Judge Hara

What happened in the first few minutes of the Grand Jury ALONE, was enough for Judge Hara to stop the illegal proceedings against Carrie and file ethics complaints against both the prosecutor and defense attorney.  Instead, in violation of the law, Judge Hara knowingly incarcerated an innocent victim to protect his associates, namely Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville, and Deputy Public Defender Nailani Graham.  In fact, Carrie’s sentencing hearing began with Judge Hara giving DP Dammerville the opportunity to lie and defend himself for his illegal actions in family court.

In the eight page letter Carrie wrote for her Presentencing Investigation (PSI) report, she states “Since I did not have the benefit of a trial nor competent legal counsel” she highlighted numerous problems with her case, backed up with all the necessary evidence including LEGAL RECORDINGS, of course. However, Judge Hara choose to ignore the truth before him.  Instead he berated Carrie for pointing out the obvious by stating, “This is like the divorce that will never end”, and “she could have extricated herself from the situation by calling a cab”.  He then refused to delay her 30 day incarceration by a few days so she could receive pre-scheduled medical care to have seven stiches removed from her foot.  Judge Hara knew she was not a flight risk, and yet he choose to further harass the TRUE victim by ordering her immediate incarceration.

What follows is Carrie’s PSI letter:

To Judge Hara,

I know I am expected to use this venue to display contrition and beg forgiveness.  However I cannot do that.  Given the exact same circumstances I would not hesitate to defend my life again.

Since I did not have the benefit of a trial nor competent legal counsel, I find it necessary to instead use this venue to present some background information, my statement, and my case with just a small amount of my evidence, once again pro se.

Kevin has always been a difficult, narcissistic person and prior to December 3, 2009 I had no knowledge of his [psychopathic] diagnosis.  I did know that something was wrong with him, but had assumed with the proper counseling it would be curable.  What he did to my children and I during my marriage and divorce I had attributed to his cocaine abuse.  Kevin was so horrendous that the State of New Hampshire took the highly unusual step of revoking his parental rights because Kevin had “…grossly neglected his children by placing them in dangerous situations; and frequently and habitually engages in substance abuse.”

In the past eight years of once again having contact with Kevin it was immediately apparent his personality was still the same however, there was no physical violence.  In my years without him I had become an emotionally stronger person and no longer had to take beatings to protect my three babies.  All my family were nearby and my grown children were still in the household.  Although Kevin is bigger and stronger than I am, ultimately he will not attack anyone whom is able to battle back.

It was very easy for me to forgive Kevin for deserting his family because I had done quite well for myself even without the benefit of child support.  I also felt sorry for him.  He has MS.  He’s all alone in the world.  So I tried to open the door for him to have a relationship with the children.  Attempting to teach him it’s not all about him, stop pushing his interests on them and show interest in what they’re doing.  I would talk to him ad nauseam, believing that eventually he would learn that his children are extraordinary young adults and sharing their lives would enhance his beyond anything he could imagine.

The children proved they were more mature than Kevin, taking pity on him for dealing with having abandoned them.  They showed interest in his guitar playing and music.  Everyone of them attempted to scuba dive with him, however each of these forays were complete fiascos.  The dichotomy is that Kevin has managed to dive with many other people without incident.  He even has a video of himself doing a cage free shark feeding dive in the Bahamas.

What Kevin says and what he does never seem to quite add up.  When it’s convenient he’s disabled.  When he wants to dive, play guitar, paddle, swim, and even play two gigs in one night (attached A) he’s able to overcome his disability.  He can rewire his amp, but if I ask him to change a light fixture he will screw it up.  He’s in AA (01.wav) and doesn’t believe in prayer, but Stien Lager is his favorite brew and he’ll proselytize with Bill Church (att. B).

Kevin has a knack of taking credit for other peoples work, both directly (attached C) and indirectly.  Kevin loved to give his friends tours of my yard and talk at length about how much he has always loved mowing lawns and how much I hate it.  Afterwards I would talk to him and say it was rude and disrespectful to me since he has been here many months and never once has touched the lawn mower.  He would then start an argument with me because I am crazy and unreasonable, he never used the words “I, Kevin Walters, did mow this lawn”.  I have to stop inventing reasons to criticize him.  This routine continued until I called him on it in front of his friend.  Later he had an argument with me because I am, once again, crazy and unreasonable and embarrassed him for no good reason.  From now on, just to shut me the F up, he is going to mow the lawn.

