Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville

The information we are about to present is important for all citizens, because at any time this could be you.  This has been many of us.  Carrie is just the one brave enough to come public in spite of all their threats against her.

On December 2, 2009, Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville knowingly participated in, and very likely orchestrated, presenting perjured testimony to the Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury transcript is presented below.

Prosecutor Rick Damerville, Q: Okay.  And she was recording you on November 1st, 2009?

Kevin Walters, A: That is correct.

               Q:  Okay.  Now, Mr. Walters, we have a video over there — I mean, a screen.  But that screen’s not working so I’m going to ask that you come over here.

               And ask all the Grand Jurors to turn on their screens.

               If you could come over here and watch from where I am.  I’m going to start this video.  First of all, do you recognize the first screen of this video:

               A: Oh, yeah.

               Q: What’s the first screen?

               A: This looks like the kitchen facing the door going out of the kitchen.

               MR. DAMERVILLE: Okay, it’s not showing at all?

               A JUROR: The light’s on.

               MR. DAMERVILLE: Let’s see if they’re all not working.  Because they were working briefly.  Let me see if I can start it and we can hear the audio.  That screened is locked, can only by unlocked by the judge.  Let’s see if we can play this and see what we can get.  Okay, now this is going to stay quiet for a little bit, okay.  Voice will come on in a minute.

               Q: So I’m going to ask you some other questions while we’re waiting for this — for the audio to come on.  So you do recognize this as your residence?

               A: Yes, I do.

               Q: Okay, and I have a screen here that says “podium DVD.”  We probably should have gotten $110,000,000 courthouse and maybe it would have worked.  But we went cheap so — wait a few minutes to see if the audio’s going to work.  I promise you folks it was working in the trial run.  Unfortunately something —

               THE FOREPERSON: You want to request AV assistance?

               MR. DAMERVILLE: I don’t want to drag it out.  It may be easy but I don’t know how long it’s going to take for AV assistance to get here.  So I think that we will leave it on and see if the voice comes on.  Because the voice will come on, the voice was working earlier.  And once the voice — with the leave of the foreperson, she can hear the voice — once the voices come on hopefully that will work.  If not, we’ll proceed without it.

               If you can have a seat for a brief moment.

               Q: So, Mr. Walters, you had an argument with your wife on November 1st?

               A: Yes, that’s correct.

               Q: And did she, to your knowledge, did she call 911?

               A: Yes, I understand she did.

               Q: Okay.  And when you say you understand she did, she told you she did?

               A: Yes, she did.

               Q: Okay.  And after she called 911 did she tell you why she called 911?

               A: Yeah.   She said that she wanted me to leave and that she felt that this would be the best way to get the police to come up and have me removed.  I thought that was ridiculous, but that was what her plan was.

               MR. DAMERVILLE: Okay.  Still waiting for audio on this, but apparently we don’t have the audio either.  So at this time, I’m going to stop this.

Kevin Walters then continues with his testimony saying that Carrie was the one screaming and yelling at him (view testimony and Video Here) and then she just stabs him.

After the last witness testifys Prosecutor Damerville wraps up with…

               MR. DAMERVILLE: That’s all the witnesses the State intends to call in this case.  Does Grand Jury request any witness be recalled?  Does Grand Jury request a brief recess to see if we can get an ATV person in here to see if we can get this disk to run?

               THE FOREPERSON: No.

               MR. DAMERVILLE: What I’m going to do then, I’m going to make a record that this disk which the State is going to mark as State’s Exhibit One was not shown to the Grand Jury because of audiovisual difficulties.  But we’re still going to have it marked State’s Exhibit One.  Not published, but part of the record for purpose that we did try to show it.

               Okay.  Thank you.

(State’s Exhibit Number One was marked for identification.)

               THE FOREPERSON: Grand Jury Counsel have any further information on the law?

               MR. HONG: Just also for the record that none of the audio portion of what was on the CD was played either.  So the Grand Jurors did not hear what was on the CD.

               And nothing further.  Thank you.

               MR. DAMERVILLE: And hand it to the Foreperson as Grand Jury Exhibit One.

               And may the record reflect that the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Rick Damerville and Grand Jury Counsel Ted Hong are leaving the premise.

(WHEREUPON, the Prosecutor, Grand Jury Counsel, and the court reporter left the room at 10:44 a.m. for Grand Jury deliberation.  Reconvened with all parties present.)

               MR. DAMERVILLE: May the record reflect the presence of Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ricky Damerville along with Grand Jury Counsel Ted Hong for the return of case styled case number three on the calendar.

               Madam Foreperson, do we have a return?

               THE FOREPERSON: We do. We find a true bill on case number three.

               MR. DAMERVILLE: Okay.  And if I can submit the proposed indictment to the Foreperson.  And get all of my equipment out of here without — I guess I can’t damage equipment that’s already broken.  Is that a fair statement?

               THE FOREPERSON: So we’ll recess until eleven.

So, the room is cleared at 10:44 a.m. for jury deliberations, reconvenes moments later, hands down their indictment, and then recesses until eleven!  Given what is in the Grand Jury transcript, we have to wonder how much planning went into the Prosecutor suppressing Kevin’s constant barrage of threats against Carrie.  We find it highly suspicious given that in the entire Grand Jury presentation not one mention was ever made of Kevin being excessively drunk and threatening Carrie.  Not one shred of evidence was presented to support a single word Kevin testified to.

