining a plea from me – WHILE I WAS WITHOUT COUNSEL- by breaking a slew of rules that he’d not have even tried to get away with if the court had appointed my replacement attorney immediately after agreeing to replace the public upon my motion proving the PD wasn’t defending me, decided I was guilty without even asking for the evidence, authenticating it, or talking to witnesses whose testimonies would have created reasonable doubt.

    At the evidentiary hearing on the matter, the Real, private defense attorney finally appointed to replace the PD testified that in his opinion, I had never had adequate representation, not even by him, because in the nearly 5 weeks between dismissing the PD and appointing new defense counsel, the prosecutor had already called me personally at home, saying he was a victim’s advocate returning my calls, he got me to tell him most of the story, and THEN stopped me, saying “maybe” I shouldn’t say any more because HE was the guy PROSECUTING me!! He then told me several lies and convinced me the facts weren’t mitigating enough to ensure a not guilty verdict on the by-then numerous allegations my perpetrator had madet. He said if I’d plead to just one -any one- of the charges against me, even if they had been levied unlawfully as part of my attacker’s revenge plot (for calling police when I was escaping after he tried to kill me and “having [him] arrested”), that he would “help me” by dropping all the other charges. His conduct was unquestionably a violation of the rules of professional conduct and, if the court didn’t leave me without a competent lawyer for so long, he’d never have been able to do, and I’d never have pled no contest to anything I knew I didnt do, my witnesses would’ve established sufficient reasonable doubt as o every allegation agsinst me, and the jury would’ve found me not guilty. I also accused Judge Florendo of failing to appoint counsel in a timely manner – thus violating my right to representation during my prosecution- and several other intentional or reckless violations of the penal code and rules the judges are supposed to follow, as well as improper sentencing not complying with the statutorily established penalties for my particular misdemeanor.

    Needless to say, despite my 2nd lawyer admitting I wasn’t ever adequately represented, and testifying that the prosecutor had already convinced me to plead just to “make this all go away” BEFORE the court appointed him and while I had NO counsel, Judge Strance favored the prosecutor, ignored my lawyer’s admissions, declared she found me “not credible” as a witness, and didnt even address the other judge’s errors or inappropriate penalties.

  75. All I can say Carrie is protect yourself. Those in power will never lit this get to trial. Rather than have all of their honcho’s go down, they will try to make the thorn in their side disappear. Have someone with you all of the time.

  76. Here is absolute, empirical evidence via certified court docket documents
    A Hawaii case investigation, pending ICC lawsuit involving Judge Nakamura and deputy prosecutor Malate

  77. I am also a victim of the Hawaii criminal justice system. In 2007, I was arrested in the mental health unit of Hilo Medical Center (where I was being treated for major depression), because I had written in my personal journal that I would like to shoot the supervisors of the (D.A.S.H.) methadone clinic (another corrupt agency, as most everyone is aware), for abruptly terminating my treatment there, in response to a dosage misunderstanding. I was in the middle of an excruciating opiate withdrawal, and had lost my housing, and my transportation, and was feeling very depressed, and angry, and I expressed my anger by saying that I wanted to shoot the supervisors at the clinic. I had written it in my journal, and I also told the hospital staff that I was feeling that way. I was in jail for 90 days, charged with 1st degree terroristic threatening (a class C felony), with Nalani Graham appointed as my public defender. During the whole judicial process, there was absolutely no consideration given to my circumstances of opiate withdrawal, and physical and emotional distress, or my state of mind (other than the three-part psychiatric panel, to determine my fitness to stand trial), and after I specifically asked her, Ms. Graham refused to work with me- to request a lesser plea (2nd degree terroristic threatening, a misdemeanor), or a D.A.G. plea (deferred acceptance of guilt), which would have allowed me to have my conviction expunged at a later date- but she told me that I would never win in a jury trial (how would she know?), and that the only way that I could get out of jail, was to plead no contest, which I did, because I was legally naive, and had no experience with the criminal justice system. I ignored the good advice that I got from fellow inmates, and listened to law enforcement officials, and my public defender, because I thought that they had my best interest in mind- nothing could have been farther from the truth. I know now, that all that they wanted to do was to dispense with the case, and to get a FELONY conviction. After 3 months in jail, I was convicted of 1st degree terroristic threatening, and sentenced to one year in confinement, and five years’ probation- however, I ended up only spending six months in jail. My terroristic threatening conviction has kept me from finding housing, from finding employment, and from finding personal relationships- because of the social stigma attached to the charge, and according to Hawaii law, it is a permanent public record that can never be expunged, although Ms Graham had told me that it could be at a later date. I feel that I was deceived by EVERYONE in the justice system, and that a terrible injustice was done, in the way that my case was handled. I just wanted to add my testimony to those of the others who have been abused by the system, and by the unethical professional practice of the attorneys in the state of Hawaii.