On to phase two of his game.  After many weeks he has not touched the lawn mower.  I am very familiar with this no win situation.  I can shut-up and suck it up, I can say something, or I can just do it.  Either way will be misery for me.  If I shut-up, he will frequently say he’s going to mow the lawn, yet never do it.  If I say something, (whether nice or angry, it won’t matter) he will take offence and argue with me because I am being unreasonable with my expectations of him.  If I do it, he will take offence and argue with me because I am purposely inventing a situation so that I can be a martyr.

Phase three of his game.  Kevin is now going to mow the lawn every week.  Even though he has MS and the one thing that will assure he spends the rest of the day sick is to get overheated, he will mow it in the hot noon day sun.  The lawn is now mowed, he is dripping with sweat, limping, and having real cognitive issues.  I now have to spend the rest of the day caring for him.  After many talks, and eventually arguments about this, we move into…

Phase four.  Kevin will now mow the lawn in early morning or late afternoon and have no MS issues.  However, he will cease the engine on the new mower because he didn’t check the oil, even though I showed him how to.  He will push the mower over the driveway, next to my truck, with the blade running, and pelt my truck with rocks cracking my windshield.  Eventually we are back at square one.  I mow the lawn.

Prior to my getting sick this was life with Kevin.  No matter what the situation, no matter how inane or important, everything must be about Kevin.  Without me around my children were unable to deal with constant situations like this and he was making their lives a misery.  I am familiar with his games and was able to manage them, get him into counseling, and maintain my own life.  His counselor, Carrie Blakenfield, felt he need more than she could provide and referred him to psychiatrists (att. D).  It was difficult but things were improving, there were even phases of good, fun times.  I could see the end of the road where Kevin would be living on his own.  I was willing to continue to be a part of his life and help him out, it would be so much easier if he wasn’t living with me.  Then I got sick.

On January 18, 2009 it hit me like a brick wall.  One minute I was feeling a little run down, the next I was burning up, vomiting, violently shaking, heart pounding, unable to catch my breath.  I spent the next three days in bed with a 103 fever.  During this time Kevin never once came into my room to see if I needed anything.  He did however continually wake me up for his needs.  Have you seen my paddling shirt, what am I going to have for dinner, how do I thaw a chicken, you won’t believe who was on Letterman tonight.

In the ensuing months the virus wreaked havoc on me, affecting every system of my body leaving me weak and exhausted.  I had frequent asthma attacks, debilitating headaches, heart issues, bleeding uterine tumors, and pain.  I was no longer able to manage Kevin’s games, he stopped going to counseling and entered a new, more sick phase.

Kevin apparently saw this as the chance to isolate me and he succeeded.  He increased the drama with my friends eventually driving them away.  He went so far as to call three of my friends on March 5, 2009 and tell them he thought I was suicidal and was concerned I had taken something.  In reality I was so exhausted I had dozed at my computer, eventually going off to bed.  Two of my friends knew better and told Kevin not to worry.  However, Kevin spun it a little heavier for (HPD officer) Brett Winther and had him so concerned that he came by to check on me.  This was the last time I saw Brett.

Kevin continued his psychotic game and had me isolated.  At the same time he had an ever increasing circle of friends and social events.  Then he escalated to assaulting me.  He would start an argument with me and as long as I had the energy to participate in the screaming match he would not lay a hand on me.  Once he would get me to the point of exhaustion, noticing that I am so drained I can barely stand, or I am on the verge of tears, that was his cue to strike.  Knowing I would not be able to physically battle him he would push me over furniture, pull my hair, pin me to the floor, twist my arm, choke me.  These were not horrific beatings, but I knew the psychological strain had me on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  And then he began abusing his prescription drugs and alcohol.  He no longer needed the excuse of an invented argument, there were a few occasions in which he would push me in the middle of a calm normal conversation (02.wav).  The frequency increased, the ferocity increased and I knew if I didn’t get help soon he was going to seriously hurt me.  I had no friends to go to, my family was too far away and so I never told them how bad it had gotten.  I had said things to a couple of his friends.  They would sympathize and express their concern over what his MS is doing to him (MS does not cause this kind of behavior), however no help was offered for me.

