How We Can Help You

We intend to be the one-stop-shop to track, monitor, and expose Corruption in the Islands.   Contact us with any information you have regarding any past or current corruption.

What you should include: Your name and contact info (we will NOT publish this without your permission). Which Island, Date, time, and persons involved in the event. Any supporting evidence you have (i.e., papers, reports, recordings, witness statements).  Look over this website and you’ll get a good idea of how to gather your evidence.

How we will help you.  You are not alone in this, our numbers are growing.   We’ll help you gather and document your case, if the situation warrants an official complaint we’ll help you file that too.  The most important part is we will be able to have one PUBLIC clearing house for all complaints against officials.  Victim information can be kept confidential.

We are starting a database of tracking complaints against police, prosecutors, judges, DHS, CWS, etc.  We will longer have to tolerate their secret complaint process, which only serves to protect the corrupt.  As a citizen you have the right to expose corruption and abuses of power.




11 responses to “How We Can Help You

  1. Believe Hawaii has a kangaroo court system. Alleged corruption, graft, pay for play, unethical prosecutors, judges, and HPD police. The Honolulu Star Bulletin now Star Advertiser writes articles that could be deemed malicious defammation or defammatory libel. Misinformation, misrepresentations, untruths, and outright lies stated as fact to HPD and Grand Jury. I have evidence to back up my statements. Feels like a corrupt third world state. It is alleged a Honolulu elderly woman with Alzheimer’s ended up being murdered by lethal overdose as a result of the malfeasance and corruption of the Hawaii courts, HPD detective and lawyers.

  2. Hi me and my husband from kauai is going through corruption for the last five years started from a cps case to being set up in planting of drugs to being robbed all my money to keep fighting my case and lawyers we paid 80 thousand dollars for wants us to take a plea bargin that we dont want to take and now lawyer wants to withdraw from our case two weeks before trial cause we want to go trial total corruption i have videos and all sorts of evidence that the judge dont want to admit in to evidence. I have trial august 22. We not guilty

  3. I have been gone on mainland for 2 months. my place has been rented and 10 years ago when i was a beachboy in waikiki & on TV for it sleeping on the beach as a beach boy and not a BUM begging tourist for food & drug money. I have a legit job selling tours & teaching surfing making 100-300 in a couple hours. There is multiple corrupt activities I’ve discovered the last 4 weeks!!!! A) some rich person or people are combatting the homeless issue by paying for transpiration of the poorest gangs from a very poor island in pacific. I magically found 50 dollars at 2 am… went to alawai to sleep and 7 of them surrounded me and almost jumped me but i backed out, crossed the street and an HPD officer was acting like he was writing a ticket for a parked car at 3am…. /Sure 7 gang members surround a white boy you would be on radio about to call for backup… I highly believe he directed them, to me. the 50 bill was purposely put there to get them incentive to jump me. 2 nights before all my nice stuff iPad, clothes 4 day old driod turbo was robed while in my back pack. I woke up to a micronisian looking person above me and 2 hrs laTER went woke back up bp gone. 78am i hunt them down and watch from other side of ala wai as there were 5-8 of them fresh off the boat or barge literally and 1 walking b y me found a quarter and acted like he won lottery!!!! So rich people are importing poor 3rd world gang members that had is directing at homeless people especially in waikiki alamoana ect!!!! I sell tours make 10 to 60 dollar cash deposits a person and in last 3 days booked 11 people. I have an addiction to herion, opioids & xanax which cost 100-250 a day that i legibly make. If i saved that & didn’t experience massive withdrawals that are so intense from mixing herion and meth and injecting it then eating a xanax. the withdrawal feel like armageddon!!!!! The last 10 days i went to castle medical center ER department 3 times to be admitted for the first time in my life to a 5 day medical detox because i definitely need some wing down suss toots like volume and suboxone, and injected bit b for meth… a non medical wouldnt work EVERYBODY WITH ALOHA CARE GOT ADMITTED no problem 1st time 3 times i went to ER and was denied a HPD police officer was right outside my door as i spilled the beans on my use violating heap laws and police are outside as a was denied and walked out. i was told to goto aloha care and get a pre approval. I went to there office spoke with 2 ladies that acted like they cared and they needed a request from my doc. they set an appointment up the next morning a 730 aM FOR THAT! I WENT EXPECTING THAT TO HAPPEN AND ONCE AGAIN A HPD OFFICER WAS OUTSIDE THE DOOR AND MULTIPLE COP CARS OUTSIDE THE WAIKIKI HEALTH CENTER!!!!!!! THAT NIGHT I GO BACK TO CASTLE THEY HARASSED ME LIKE HIGH SCHOOL BULLIES AND AT 1AM TELL ME NO PRE APPROVAL!!!! AT 8AM I CAL ALOHA CARE, DOC DIDNY SEND APPROVAL TO ALOHA CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CALL ALOHA CARE PUT ON HOLD for 15 minutes then called back and told doc didn’t send in request SO THE HPD OFFICER TOLD MY DOCTOR THE ER AND THE REHAB CENTERS AND ALOHA CARE TO DENY ME TREATMENT TO MY 3 ADDICTIONS SO I WOULD TURN INTO A CRIMINAL AND THEY COULD ARREST ME FOR A BIGGER CRIME IN FUTURE BECAUSE STATE IS PAID 400 A DAY A PERSON FOR EVERYBODY IN JAIL BY FEDS WHICH PAYS THERE RETIREMENTS

