Chapter 2

Kevin started in on Carrie at 6:50 a.m.

Six hours later, at 1:00 p.m. Kevin started drinking (vodka, kahlua and wine).

After many hours of his incessant ranting, and several hours into his alcohol consumption accompanied by escalating belligerence, Carrie, out of dire concern and desperation left her home in her truck to get help from Bill Church, a pastor friend of Kevin.  Although Carrie only involves people closest to her in personal situations, she felt that Kevin’s increasingly stifling behavior warranted help from a 3rd party whom Kevin knew on a personal level.  Bill Church, a pastor who has worked with those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction for many years, advised Carrie to return home and have Kevin call him.  Carrie complied.

This proved futile.

Upon her return, she finds Kevin engaged in pleasant conversation with a friend (last portion of it is shown in 20 second video). Camera goes off. Kevin flips a 180 from friendly to depraved, approaches the computer table where Carrie is seated calling her a few “choice” names, swipes her truck keys off of the table and pockets them (thereby falsely imprisoning her to prevent her leaving),  then unplugs the computer (he had unplugged the computer several times prior during the day—to aggravate her? –to get a rise out of her? –or just simply because he’s irrational).  After he returns to the dining room table, she turns the camera back on.

Kevin’s attitude and tone are nowhere near that of his conversation a minute earlier.  It is demented and threatening, most of it making no sense at all.  During the course of this ordeal and of the ensuing nightmare, Carrie had tracked down Kevin’s second wife one month later only to discover that Kevin did the same thing to her (i.e. – taking her car keys when he tried to incite her or leave her wracked with fear).  She had informed Carrie that Kevin had been diagnosed with paranoid, anti-social personality, otherwise known as a psychopath.  Carrie also discovered that Kevin has an extensive criminal record which includes violent acts against at least 3 different women, forgery, larceny of a motor vehicle,  issuing bad check, sale of a controlled drug, drug possession, and the most alarming charge of criminal solicitation.  He acts in a manner typical to that of an abuser—competitive over petty things, know-it-all claims, cussing at and demeaning his human target, hurling false accusations birthed out of his own fears or paranoia of how he would respond in a similar circumstance, then injecting fear in the form of physical harm or the threat thereof.  I counted 14 instances of terroristic threatening during this 35 minute video, another had counted 16, and still another 17.  How many can you find?  This question is asked of those of you who are not too disturbed or creeped out to attentively view the video of the psychological and emotional torment which Carrie had to endure, only to the find out that it was merely the initial pangs of a living hell that has lasted 2 years and counting.  Kevin is more concerned about his image, and how he would appear before friends, than about treating others the way he would like to be treated.  He appears unable to place himself in his victim’s shoes, therefore, objectifying Carrie in order to harm or consider harming her simply because he’s embarrassed or inconvenienced.  He goes into instant rage when his victim is unwilling to carry out his every whim or request.

Immediately upon hearing Kevin’s promise to cause Carrie harm and pain and to strategize how he was going to f- with her, Carrie made a failed attempt to dial 911.  Her heart beating like a jack rabbit’s, her hands shaking like a leaf caught in a winter storm, she made another attempt.  Kevin heard the beeping sound of numbers being dialed and paused to confirm what he heard.  Carrie, alert and responsive to his cues delayed the next attempt until it was safe to do so.  Heart racing, fear welling up inside, she nervously pressed the buttons in synch with his verbal tirades.  This continued intermittently for a minute or so until the phone began to ring.  She got through to the police.  It would take 6 minutes to complete the emergency call, 3 of those minutes, where every pounding second can seem like an eternity, were spent in silence waiting for the local 911 operator to answer.  Close to the 4 minute mark, she begins to briefly describe the urgency of the situation, pressing them to hurry, inquiring as to the dispatched officer’s status.  Instead of a status report from the 911 operator, she received a reprimand!  Followed by further abuse from Kevin, after hanging up with the police, of course.

Kevin gets on the phone with Bill Church, the pastor who directed Carrie to return to her home and to have Kevin call him.  Kevin is unable to verbally attack Carrie while on the phone with someone he would like to maintain his integrity with, yet he couldn’t stop himself from verbalizing his plan about how he was going to attack and maim, seriously injure or even kill Carrie— “The responsibility is all mine, but it’s really hard to prove.” “Pray it’s not going to be as extreme as it could be”, “It’s happening.  The shark is coming and the shark is gonna bite.”

Bill then speaks with Carrie.  They speak about Kevin’s state of mind, the environment it creates and the toll it takes out on Carrie.  He suggests getting a TRO, to which Carrie responds, “Gettin’ done tomorrow.  He asks where Kevin is (the other room), and if Carrie had phoned the police, “Yes I did.  A long time ago.”  Bill says he’s going to call the police and Carrie gives him directions to her house.

