Saturday, October 29, 2011: We walked in front of the “whY Walk” (formerly Walk A Mile In Her Shoes).  Participants in the “whY Walk” included Mayor Billy Kenoi, Police Chief Harry Kubojiri, and Prosecutor Charlene Iboshi.

Moments before the start you can see the terror in Carrie’s face…

But she pulled it together and walked anyway. Fear will not stop her because this is too important for ALL victims of HawaiiCorruption.

The “Y” group of walkers immediately slowed to a crawl to distance themselves from us. We stopped and waited for them to catch up.

We were then approached by an official of the “Y” (who would not give his name). He asked us to take down our sign, because what they were doing was very important.

They tried lagging behind us…

They tried passing us…

They changed their route and tried to lose us. Mayor Kenoi mocked us. They summoned the police and Mayor Kenoi waved them off after this comment from Carrie…

They tried ignoring us…

A few of the citizen marchers did approach us and support what we were doing. All in all it was a very successful day.

Our Hawaii Officials, giving not an ounce of compassion, but wanting a pound of publicity.


8 responses to “Events

  1. Here’s a resource for those who have been abused by CPS. Please pass it along to those who may benefit. Thanks.
    CPS Lawsuit Committee Director Gina – 732-642-0261

    De facto judges, CPS and APS workers are operating a state sanctioned kidnaping racket [RICO]. These predators operating under the color of law are kidnaping our children and seniors for money. They demoralize and destroy the developing mind of our children during their most tender years and our vulnerable parents during their twilight years turning the beginning and end of their lives into nightmares, leaving shattered and distraught families in their wake.

    Because our elected and appointed servants refuse to protect and champion our most precious and hallowed resource, our children, We the People through the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury will champion this holy cause with a relentless determination to bring justice upon these wicked stewards. We Promise!

    We are a proactive group with the tenacity and motivation to stop these criminals that have seized our courts. It you have an issue with CPS, APS, Family Court and Juvenile Court and you like to join our class action suit and help stop the destruction of our children and families contact an intake receptionists below and begin the process. Let the receptionist know if you can volunteer time to help this cause. Thank You

    • I would not recommend anyone taking the “sovereign citizen” route, especially when it’s their children on the line. You will lose. Being involved in a corrupt judicial system is a degrading, dehumanizing, and terrifying situation which causes people to seek desperate measures. Most SC are well intentioned but, it is a route that is misguided and will ultimately cause harm to you.

  2. Hahahahahahah

  3. It is cases like this which are the reason for what we are doing. There are many fringe groups here whom are victims of blatant HawaiiCorruption, alone we are weak. Collectively our numbers are large and we can become strong. Ultimately we all have the common goal of ending our courrupt police state.

    Stay tuned as we post the details of today’s events.

  4. Have you looked into the David Tatum case?
    Lots of videos of his young son, Kian Tatum testifying about the abuse from police on his family. The police stole from this family and sexually molested his sister. See the county hearing testimony on this case.
    At the end of the testimonies are the council member comments on Kian’s story. Then there is cover up and only one more public hearing where the young Kian speaks… then David Tatum jailed.
    Please check into this and reort. The family is still damaged from these awful police tactics against them.

  5. Legal rights are not made void by one officer’s opinion of “appropriate behavior”. Hawaii needs to weed out these corrupt individuals from its legal system – and that would take quite a while – but it can and must be done. I will be praying and standing alongside you! Stay strong and never give in to this corruption.

  6. Thank you for the support Maria, and yes I am familiar with your story. I have many more recordings involving other officials and will be posting those also.

    I am intending on letting other people post their stories backed up with their recordings, so write it up and send it to me with the recordings.

  7. Aloha mom, I admire your strength and your courage to expose all this corruption. I have the Mayor of Maui recorded basically telling me that it was my fault for what happened for not being married to my abuser and he also told me to ACCEPT the fact that this corrupt judge gave my abuser my precious daughter (whom is two years old) to my abuser and allowed him to relocate all the way across the ocean for only a job that would pay $7.25 and hour and to live with his parents. I had been my daughters primary attachment figure since the day she was born………………..:-( there is so much to this story that Dara Carlin knows all of it) if you do not already know of it you are more then welcome to ask her the details, because it also involves my abuser beating me so severe that when I was 4 months pregnant he killed that pregnancy was charge and convicted but judge still gave him soul custody avoiding the law of DV 571-42….. I also have recorded the director of DV—Nancy something Dara knows basically telling me that there is nothing they can do to assist but yet when I questioned her about where all the grant monies go to (I also threw in how luxury her office is on a sky rise there in Oahu) that maybe if she down sized that luxury office there would be more monies available for the victims needs.

    Anyways, you are more than welcome to contact me via email or phone…

    But I am so proud of you for having balls!!!!! You go warrior 


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