On September 11, 2009 he once again assaulted me then stole my truck and ran to some clients and regaled them with stories of how abused he is.  Upon learning that I had reported my truck stolen he then made a plan (att. O) to get me in trouble by using his MS and claiming abuse.  Two days later Kevin called to say he would not return my truck unless I called off the police (the former clients are witnesses to this).  I called the police and they said they would still have to come up.  I called Kevin and lied, telling him I had called off the police.  Kevin and David (client) returned the truck.  Officer Silva arrived and arrested Kevin for stealing the truck, but the charges were dropped the next day.  Even though Kevin did admit in front of Officer Silva and David (and again on the March phone recordings) that he did assault me to get my truck no charges were filed because Officer Silva said I only had a couple of small bruises on me and “You don’t look too hurt.”  I was also told I could not prevent Kevin from returning to my house.

The next six weeks it got worse.  I had been cut off from my friends, his friends are on his side, the police won’t help, and now he is pushing away clients.  I was feeling trapped and terrified.  Unable to sleep since the night I had awoken to Kevin choking me.  I would hear him get up, or the house would creak and I would be wide awake, heart pounding, waiting, dreading.  What was I going to have to deal with next?  I cried constantly and knew I was on the brink of sanity.  The more weakness I showed, the more psychotic he became.  I didn’t know what else to do or who to turn to, the outside world all thought Kevin was a nice guy battling a terrible disease, who was going to believe me.

Then it was November 1, 2009.  Initially when Kevin got up and immediately started haranguing me, I refused to take the bait and argue back with him.  He continued non-stop getting more and more unreasonable, saying things like I should give him my money to prove I forgive him for deserting the children, and coming over and unplugging my computer while I was trying to work.  When I got up to plug my computer back in he pushed me into the corner of my desk, bruising my thigh and I knew I was now going to have to participate in the screaming match his was looking for or he was going to hurt me.  It was six hours of the most unbelievable, sick, psychotic hell and then he started drinking.  I played this all too familiar life-sucking game and out yelled him, arguing every point, knowing if I could out last him I could avoid the physical violence.  At one point he leaned over my desk and spit obscenities and threats in my face, I got in his face and screamed back at him and he backed off.  Eventually he began to calm down, occasionally testing me with verbal aggression.  I would answer him with twice the amount of verbal aggression and he would back off again.  Kevin finally tired of his game and said he had to go lay down and straighten out his thoughts.  I went to take a shower thinking I had dodged another bullet.  I had expected Kevin to pass out for a few hours as he would normally do after a few drinks, then get up and apologize as he would usually do, and then the rest of the day could be calm.

Unfortunately this was not the case.  When I went into the bathroom I saw Kevin roll out of bed (his room is directly across from the bathroom) with this unbelievable crazed look on his face.  I thought Kevin must be doing drugs too, and knew it wasn’t over yet.  I locked myself in the bathroom and sat in the shower and cried until the hot water ran out, trying to get the strength to get through this absolutely insane day.  When I got out of the shower Kevin was on the phone with his friend Bill Church, obviously drunk and slurring his words.  I went to my room to get dressed with the intention of going to Bill Church for help.  I reasoned that Bill Church is a pastor (or so I thought at the time), a recovering addict, he had told me he counsels other addicts, he could tell that Kevin is currently drunk, and surely would be able to help me.  Kevin got off the phone with Bill Church and immediately came into my room and began yelling at me for not returning a borrowed chicken cage to a neighbor because it was supposed to have been done earlier.  I lied and said that is exactly what I was going to do and instead got in my truck and went to Bill’s house.