    • Mahalo Larry for adding your testimony. It’s important for the public to understand what occurs in our “justice” system and the long term implications for the victims of it. Unfortunately, your testimony is all too common and what we are fighting to prevent in the future.

  78. I saw a post come through my email from Damon Tuckers “Missing Persons!” link on his blog. It has really concerned me and I tried to get some sincere thoughts on Punaweb and received very little help in suggestions. I can understand that because the content on the two comments from this woman named Kate are vague, confusing, almost revealing an unstable mind, it could be difficult to consider her a reliable witness to corruption. Is she really a victim? But then I ask, is the unstable mind from the trauma she just went through? I believe she is asking for help. So, I wondered if you would weigh in on this. She did provide her email in the second comment but I was nervous to contact her, coward that I am. You have such boldness and courage, I was hoping you might look into this deeper. God bless you for keeping this site active.

  79. sovereigntyintelligenceservice.com will be posting more than 400 Hawaii court documents of fraud and corruption. starting Aug 15,2013. the Hawaii investigation can be viewed in the Tab FireStaff Investigation.
    Dr. Sage: Million©® court case: Five felonies where turned around in the Appeals court. additional charges, warrants and false claims of Sexual assault have been exposed in the website via empirical evidence.

  80. sovereigntyintelligenceservice.com

  81. Hello my name is Julie I have and am presently going through his corupted Hawaii judicial system. I found your sight by researching where I can go to get help ? I before all this started am a single mother,have three chldren, do not do drugs, never been in jail clean record until all this happened!!! Beinga single
    Mom struggeling i cannot afford an attorney, but talkig to the right people my help? Where do I start I was going to go to the FBI. Ihave no family support The legal system is bad I have been violated a bunch rights, due process of the law, the lies are right on the reorded tapes court . In results I have lost custody of one of my children because of the lies of te father. Court appointed co parenting councilor working with the judgeTenaka, falsley accused of fraud by a vindictive landlord keep in mind she has done acts tat ae feeral crime but no one has done anything? Because she as far each th say, but how far? Maybe here in maui ? which lead to the rest on things that ha happened.arested, Put in jail, on probation, lost my HUD and everyone feeds off these actions that have happen to me like a consperacy a group f people who work together and then everyone get they cut. someone to me find the condential envelope? My friends uncle he Use to be a plain cloths detective back in the day and he said the system was corupt then. I found it ! Who do I tell that will investigate? Now I am facing the same thing with my youner children and I do not want to lose custody of he either!!! The father is feeding off the past insidents and thinks it will work in his favor too as he was there and witnessd this all and sat back no support and just took advantage any way he could .

    If you can steer me in the right direction?
    Is the FBI the highest there is a office in Maui. The attorney geneal are are they above the judge? Who will over see it all ? judge, layers, hawaii state

    • Check your email Julie

    • Larry, b/c the judge didn’t appoint me adequate counsel for 4-5 weeks DURING my prosecution, I too was never told about DAG pleas, which I’d have qualified for. My conviction, though a misdemeanor, was for allegedly violating an order for protection, so its nature also carries a negative stigma that’s cost me potential jobs and future opportunities.