  4. I got written up on an unpaid lunch for not answering my 2 way radio. Then was abused and discriminated against. So I went ahead and filed a complaint about the write up. The company Guardsmark LLC had to pay for the lunches for all of the employees. Retired FBI boss Myron Fuller has been making my life difficult ever since. I have these gangster like thugs following me around. Even getting feedback from my friends. They removed me from the site and still have the employees listen to the radio on the lunch as if the incident had not occurred. Completely lawless.

  5. Maurice your son knows way too much of your financial affairs. You need to teach him to shut the fuck up. Dont be bragging to people who are looking at 15 years how much daddy has invested in illegal game rooms and where they are located!

  6. Great i just replied to myself. I never said bill clinton and monica lewinsky. But that was a very nice way of putting it. : ) stacey i would go to a clinic if i were you. Did u get a mint and 80 bucks too? Hahaha

  7. Finally! Its been said. Dirty deeds and theyre done dirt cheap! She controls the jury. Sick sick sick. U made the toad feel pretty maurice

  8. Wow im not alone. I too am a victim of pleading no contest. Where can I get one of those shirts? Judge garibaldis clerk stacey patek and senior deputy prosecutor maurice arrisgado are bill clinton and monica lewinsky.

  9. I’m back. So another two weeks went by, but no report from Wasan at Lokahi. I called AGAIN. THIS time Wasan asked me what the guy who interviewed me said, so I told him: No treatment program necessary. Why? My drinking, prior to the interview and diagnostic tests, was mostly only when there were big get togethers or campouts at the beach, and I’d usually drink 3-4 beers over course of afternoon and evening; and those types of events happened on average 2-3 weekends a month. I used to like to go karaoke, and I usually could afford 2 drinks plus songs…did that maybe once a month. Also, as the file would show, I had a license to use marijuana for chronic pain and pTSD related anxiety and panic disorder, I’d told Paul before the pee test I’d probably test pos for it. I did, and he asked me to send a copy of my license for the record. That was it. And I’d had one dui conviction in 2001 (about a decade before) . Paul said he needed to see my medical marijuana license before submitting his report, but he wasn’t recommending treatment.

    Wasan said he’d go check storage (he’d said that the last time), but since closing in Kau, the storage was packed. He never sent it. I was getting pissed.

    On August 2, 2012, Wasan sent me a report…but it wasn’t a copy of Paul’s report. Rather, Wasan, pissy with me for my persistence, had literally fabricated a report. He called ADLRO about me. They evidently told him I’d had 3 “alcohol contacts” (as ADLRO calls them). That does NOT mean 3 DUIs!!!