I was crying and very upset when I got to Bill’s house, sane people cannot live like this.  I explained to Bill what had been going on that day and how Kevin had been getting progressively worse in recent months.  I told Bill I didn’t know if Kevin’s behavior was intentional, a result of his anti-psychotic medications and alcohol, or if he was really losing his mind.  Bill expressed surprise at this information because he had just gotten off the phone with Kevin and although he did think Kevin had been drinking he was otherwise calm and pleasant.  I then explained that Kevin is always calm and pleasant when there is a witness, that was why I needed him to come up.  Bill then told me he had company and I apologized to him for intruding, collected myself and we went inside.

Once inside I then apologized to his guest, Stan Warren and did state, “I suppose you heard everything?”  Stan said he had and then said I needed to call the police.  I stated that I had tried that before (9/11/09), they didn’t do anything and as a result it has gotten much worse for me since.  Bill said he could not risk his position on the “Going Home” committee by having police involvement over Kevin.  I once again explained that if Bill would just come to the house Kevin would be calm, like he always is in front of others.  I needed help getting him into treatment, I couldn’t go on like this anymore, he is crazy and is going to kill me.  Bill then said Kevin wouldn’t be able to do that, I should be able to kick his ass.  Bill then related that his father used to beat his mother until the day she took a cast iron pan to him, if I would do the same the Kevin would stop too.  (I did not bother to point out that Kevin has at least 50 lbs. on me, paddles three times a week, and is much stronger than I am, nor did I mention my health issues.)  Bill then said he had a friend from Koa Puna, who lived one street down from me on Kulani whom Bill could call to help me.  However, his friend did have a police record and would probably kick Kevin’s ass because he did not like abusive men so that wouldn’t be a good idea.  At this point I was extremely frustrated and once again said that is not what I need.  I need Kevin to know, that you know what he is like.  I need a witness and someone to help me get him into treatment.  Eventually I did agree with Bill’s suggestion to go home and have Kevin call him, if Bill did not hear from Kevin within the hour he said he would call the police.

I arrived home to find Kevin on the phone with Rob Vrable (San Francisco call, see attached E) and very, very drunk and pleasant (see evidence CD, MOV00628.MPG).  When I walked in the door Kevin smiled at me and said to Rob, “Hey, she’s home now, you should say hi to her” and then just continued talking to Rob like everything was just great.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief, thinking thank goodness it is over.  He’s now in happy drunk mode, he’s going to pass out and I’m safe.  I went to my desk to finish my work.  At one point he fell out of his chair and still holding the phone is laughing because he can’t get up.  I tried to get this on video, but obviously the camera didn’t start recording until he was back in his seat, which is why there is a 20 second video of him on the phone.  At this point I was thrilled thinking he’s going to pass out before he even gets off the phone.

Unfortunately, this was not to be.  The very second he hung up the phone he was once again angry and he gave me this look of total hatred and said, “you fucking cunt.”  He walked over to my desk, unplugged my computer, and put my truck keys in his pocket.  I was instantly terrified, he now had me trapped and I knew he was not going to let me leave, he wanted to fight.  He immediately started with his threats and I turned on the camera.  Although he is wobbling around he’s apparently fueled by his anger (and maybe drugs?) and he is no longer falling down.  I have never in my life seen him this drunk, but I do know his personality.  I am shaking so badly I can’t even dial 911, you can hear it on the video.  At this time I did not think he was intending to kill me but I did think if he got his hands on me I am dead.  He wants to make me suffer and I have to walk a fine line of don’t show fear, but don’t challenge him.  Remain silent or answer him.  Placate him, that’s a weakness and he will strike.  Anger him, that’s an excuse and he will strike.  He is continually threatening me and I am not out yelling him as I would normally do.  This is not normal.

When he was on the phone with Bill Church and said, “But more importantly you need to pray that it’s less than it could be on the extreme side.  What I’m talking about is it’s happening.  The shark is coming and the shark is going to bite.” Was the second I knew he was intending to kill me.  This is the exact moment you hear me open the drawer and pick up the knife.