Hawaii Law states that a prosecutor must present “clearly exculpatory” evidence to a Grand Jury.  In this case Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville obviously did not present the audio to the video of Kevin Walters’ numerous threats against Carrie.  He also did not present the 40 second video of Kevin which occurred just seconds prior to his deranged, threatening ranting.  Nor did he present the 911 log, Kevin’s numerous differing statements, or statements from both Carrie and Kevin’s TRO applications.

On May 3, 2010 Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville went into family court (view Here) to suppress Carrie’s recordings of Kevin admitting his guilt, and lied to Judge Barthlomew as to his purpose for being there.  On February 14, 2011 Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville lied to Judge Hara as to his Family Court appearance.

Since November 12, 2011 Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville has been stalking, harassing, and slandering Carrie on this website.  Yet, he’s been too arrogant to answer any of the questions which have been legitimately posed to him.  He has displayed the same bullying behavior on this site that he displays on the many other sites he posts on, apparently believing that he’s smarter than the rest of us and we won’t notice.  Well, Ricky, we noticed.  Now let’s see if you can spin YOUR DEFENSE to the Grand Jury transcript.


20 responses to “Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville

  1. “Deliberate deception of a court and jurors by presentation of known false evidence is incompatible with the rudimentary demands of justice.” (Criminal Law 110 K 2033)


    • It is glaringly obvious that you are extremely unfamiliar with this heartless ex-deputy prosecutor’s conniving schemes. He is a menace to the VICTIMS of violence, using our corrupt courtrooms as a playground to cause complete upheaval in the lives of those who turned to the police and judicial system for protection against perps. Unless you’ve experienced this, or know someone who experienced this personally, you will never understand the shock, terror, and extremity of the emotional and mental injury leveled upon the victim due to the maltreatment of those from whom we’re taught to seek refuge.

      Bottom line: Ricky was given license to wreak havoc upon victims such as Carrie. Many of them have turned to drugs, pharmaceutical or otherwise, in an effort to silence the inner torment, or have given up the fight for justice by either tragically ending their lives, uprooting their families and getting the hell out of here, or just finally “snapping” and losing touch with reality altogether.

      Unlike you, Anonymous, I applaud Carrie. In her efforts to expose the truth and seek justice, many other victims have taken on the fight for justice, as opposed to one of the other alternatives described above

      Finally, since you mentioned God in your post, you might want to reconsider your own harshness toward violent crime victims and, instead, pray for them to find healing and comfort in seeking God as a refuge. While you’re at it, you may want to pray for wisdom, discernment and clarity for yourself, and that God turn Ricky and his fellow courtroom savages into decent, law respecting servants, since that is what they claim to be.

  3. Mr. Damerville is a notorious zealot who will do or say anything to progress his agenda with no regard to ethics.

  4. It’s scumbag like this that give the profession a bad name. he’s supposed to be helping uphold the law & representing those truths.

  5. We received this in our msgs today:

    For several years, my fiance has been harassed, intimidated, charged with filing a false police report, convicted and finally had her conviction vacated by the ICA in a successful appeal. The Appellate court ruled she had an unfair trial and cited the DPA Ricky Damerville with prosecutorial misconduct. I came upon this site quite by accident while searching info on Damerville. I am so pleased others have seen the self-serving “servant of the people” in action. He breaks the rules as he sees fit.

  6. Criminal prosecution, disbarment, then civil prosecution of the prosecutor would be an appropriate punishment for intentional wrongdoing.

  7. With the amount of corrupt Law Enforcement officials in this county, I’m curious if this will result in those people being put behind bars with the rest of the criminals.

  8. If prosecuters were held to take the blame when they are wrong or driven by publicity to get a conviction to get elected we’d have more justice and fewer wrongful convictions.

  9. I’d like to know if Damerville has been sanctioned by his boss for posting on a defendant’s website. This is clearly unethical.

  10. “The way you persist in targeting Carrie, along with your behavior toward her in court, make your “special interest” in this particular case glaringly obvious.” Yep. Trying to save his own ass. I for two will not miss you.

  11. Ricky is such a TEXT BOOK high level psychopath/criminal. The sense of entitlement, the sense of absolute narcissism, the sense of greed are beyond belief. What a SCUM BAG!

  12. He also uses testimony from police officers he knows are perjuring themselves…..Same officers tell the same lies over and over…..When they do get caught it is excluded from the next case…..The guy is a criminal, after everything he has done he deserves a taste of his own medicine some hard time for knowingly using perjured testimony to put people in prison….

  13. DP Damerville, when you lose your license, I for one will not miss you. When you face criminal charges, as I think you surely will, I for one will cheer.

  14. In sunlight, truth blossoms and corruption withers

  15. You know, what’s REALLY disgusting is that Mr. Damerville is supposed to be “the good guy” prosecuting the bad guy for wrongdoing but not only is he NOT doing that, but HE’S the one committing wrongdoing himself! This IS the perfect example of what corruption is: wrongdoing by a person in a position of authority!
    Everyone makes mistakes, but when you realize you’ve made a mistake as a professional, you’re supposed to walk your talk: take responsibility for your error, make amends and restitution, don’t repeat! Instead we have a grievous initial error (prosecuting the WRONG person, Carrie) with YEARS following of illegal, unethical, unprofessional and vindictive CYA behavior by someone whose supposed to be above all that!
    Mr. Damerville may be successful in getting away with the lies and misrepresentations he makes in front of his peers but he cannot and will not be successful before God and that’s where it REALLY matters. Hang in there Carrie and keep on keepin’ on ~

  16. Sunlight is a wonderful corrective for governmental thuggery. Lock up the REAL thugs — Kevin-Ricky-Nailani-

  17. will someone just punch this ass in the face already

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