  82. fightingmom4justice

    9years, 3months, an 22days is just about how long it took the County of Hawaii Office of the Prosecuting Attorney to come to a conclusion on going forward in making an arrest an or filing of criminal charges in the death of a 2 month old child who died in 2003 from what Chief Medical Examiner concluded as “ABUSIVE HEAD TRAUMA”, Manner of Death “HOMICIDE”..It however resulted in a DELAY of indictment of Manslaughter, destruction of evidence, which dismissed those charges to a guilty plea of Second Degree Assault..With jus one Year in HALENANI, not prison, jus boothcamp for killing an infant child….what kind of “JUSTICE SYSTEM Does the State of Hawaii Have, when Innocent Infants are Abused to death, an the known perpatrator gets one Year of VACATION TIME.

    • This stuff just sickens me. I wish national news media would send investigative reporters here with unlimited funds to dig into the truth of the corruption!

  83. Absolute HORRID corruption n Hawaii County!!!!!!!!!

    Unbelievable that TWO senate investigation KEPT IT COVERED UP, and still, the good ol’ boys are lying through their teeth!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely shameful destruction of humanity!

  84. The law states that either the defendant or dept. of health can petition the court for dismissal from conditional release, however the person at the public defender here insists the only way is by hiring the original attorney who arranged the conditional release for the original misdemeanor offense with the court in 2001. After contacting this lawyer I was led to believe that the state would not grant dismissal of my conditional release even though I have not had any arrest or conviction in over 5 years as well as been in compliance of my conditions during that time as well, in spite of the new 2011 law that was put in place conditional release would receive automatic dismissal petition after a single year for all new defendants. I have been on conditional release for twelve years, one probation officer actually placed me on the sex offenders registry illegally, I had not commited a single sex crime, and have not commited a single felony, and this of course resulted in the state later notifying me I had been taken off the sex offenders registry as my misdemeanor is not serious enough to warrant my being on the list in the first place. My treatment is indicative of prejudice and is abusive. Again, now, this person insisting I use the attorney that put me in this ridiculous twelve year effective probationary situation is silly if not obviously stupid, not only does that the attorney argue we approach the issue with letters of recommendation rather than simply presenting that I’ve been compliant far longer than the needed year new conditional release defendants are petitioned at (which is a double standard), she would cost me a lot of money to hire and I am on a fixed income. Why does this public defenders office insist I go to a paid lawyer when they know I do not have money, plus the lawyer they insist I use is against me and will certainly fail?

  85. Christopher marchand

    I am yet another victim of hawaiis corrupt justice system I grew up on maui and now live on the big island I was set uo by the police for burglary I was walking home to my residence in nanawale estates in puna on the big island when I was swarmed by six cops at the corner of kapuna st. and arrested for breaking into a house and stealing a laptop there was no evidence no laptop I was charged by the state with no chance to defend myself whatsoeve they said they where gonna give me 10 years I got 2months and 5years probation ive had my lifr ruined im now a convictid felon because of hawaiis racisn on corryption im forced to now live a life on the run because they are hunting me down to lock me up with all the other haoles they can get so many of my friends growing up are dead or in prison these people need to be stoped I wish I had an army of my own to take these fuckers on its going to take alot to take those fuckers down they are the scum of this earth and need to die I will probably die here I dont want to but how can I escape

    • Hey Chris,
      It is me Elijah The Prophet from HCCC. I lost your info and need to email me at jahkingdoms@me.com. I still need a place to stay and I got plenty of work I need help with. Jah Bless I pray u and ur family r doing better.

  86. don’t know what else to say

    Holy Fucking Fuck Shitty Dirtbags Need To Die

  87. Hawaii County where law enforcement is a joke, where the victims are prosecuted, and where criminals are protected.

  88. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your shirt. As someone alreadey said, you have big brass convictions, Carrie

  89. This country is turning into a communist dictatorship. Time to leave.

  90. Look into the officer John Weber cases, and why he was forced out. If you ever get the fie on Weber please post it. He was dirty, a serial perjurer and Damervil knows it, yet he used it to get the W. Thought you were pretty slick Rick huh, I hope you pay, no one should be above the law. It applies to everyone even you. Nail his ass Carrie he deserves it.

  91. Good for you Carrie, great job, thank you so much. Damervile has used perjury by officers countless times. Same officers, same lies, there is no way he could not have known, it happened to often and it was always the same. Everyone in the court room knew they where lying yet he covered for them.