It continued until the camera battery died.  When the camera made it’s noise upon shutting down, Kevin stopped mid-sentence, turned and took a couple of steps out of the room.  I put the camera on the kitchen counter behind the coffee pot.  He came back into the room and said, “you have no idea what you have just done.  Now I’m going to have to kill you.”  He lunged at me, grabbed me by the hair and flung me to the ground.  He was on top of me, with his left hand he had my face pinned to the floor while trying to push my body in the opposite direction, I struggled with him and swung with the knife.  He backed off me and I scrambled out of the house.  I ran to three neighbors houses and nobody was home.  Then I heard a neighbors dog barking and I thought Kevin was coming out after me so I hid in the gully.  The Rapozas arrived home and I ran to their house.

The Trial and Defense I Never Got to Have

My hell and torture did not end that night it has only increased since.  Kevin has spent the past fourteen months lying and manipulating the system for the sole purpose of protecting himself (03.wav), with a total disregard for what he is doing to me.  He can’t believe he wasn’t arrested because he knew what he did.  If he tells the truth, then he’ll be prosecuted too.

I understand my being charged.  Kevin did have a wound and he made statements assuring I would be charged.  I have never denied that I stabbed him, the issue is why?  Did he attack me or not?  Which one of us is to be believed?  On 11-1-09, to the ER doctor (att. F) he does not recall what happened, but states to Office Hatada (att. G) that I became agitated because he wouldn’t get off the phone, he hung up, I struck him with a blunt object.  Did anyone ever try to verify this?  No.  This ridiculous version could not have possibly happened because as the phone records (att. E) show, Kevin got off the phone at 6:32 PM, I made my first call to 911 at 6:37 PM four minutes into the video, and Kevin has not been stabbed.  Did anyone ever call Rob Vrable, or speak with him when he was on Island 10 days later, to see what transpired on the phone call?  No.  Rob will tell you, and Kevin has admitted (04.wav), that the whole conversation was as pleasant as the 20 second video of him on the phone shows.  So what transpired in the 60 seconds between hanging up the phone and the camera going on to cause Kevin to behave like that?

Kevin further states that I am his “primary caregiver”.  Did anyone ever try to verify this?  No.  Kevin does not now nor ever has needed a caregiver.  No doctor has ever said he needed a caregiver.  This statement has haunted me.  Everyone hears MS and thinks he is so ill he needs a caregiver and I went off my rocker and just stabbed him.  The doctors on the three doctor panel all took it as fact that he needed a caregiver.  Yet, nobody has seemed to notice that since November 1, 2009 he has been living on his own and no longer needs a caregiver, apparently the first person in history to have a miraculous recovery from debilitating MS.

The reality of Kevin’s illness is that it is a mild form of Relenting & Remitting MS which prevents him from doing very little.  The Hartford Insurance (att. H) denied Kevin his disability claim because he both lied on his claimant questionnaire and did not meet the definition of disabled.  This was determined after video tapping him for six days over a 2 month period.

On 11-6-09 on his TRO application (att. I) Kevin states he got off the phone…was looking around for me…I became angry and started yelling and stabbed him.  He then states that he passed out.  Once again the phone record and video prove this could not have happened either.  Additionally, he could not have passed out because as he admits (05.wav) he poured water into my computer.  To accomplish this he would have had to pull my computer out from under the desk, take the cover off, pour water into it, put the cover back on, and put the computer back under the desk.  The photos (A1.jpg) show the blood puddle by the closed computer and then the inside of the computer cover with water stains.  Additionally, the photos show the dining room where I stabbed him in self-defense, a few drops of blood trail going to computer, puddle at computer, a few more drops of blood going from computer, down hall and to his room (not the non-existent guest room tale he spun).  He didn’t have time to pass out.

As for his Grand Jury testimony, on page 11 lines 4-7, Kevin has stated that his neurologist feels he needs assistance…  Has anyone verified this?  No.  Kevin has never had one single doctor say that he requires assistance.  I was there when Mrs. Maeda, from the Social Security Office stated, “The ONLY reason Kevin is getting a representative payee is because he, himself, stated he needed one.”  He has been using his spin on this to damage and convict me, why have these records never been subpoenaed? On p. 14 L. 10-16, he says I am screaming at him because he is going to manage his own money… however, the email (att. J) he sent me from 9-14-09 shows that this is also a lie.  Also on p. 14 L. 3-5 he says he is sitting at the living room computer, stood up, I am screaming and stab him.  The blood in the dining room (A2.jpg) shows he was stabbed where he threw me on the floor.  He has threatened me 16 times, including a threat on my life, in 35 minutes, and yet I am the one who is screaming.  Kevin is a manipulative pathological liar, and has even been in counseling for this issue (att. K), however everything he has said about me has been believed without verification.