Kevin returns with the same tired pleas of Carrie keeping him from going to jail, which he should have taken on as his responsibility before, during and after he planned her demise.  We possess his premeditated plan for his defense, written weeks prior to this incident, and done in his own handwriting.  Kevin bashed her continuously throughout the day,  and threatened to harm her to a “calculated” and “escalated” degree.  Kevin has continued his calculated behavior non-stop for 2 years now.  I have been at Carrie’s house and witnessed Kevin driving slowly by, just to remind her that she has no protection.  He has followed her when she’s driving around town, clicking the locks on her truck door with the key fob her stole from her.  Lock, unlock, lock, unlock, lock, unlock…

This lunacy continues on throughout the video.  But one has to wonder—where are the police?  22 minutes after hanging up with them, Carrie receives a call from them saying they’re too busy to come.  Flabbergasted, she informs them that she has a knife in her hand to protect her from Kevin when he comes after her. That should the police not to come in time, then one of them would be dead, probably Carrie.  She proceeds to direct the 911 operator where to find the evidence in the likely event she is the one to end up dead.  Wow, let’s ponder that for a second.  I can only imagine the strength that must take in order to look death in the eye and maintain such composure.   Should she have allowed her emotions to take over instead of her sensibilities, I highly doubt she would be alive today to share her story.  Kevin is an emotional locomotive that ran off the tracks.  Carrie’s continual stream of logical choices kept that runaway train from destroying both of them, even when the police failed to protect her.

Kevin remained quiet while Carrie spoke to police.  Then, as is his pattern, he continues in maliciousness toward Carrie.  Shortly thereafter, the battery expires.  When Kevin hears the camera shutting down he is instantaneously infuriated.  He locks eyes with Carrie and senses her fear, then lunges toward her.  He throws her to the ground.  He positions himself on top of her, and places his left hand on her face, with just enough space between his fingers for Carrie to peer through.  His right hand is on her left shoulder while he tries to snap her body in the opposite direction of her face.  This is where she swings the knife at him and is able to get him on the left side of his body in the ab region below his rib cage.  In that split second, she now realizes that her oppressor’s focus is on his wound, as opposed to focusing on harming, even killing her.  Carrie seizes this opportunity and rushes out of her house, knowing that he would now have a difficult time chasing her down.  Since he pocketed her keys, she found herself on foot, first hiding in a ditch then running  to her neighbor’s just as they are arriving home.  As she passed by her own home she was terrified thinking Kevin would see her.  But, he was busy trying to erase the video and pouring water into her computers.  While he was destroying her property she was able to get to her neighbors’ home where they called the police, for the third time.

As a domestic violence victim myself, I share a kindred spirit with Carrie.  We both were with men who charm and deceive their way into the lives of many unsuspecting people, and out of the trouble that they bring upon themselves and their families.  Those closest to them will suffer, while those who know them at a distance believe them to be wonderful, until they get to know them better, that is.  We both experienced incompetency within the police department and judicial system, thereby perpetuating and elevating the ill behavior displayed by abusive men, whether physical, emotional, or psychological.

Court officials have repeatedly vilified Carrie.  They had routinely ignored the elephant in the courtroom – Kevin is undeniably guilty of false imprisonment, numerous counts of terroristic threatening, physically attacking Carrie, false reporting to responding/investigative officers (on the night of the incident).  We also possess recordings of Kevin admitting his guilt.

In addition, he has a record of perpetrating the same crime toward other women, including his second wife, a lengthy criminal record, which includes several felony crimes, is a diagnosed psychopath, even perjury.  All of which was discovered prior to or during the course of the subsequent trial, and entered as evidence!  On the other hand, Carrie’s criminal record prior to this farse was also submitted into evidence.  Her page was blank as she has no criminal record, nor does she have any judiciary connections.  They have shamefully justified they’re unsubstantiated position by stating that she could have called a cab.  So, folks, next time you’re in a life-threatening situation where you might have to implement self-defense in order to survive the incident, Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT dial 911.  You must follow Judge Hara’s advice stemming from more than 30 years of experience in his self-described slow turning wheel of the justice system, and call a cab instead.  Hmmm.  Here’s a better idea:  charge, arrest and jail the perpetrator.   Compensate and reassure the victim.

The time for change on the legislative and enforcement levels is past due.  If you’re still reading this, then your interest and captivation of this societal epidemic will hopefully lead to both individual and group efforts to make a difference.  Please actively participate in the solution by visiting the “How to Help” page and following through with action.  Also, please offer comments, suggestions or even share a story while you’re here.  Collectively, our voices count, and we would like to hear from you.  Mahalo.

Admitting his crimes and…
Charges filed: Zilch, Zero, Nada
Having Hawaii County connections: Priceless
Stay tuned, there is so much more to come…

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  1. Carry, Stand your ground
    §703-304 Use of force in self-protection

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