  92. scratching each other’s corrupt back, that’s what it’s all about and the dirty work gets done, without any accountability. very sad.

  93. You have inspired Me to create My own web site, Carrie, Thank YOU!!! I have been a government corruption whistleblower in Corrupticut for several years! The State denied me equal protection from illegal retaliation under the State Whistleblower Statute and all other Civil Rights and Labor Laws! Less than a month after I threatened the State and City of Torrington, CT with a legitimate and serious law suit in 2010, I have been falsely arrested 3x and illegally incarcerated as a political prisoner in the State Prison’s Mental Health Hospital where I was falsely diagnosed and forced on meds, all in violation of My Habeas Corpus and due process rights! The Torrington Police have assaulted me twice, arresting me for ‘protective custody’ previously threatened ‘gurney rides’ to the hospital who concluded that I was NOT at risk of hurting myself but they did treat me for the arm sprain during the second attack that occured in my own home because someone falsely claimed I was suicidal! I am now facing 10 years for attempted assault against a police as they falsely claim that I spit at them while they were assaulting me in my own living room. Even though the spit is alleged to have missed the monsters with guns, they still felt they needed to press the third set of false criminal charges based on lies, all of which the state of corrupticut are vigiourously prosecuting! Read all about me on my public face book page notes, hundreds of copies of emails and letters over the years to multiple govt agencies and officials, including Obama. I am currently demanding a Grand Jury Investigation into the several years of government corruption I am both witness and victim of! I have contacted The US Attorney, The Justice Dept, FBI, and Obama! I am seeking protection from further retaliation from the Justice Department witness protection program!!! We all need to do all we can to take Our Country back!!!! Sincerely, Mary Bagnaschi

  94. I am so tired of prosecutors who will do anything to win a case. I am appalled that there is no accountability in this county for those who are given the power over the lives of citizens and who abuse that power for their own glory. It is disgusting.

    • That prosecutors become overly zealous is common. That’s why they invented defense attorneys – system of checks and balances. This time, the defender was as corrupt as the prosecutor. Goes to show the entire system is broken, not just some of it. Time to fix it; time to get this to the public’s attention, if by no more than an accounting of tax payer’s dollars. If concern for public officer’s integrity doesn’t matter, their pocketbooks do!

  95. Spread some money around and people will come forward with information on corruption. Almost all of Hawaii will be out of office and the jails would be full of the real criminals.

  96. Whether it be the Feds or the State, Hawaii cannot govern itself. It is too corrupt, too willfully incompetent, and too third world overall.

    • Larry, b/c the judge didn’t appoint me adequate counsel for 4-5 weeks DURING my prosecution, I too was never told about DAG pleas, which I’d have qualified for. My conviction, though a misdemeanor, was for allegedly violating an order for protection, so its nature also carries a negative stigma that’s cost me potential jobs and future opportunities.

  97. Carrie I heard your radio interview last week. God bless you for what you are doing, you are a true angel. God will protect you ane you will prevail in your mission. Many are praying for you.

    • I heard about Carrie’s interview from as far away as Missouri. Good job, Carrie, for putting Hilo on the map. This is only the beginnning of exposure to the lawlessness of even small communities across the US.

    • I heard from a gal in Missouri that she caught your interview. This is only the beginning of exposing lawless America, even in our small communities. Too bad Hilo has to be put on the map for corruption and victimization of its citizens.

  98. You are very brave Lady Carrie (as friend Errol calls you)! In you we can see that Right Makes Might! All those in the legal system who participated in this Kangaroo Court need to be indicted and investigated by impartial Federal investigators. Furthermore ALL of their prior cases need to be gone through with a magnifying glass looking for the same shenanigans because it is doubtful this is their first dance! In the end, let’s hope they get exactly what they deserve for being greedy lying supposed-human beings causing untold harm to others and by extension, the whole legal system. Get ‘Em!!!

  99. With the amount of corrupt Law Enforcement officials in this county, I’m curious if this will result in any of those people being put behind bars with the rest of the criminals.

