Brittany & Bo

This page is being added to publish files as they become available on the Brittany Jane Royal and Boaz Johnson case.

1-23-14: Unsealed court file
Bo Johnson

1-27-14: Filed Grand Jury transcript request.  The Prosecutor will get the opportunity to argue against it’s being released, if they want to.  It will be interesting to see what their stance will be.  Final approval, or denial, is up to Judge Nakamura.  If it’s approved then we’ll be informed of the cost.

filed GJ request


7 responses to “Brittany & Bo

  1. hawaiicorruption, thank you very much for creating this very effective website aimed at exposing what lurks below the surface of Hawaii’s legal system. There are many people who are waiting patiently for the release of information concerning Boaz Johnson–the fact that the Johnson family has been left out of the loop, having not even seen the notebook evidence Bo left behind, suggests an apparent effort by the Hilo police force to subvert a public inquiry into Boaz Johnsons death. Hopefully this very sad and thought provoking case will lead to changing how Hawaii’s police department shares information with a family, along with shining a light on other questionable police tactics used to intimidate and confuse the public.

  2. Now that HPD has stated on the record they do not have any evidence Bo Johnson ever left Kalapana or spoke to his parents after Brittany was found, they should treat the Johnsons like the innocent grieving parents they are.

    Appalling that a reporter has read Boʻs “suicide note” and posted online conclusions of Boʻs guilt drawn from unreleased evidence, but his own parents have not yet seen it.

    Why no DNA results from the fetus (grandchild) given to the Johnsons?

    Why was the Royal family briefed for two hours on all the evidence HPD had against Bo, but Boʻs parents are supposed to take his guilt on HPD word alone and cannot see the same evidence shown the Royals? Do they not need closure just as much?

    Why did HPD keep it secret from Boʻs parents that the body found hanging was more than likely their son, found with a note signed by him? Why did they leave his parents to find out about their sonʻs confirmed death from the news, instead of contact to next of kin before releasing?

    As a Big Island resident, I feel sick at the way this family has been treated.

  3. Kathleen Johnson

    The reasons to keep the proceedings secret were based on false information. Matsukawa said, Bo left jurisdiction, he was seen at airport, must have had help getting off the island, father brought a large boat and possibility they may hide him. Matsukawa also said, video indicating defendant was also able to get through security at airport. Feel he got some help, not too sure how suspect got thru TSA otherwise.

    Bo did not leave the jurisdiction. Bo’s body was found in Kalapana. Bo was not seen at airport and did not get help off the island. What video?
    A video indicating Bo was able to get through security? Show me! I don’t believe there is such a video. Again Bo never left Kalapana. Bo’s mom works for TSA. Cast doubt on mother. Father’s large boat has not been out of the Petersburg, Alaska harbor in a year and a half. Cast doubt on father. The phone call, now Kalapana Ed wants money for his story.
    The majority of these reasons for keeping this warrant a secret are not true.

  4. Thanks for filing the transcript request. We are hoping it will provide some answers.

    The police have not even released the transcript of Boaz’s letter to his own parents. My mother would like to see what her son wrote.

    • I am so sorry for the way Hawaii County is treating your family. The Johnson family are victims as much as the Royal family and for you to be treated in such a biased fashion is unconscionable. Hopefully this case will be fully resolved soon.

  5. Is this the full transcript? If not, how much are you asking for a full copy?

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