Right down to manipulating Bill Church and telling him that I have a criminal record.  Bill tells the police and everyone believes it, without verification.  My own attorney filed a motion in limine (06.wav)for this reason and when I once again deny EVER having a criminal record, her response is that Rick Dammerville says I do.  As of today you have my non-existent criminal record and Kevin’s (partial) extensive, varied criminal record in front of you.  Kevin also has a history of lying to authorities to avoid responsibility for his actions (att. L & att. M).

I have no idea what Bill Church said to Kevin on the phone, however I do know that Kevin’s recorded side of the conversation does not match up with Bill’s Grand Jury testimony.  I do know what Bill said to me and my side of the recorded conversation does not add up with his Grand Jury testimony, either.  Bill began by expressing surprise by how drunk Kevin obviously is.  (He never said anything like take him to town or get him a cab.  If he had my obvious response would have been he has my keys and he is not going to get in a cab voluntarily.)  I mention the abuse and shark threat.  Bill expresses both surprise and concern over that comment.  Bill further relates that this is not normal behavior.  I reply, “It isn’t.  That’s why I’m seeking out help.  I can’t live like this.”  Bill tells me I need to get a TRO.  I reply, “Getting done tomorrow.”  Bill inquires as to where Kevin is and tells me I need to call the police.  I said, “I did.  A long time ago.”  Bill says he is concerned and he is going to call the police too and asks for my address.  I give him directions to my house.  Bill now says that Kevin should be in AA, he needs some treatment.  My reply is, “Yes, he does.  He needs serious psychological counseling.  It’s much more than drinking.”  Bill then says (knowing I have a meeting with Ruth Forbes the next day), that I should talk to Ruth, she’s familiar with these situations, she’s a good Christian woman and will be able to help me.  I reply “…I don’t like getting people involved in my life, but obviously I have no choice at this point.”  Bill then says that Kevin certainly has no integrity with him anymore.  I laughed and said “I’ll let him know.”  Bill then says that I’m the one with all the integrity.  I reply, “oh, thank you.”  Bill then says he’s going to tell the people at paddling (practice was the next day).  I reply, “He will be missing it anyway.”  I say “Thanks, Bill” and we hang up.

The video proves that Bill’s statement and testimony against me couldn’t possibly have happened.  His statement and testimony both contain numerous other inconsistencies, spins and lies.  Which I could have proven, had I been afforded a proper defense, through email, audio, video, and witnesses.  These would also cast some very serious doubt on Bill’s motivation.

In the 60 seconds between my hanging up the phone and Kevin returning to the kitchen I started to wonder if he had finally passed out and think maybe I could sneak out, then he’s right back in the kitchen.  In hindsight, my opportunity to sneak away would have been when he first got on the phone with Bill, it just didn’t occur to me at that time.

When 911 calls me back to say they are not coming right now, I can’t believe it.  I have called, Bill has called (or so I thought), and their busy.  I am going to be lucky to survive this night, and their busy!?  I told her I had the knife, I wanted to convey how serious this is without panicking, I know Kevin is listening.  Sure enough, 5 seconds after I hang up the phone he’s right back.

Have you noticed the theme with him?  First 911 call: while I’m on the phone, not a word out of him.  One second after I hang up, he starts.  Call with Bill:  I’m on the phone, not a word.  Hang up, 60 seconds and he’s back.  Second 911 call:  I’m on the phone, not a word.  Hang up, 5 seconds and he’s back again.  The man is stalking me and had no intentions of letting me leave.  I knew that when he pocketed my keys.  When he is quiet and calm he is falling over drunk, when he’s angry with me he’s not.  I know what he is capable of under the influence.  Twenty years ago it was cocaine, that night it was excessive alcohol.  Prior to that night I had NEVER seen him be an angry drunk.  I had NEVER seen him have more than four beers.  If I had known he would be drunk in that way when I got home, I would not have listened to Bill and gone there.  If I had known about his diagnosis or the extent of his criminal record I never would have tried to help him and had him in my home.