  100. We need to apply the same style of civil enforcement wherever there is high corruption in government. Be it Congress, your state government, and anywhere that the local judiciary or police force has fallen into the culture of corruption. The whole organization in question must be made to feel our wrath until they get the message. OUR message. Spoken so loud that nothing can drown us out.

  101. Good one Carrie. What a room full of idiots. You would think by now they would do some homework before a meeting with Ms. Walters. And yet, did they get anywhere? No, you really made your point. Thank the good Lord for the Lawless America documentary coming out soon….this world is going to Hell in a hand basket, starting with those in the justice system. I cannot wait until that great day comes when they are all behind bars wondering what the heck they did wrong…..perhaps they should work for the garbage company, at least there they can unload their ideas of justice. Sick sick sick. You will be on top soon Carrie, keep the transcripts coming, they have no idea of the arsenal you have in recordings TO TAKE THEM DOWN. Hopefully you will save the lives of many in your courage to make this stand against the enemy. God save the Islands. II Chronicle 7:14

  102. I’m sick reading this….I’m so ill I don’t know what to say…Please God help this woman.

  103. Way to go, Carrie! Perhaps the Hilo prosecutor’s office will listen to your testimony for Bill Windsor on the movie LawlessAmerica!

  104. It just amazes me that there was no thorough investigation regarding that incident at Carrie’s house with her ex-husband. Kevin’s testimony and answers just don’t match up to tapes, recordings and evidence. You can see he lied in his statements and I’m sure the prosecuting attorney could see that too… More than likely Kevin’s answer were coached by Damervillle prior to court as the Medical report says: Kevin doesn’t recall what had happen, poor historian as he does not recall being stabbed. Rick Damerville sandbaggin evidence to the Grand Jury so they could not hear the recording of the actual events. He also advise Judge Bartholomew about the 5th amendment and Judge Bartholomew insisted that Carrie take the 5th….killing the tapes….tapes that Kevin admitted to his crimes. Who’s side is Deputy Public Defender Nailani Graham? She accepts a statement by the prosecuting attorney Rick Damerville that Carrie did have a criminal record. Who’s side are you on Nailani? Conflict of Interest! Carrie had no prior criminal records on file. Do a simple check on the internet Nailani, you can get information from just about anyone who had a criminal record on file on the internet. Rick Damerville, you suppose to carry out justice on behalf of the people you represent and be sensitive to their needs. You cannot be ideologically committed to one side or the other. The government is not always right and the defense is not always wrong. Your acts violated our right and broken our trust. You should have walked away on this case. Seems like friends helping out friends such as the Canoe club members as shown in the pictures. Do the right thing Damerville! Make it Right!!!! You and Nailani and not the right person to represent our community. Judges? Wake Up!

  105. The justice system in this country never ceases to amaze me. Carrie, know that we are out here cheering you on. The Drew Petersons of this world need to be given justice in the purest form. How long will that take? How many more women will have to suffer and possibly die? Stay strong, Carrie.

    • Thank you Carol, and everyone else posting support for Carrie. YOU are the ones causing the tide to turn. Without your public support they would have been able to continue to persecute Carrie to cover up their own crimes.

      Change is easy, pass this along and comment, comment, comment.

  106. Scratching each other’s corrupt back, that’s what it’s all about, and the dirty work gets done, without any accountability.

  107. I be praying for you all . Going to Heaven is more importance to all involved of what going on

  108. These idiots love to intimidate people, even when they know you are innocent. They treat you from begining as guilty.
    They think we are suposed to kneel before them, I say “off with their heads”.

  109. Have you ever been on the end of a cop/prosecutor grudge? I have. Glad to see THIS CASE will finaly see justice.

  110. Attrneys are scumbags. Lower than pond scum.

  111. A change is gonna come.

  112. F*ckThePoliceState

    We need to do what it takes to save this country before we all become convicts. This can only work if everyone who sees the wrong understands what they have to do, and then finds the courage to do it. Speak up now.

  113. HawaiiCorruption, you are correct that this is “not unusual for what occurs in the Hawaii “justice” system”, except for the exposure Ms. Walters has effectuated. We are all watching and waiting for her next move. I expect it to be interesting.

  114. Roaches have more scruples than lawyers.

  115. I have known Carrie for 40 years. You idiots have no idea who you took on. 🙂 I see bars in your future.

    • I love it, bars in your future is right. Then their will be those meanies in there waiting to hurt and torture you, until you die. hahahahahahahahaha

  116. If even one percent of people stood up for themselves and refused to buckle under these CORRUPT b#\^*RDS we’d see some change. But most people don’t have the courage of their purported convictions. Americans talk a good game about democracy and freedom and values, but when push comes to shove they can’t be bothered. Rock-on Carrie! You got big brass convictions girl.

  117. Make room for the corrupt by letting the innocent out of jail. Justice in my lifetime? In this sorry, corrupt state? My dream.

  118. Retailiation is common practice ocne you witness their crimes, and you will be worked every way they can.
    The thugs forgot one thing, as you spend your life violating my rights and trying to frighten me believing you got away with it. The thugs are no longer safe and neither are their families, the real laws always take precedent

  119. “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere” – by Martin Luther King, Jr. – April 16, 1963

  120. we are at a perfect time for someone to hear our prayers, until changes are made, the corrupt will continue to harm as many as they can and use the system to do it

    • Ive always been active against corruption, bad or contradictory laws, treating poor people like garbage while treating the rich like they can do no wrong, etc. I’ve had my life mercilessly destroyed by people who abuse and corrupt their authority and fought so hard for justice I thought at times I’d about die tryimg. But it was all to no avail.
      So recently I decided to give up…why? Because the imminent Fall of America is as sure as the Fall of the Roman Empire. Our nation’s moral decay, economic ruin, basically enslaving most of its citizens and abolishing all our rights and protections, filling positions of authority with Godless self-serving morons, gradually eviscerating the power and sanctity of our Constitution…all this will eventually lead to America’s demise. And its demise is inevitable.
      It’s prophesied that these horrible injustices will happen and will get worse under the control of greedy, ammoral, wicked, closed-minded, corrupt authorities until people overall will be so desperate, we’ll eventually embrace promises of peace, equality, personal re-empowerment and economic stability – even readily giving up our sovereignty to a single magnetic global leader who’ll seem like a godsend compared to the then-existing system of corrupt authorities and injustices that will make today’s authorities look like honest people of integrity!

      The whole world will fall into such poverty and disarray, all nations warring over dwindling resources, a global political leader whose plan to revive peace and prosperity will be eagerly received by all, but contingent on every nation relinquishing its independent sovereignty and becoming member states of one global government. Then, some charismatic, kindly, seemingly honest person (probably a man) will be chosen by all the nations to “fix” the world. And then it’s 7 years till Judgment Day, and all the corrupt and abusive people in power will be killed and judged and they’ll reap what they sowed, as will all their evil predecessors.

      So, since America MUST fall before Judgment Day, the corruption necessarily must get even worse than today.

      In nearly 40 years of making major efforts to ignite reform to at least minimize corrupt and abusive exercises of authority, I’ve concluded that it can’t happen…because the authorities themselves have to authorize reforms to allow them to be monitored by civilians subjected to their authority, and that would put restrictions on themselves. Regular people, even en mass, have no authority over people in positions of authority to force reforms or monitoring of such people. Catch 22.

      Nowadays I figure I can’t change prophecy, which includes increasing erosion of human rights and corrupt abuse of power by people in authority positions…the corruption increasing so much the Antichrist can slip in easily and woo the disgusted masses with a very convincing act of being the one person who appears incorruptible and get elected president of the world.

      So to keep my BP down, I try to find ways to live so their authority affects my life as little as possible. Getting angry and depressed, when no amount of activism in 38 years has reduced corruption or abuse of power by authorities, just exhausts me now. I’ve not enough time left to waste energy on a battle that won’t be won by people…because it’s foretold that the battle for justice will be won by only one: the Christ…and THEN the corrupt will be killed, and they and their corrupt predecessors who died before them will be judged by their deeds..,and they’ll have nothing to protect them or keep their evilness hidden.

  121. Retired Court Officer

    The system is so broken now the future is scary.