The video shows 35 minutes of Kevin saying:  …it will be so painful to you; you’re going to have to deal with the pain I’m going to inflict on you daily…and nightly.  And when you’re sleeping.  Every fucking moment I’m going to strategize how I can fuck with you; I know where you live; I am gonna harm you; it’s gonna be very calculated; I’m going to escalate to hurt you; I’m going to execute the harm.  Then says he didn’t follow through, and he’s believed.  He says it was all me, I yelled at him to change his medication, another version he says I yelled at him because he’s on the phone, a third version because he’s going to leave me.  Each time I then just stabbed him, because I’m the crazy one.  And he’s believed.

He has done exactly as he said he would that night.  He’s going to be calculated, strategize, execute, and F with me.  He is still stalking me, phone calls (began on November 5, 2009), emails (att. N), comes by my house regularly, through my attorney, through my family, follows me around town.  The police, prosecutor, and family court have all refused to enforce my restraining order.  They have however threatened to arrest me.  Then he opens his mouth again, says what a victim he is and all he has had to go through and I am facing 5 years in prison.

I know the video looks awful with the knife flashing in front it and not being able to tell where I am.  Mostly I am at the open front door (A3.jpg) one step from the dark carport and one step from the drawer.  I went into the living room three times.  Once after the first 911 call to light up the house, and get my glasses.  Once when he was on the phone with Bill, I know he will let me leave the room then.  The third time when 911 called back.  Mostly I remained outwardly calm, inside I was panicked.  Mostly I did not respond to him.  When I felt I should, I did.  I was just trying to keep it verbal until help arrived.  Help did not arrive in time.  The police were not even dispatched until after the third 911 call, after the stabbing.  Now they are available and were there quickly.

A lot of focus has been put on the fact that he has MS and spun to say he couldn’t have come after me.  At the same time my health condition has been ignored.  Kevin is, and knows he is, capable of out running me.  Drunk or sober.  Because of my heart condition I have not even been able to swim for almost 2 years now.  Kevin knows this.

Finally, I have spent the last fourteen months documenting and recording everything and everyone (police, prosecutors, victims assistance, court, even my own attorney) desperately trying to be heard.  What I have presented here is just a small modicum of what I have been through.  In court on November 12, 2010, Prosecutor Rick Dammerville stated that this case has been difficult for all parties involved.  In actuality, for the Court this has been a minor inconvenience as I have been fighting for my rights.  Kevin Walters has not suffered one iota from these proceedings and has actually benefited.  For me this has been a living hell, one in which I doubt I will ever recover from.


Carrie Walters


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  1. Why didn’t Carrie ask for trial?

    • Ask for trial? She begged for trial.

      Problem was that her “defense” attorney, assistant prosecutor (as Carrie called her) Nailani Graham, refused to consider ANY evidence in Carrie’s favor, contact any witnesses, or refute any fabricated evidence against her.

      Trial would have guaranteed her 10 years in prison. A plea deal has allowed her to continue her fight.

      She is winning this. 🙂

  2. carol jean dupree

    carie my prayers are with you. I myself waswrong serioousle by judge hara. I no like punkass kevi do suffer from ms. Im moving back to hilo this year to get justicecll me and we’ll talk i tink my civil lawsuit against many people there will get jusice for you and putkeven behind brs with big bubba. Hang in therecarie, love carol. My phone no.Is 650-481-5635

  3. The real power in a courtroom belongs to the judge. To bad Hara is corrupt too.

  4. Every incidence of abuse of authority degrades and erodes the bond of trust by individual members of the public. Yet in most instances rather than take the opportunity to root out the malefactors, authorities choose to put the wagons in a circle and protect their cronies at all costs, while incarcerating the innocent.

  5. Hara is a ruthless, evil, corrupt, criminal. The only thing that keps me going is that I know that God does not let evil go unpunised and that you will be rendered whole in Gods time. Hara will go to hell.

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