    • retired court officer…..coming from you who worked on the inside looking out, I wonder why you don’t articulate and let the public know just what is broken specifically. So many complain about systems being broken but where is the break so we can begin to piece it all back together and fix it! People are not bold enough to stand up to corruption because threats on their lives and or safety are very real! The whistle blowers who have come up to point out blatant corruption in a very powerful “company” called the IRS should have all of us trembling. People are asleep or they just want to make everyone “aloha” while the health of our government, our island, our state goes into the depths of horrible corruption. Hearts have to be changed before we can see change. I hope you will find courage and speak up specifically about the corruption you saw in the court system!

      • Retired Court Officer

        Carrie is exposting this real well. Inside rumor mill says changes are coming. Keep you eye on her.

  122. I just campe upon this site and have been reading for 2 hours! I can’t believe this! What the hell is going on?

  123. Lawlessamerica the perfect solution.

  124. circle the wagons the TRUTH IS COMING!

  125. Ricky and Nailani, handcuffs for you two……..we the Decent Citizens of Hawaii County are sick of being worked over by your
    psychotic actions!

  126. Same story, different state! We in New Jersey are also facing corruption, judicial misconduct, falsification of reports, abuse in foster care (with hospital reports, police reports, & photos … not to mention the alcoholic, medicated, elderly foster mother ADMITTED she abused the boy! Our well-known, insenstive, arrogant bully Governor Christie ran on the “clean up the corruption” ticket in NJ. Unfortunately, he is selective on which corruption he chooses to clean up & which corruption he chooses to turn his back on and the sad thing is it is the children of Governor Chris Christie’s state of New Jersey who are suffering from his lack of action! Shame on you, Governor Chris Christie! You never told the residents of New Jersey they were getting a “selective” corruption buster!

    • Mohamed, I just checked your site and have sent Gov. Christie a message. I am so sorry you and your son are going through this. Hang in there we will find the solutions to all this crap. And please, everyone else on here take a few moments to help this child.

  127. No different than the BS corruption and lies of CPS in Phoenix AZ…and I have photographs and video tape and audio recordings of My granddaughter’s physical abuse(pictures), My daughter’s ASSAULT by Phoenix Police, for trying to change her baby’s diaper in a cps office(video taped), and all of the LIES told by the cps workers(top of the chain of command to the case worker with a shoplifting recprd) on audio tape…. NO Gov’t officials in AZ will even LOOK at the evidence, let alone, do anything about it!
    They are ALL LIARS, and they need to be stopped, shut down and prosecuted!!

  128. This is insane and so completely immoral.

  129. bunch of godamn corrupted a**holes

  130. simple solution

    REestablish FREEDOM. Abolish CORRUPTION that entrenches the greedy and corrupt behind walls created to keep US from exercising OUR HUMAN RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM OPPRESSION.


  132. Ummm, lawyers, unless you want the diatribe of hateful jokes to continue, you might want to take hese two to the ethics board

  133. Carrie, reference your tapes, did you ever turn those into transcriptions? If so, I may have some news for you on that.

  134. FYI. You may want to investigate the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct regarding Rick Damerville’s comments on this website. Look at extrajudicial communication regarding a case in progress or following a case that would be prejudicial to the parties. Contact the Office of Disciplinary Counsel in Honolulu for more information.

  135. story by Bob Jones, reporter – 2006
    comment by a Honolulu attorney while preparing to defend a public employee
    “We live in a culture of corruption which permeates most of our public institutions.”

  136. How inappropriate for a prosecutor to leave a comment on a defendant’s website!!!

  137. Osmond Portefore

    Why is Hawaii so corrupt? Does it have the local federal offices in their pockets, i.e. the F.B.I. etc? Has anyone heard about the Smart Meter and the KIUC controversy on Kauai? I heard KIUC is going to be audited by the IRS. Something about it has claimed for years to be a co-op on its taxes, but in reality it is not, and there are years of proof. Corruption really does hurt good people. I hope Hawaii overcomes this.

  138. Dear Carrie,

    I hope you had a chance to see my Examiner article about what happened on Saturday – I’m so very sorry for how you were treated – it really broke my heart. 😦 YOU were the very person they were supposed to be marching for – sometimes I simply don’t understand what drives people’s behaviors.

    For those citizen walkers who approached you, gosh, I wish I were there to hug them! I’m sure they had no idea about the hope, love and light they imparted. I hope they read my message here and know how very much they’re treasured, valued and appreciated – God bless you!

    And God bless you, Carrie, for having the strength and fortitude to stand in the light of day for so many of us who simply can’t. You are the definition of courage and an example for us all.

    Holding you in much love, light and prayer – keep on keepin’ on ~

  139. There are so many people out there that say to you that you can’t. What you got to do is turn around and say, ” WATCH ME”
    You have demonstrated your courage and confidence by standing up to the injustice, done against you, for all to see and hear.
    Carrie, you are a leader and an inspiration to all of us, who may someday, be in your shoes. Mahalo for sharing your story with us.
    Here’s a link that may help you relieve your stress.

  140. It is cases like this which are the reason for what we are doing. There are many fringe groups here whom are victims of blatant HawaiiCorruption, alone we are weak. Collectively our numbers are large and we can become strong. Ultimately we all have the common goal of ending our courrupt police state.

    Stay tuned as we post the details of today’s events.

  141. Dr. Sage: million SPC

    Sovereignty Intelligence Service Dr. Sage: Million Phd, SPC
    PO Box 1656 Pahoa, Hawai’i near [96778-9998]
    Non Domestic / Non Assumpsit
    808-747-9425 Home965-1855
    Contact the CEO of the SIS in the matter of investigating the state of Hawaii a corporation not a true state of the union. we are proceeding with legal action against Judge Greg K. Nakamura and Deputy Prosecutor Jeff Malata .

  142. Aloha, seekers of evidence of Public corruption in the Hawaii County Government. Currently Mayor Kenoi is selling illegal $10M County of Hawaii Bond Anticipation Notes solely to the Bank of Hawaii in a Money Laundering scheem with the County of Hawaii Director of Finance Nancy Crawford where they Sell illegal Bonds to the Bank of Hawaii at 1.22% for 184 days they deposit the money into a First Hawaiian Bank Time Deposit account for the same 184 days at 1/10th the interest of 0.125% then filing the State and Federal Tax Exempt documents for the Bonds. The people of Hawaii are paying $66,000 in interest to the Bank of Hawaii for the First Hawaiian Bank’s use of our $10M. The Hawaii County Police refuse to allow any complaints to be filed against Mayor Kenoi or Director Crawford that would expose this Theft of the hawaii County People’s money. Ask Mayor Kenoi why his signature appears on a COUNTY OF HAWAII GENERAL OBLIGATION BOND ANTICIPATION NOTE Series “B”, CUSIP Number 41969CAE6 and the First Hawaiian Bank Time Deposit Account Number

    • Anonymouse Witness

      Why didn’t you send this information to the FBI?!!


  143. You are in my thoughts and prayers today. You are not alone. I have stood in your shoes. It is terrifying. What other choice do we have but to fight for justice?

  144. Your blog encouraged me to continue blowing the whistle on the court officials in my case. Lies, fraud, forged documents… jail, probation, child abuse… same type of situation. Thanks for taking a public stand. It’s unfortunately pervasive in many (if not all) states. Facts, evidences, witnesses and the real best interest of children don’t matter when they decide they don’t like you. My hearings are not recorded and I am not allowed to bring a tape.

  145. This is just another example of corruption in our courts that has made so many of us lose faith in the judicial system.

  146. Carrie, please pray positive things. Ask God to keep his promises and do not beg.

    I had “a sense of entitlement”
    She lives for taking photos of him (my son)

    Recording when you have told the party that you are taping is OK and the law.

    You scream that I feared for my life.

    Praying for you and God to keep you safe and his promise in the bible that he will rid you of your convictors.

    Deborah in California.

    Sending loves of love, and take baths and exercise to reduce stress. I got cancer from 12 years of stress.

  147. Absolutely outrageous…..Rose DeLima and Nalani Graham both should be the ones put in jail. Looks like they had no idea who they were messin’ with.
    You go girl.

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