    The 2nd “contact” was while I was sitting in a parked car waiting for my friend (who was driving because I’d had 3 glasses of champagne at Valentine’s Day brunch) to come back grom looking at a masonry job in Keauhou Shopping Center. It was a hot day and he left the keys for the radio and AC if I needed it. I went and bought a bottle of water and newspaper in KTA. When I came back I got in on driver’s side because the passenger door handle didn’t work from outside. Since Rick wasn’t back, I put key in and turned on the radio and AC. I was reading the paper wjen someone tapped on the window. It was a cop. I rolled window down and asked if this was about the expired safety sticker. He said no, that an anonymous caller said they’d seen the car weave on Kam III Rd. They assumed I’d been driving. I told them them the truth and asked them to wait for Rick to come back to confirm it. They didn’t believe me – esp since I was in driver’s seat, keys in car. They arrested me and I was charged, but before the hearing the prosecutor, after hearing Rick’s statement of facts, asked for a dismissal. No conviction because I had not been driving, but ADLRO doesn’t care. The “third DUI” Wasan reported on was the elbow/hospital crash…the one where I never even got charged for DUI. But because there was an accident and injury and hospital, law requires ADLRO be notified of it. To ADLRO, that was also an “alcohol contact” because the hospital is required to take blood for testing.

    Wasan, in his fraudulent report, took what I’d told him about the interview with Paul, included and misreported info he got from ADLRO, twisted facts, and said I needed to go into his treatment program. Then he CALLED DMV LICENSING and told them not to issue my license unless I did his program.

    Further, Wasan lied in his “assessment”, saying it was based on two diagnostic tools and he implied he’d interviewed me. I needed to prove his report was fraudulent and his calling DMV to interfere with my license renewal was utter extortion- a way to force me to pay big bucks to him for treatment I didn’t need. I wrote him and asked for copies of the two diagnostic tests he claimed he based his assessment on (MAST & SASSI-3), that his assessment was based on a “structured interview”, a DSM-IV and ASAM guidelines. He wrote bsck that only the SASSI-3 was written (which isn’t true…Paul had me fill out Two written “tests”). Wasan said he’d have the Hilo office send me the SASSI. But it never came. Why? BECAUSE WASAN NEVER FOUND PAUL’S ASSESSMENT. If he had, as he claimed, he’d have found the SASSI. Further, he said no urine screen was completed, a bold faced lie, b/c my pee tested pos for marijuana, which is why I had to send Lokahi a copy of my license. IF Wasan had really found my file from Paul’s assessment, he’d have seen the urine test and license therein.

    Anyway, I needed (need) a new, recent, truthful, legit assessment now but don’t know how to go sbout it. ADLRO said they don’t order or authorize assessments, I can’t ask a judge cuz there is nothing to allow me to get “on the docket”, there’s no case or anything on which to base a request like this, CUZ THERE WERE NO DUIs but the one in 2001!

    There are no license stoppers on my drivers abstract, but thanks to Wasan’s extraordinary measures to force me to pay him fot unnecessary treatment (calling DMV personally and telling them not to renew), DMV is wrongfully denying me a license, and I can’t find a remedy.

    HELP!! What can I do???

  10. The laws re taking driver’s licenses away administratively by the ADLRO, even if a person was never charged, tried or convicted of dui, leaves people no recourse if the ADLRO tells dmv not to renew an expired license that’s not suspended or revoked. In Feb 2005–almost 9 years ago, a drunk driver broadsided my car, driver’s side, while I was at a stop sign. Hit me so hard that both airbags blew, dislocating my elbow and totaling the car. When I tried to push the airbags away, I felt such pain, as soon as I got out of the car I fainted. I’d come to periodically for a few seconds and faint again. I was taken to Kona Hospital by ambulance.

    Hawaii law requires police to take blood for BAC and confiscate the driver’s licenses of all people injured in accidents involving injury. At the hospital I was given a TON of morphine to knock me out so they could reset my elbow. I was already delirious from pain. After the morphine, all became blurry and voices sounded like that of Charlie Brown’s teacher (wha wha wha wha). I told the cop trying to talk to me that I could hear him, but couldn’t understand a word. Next I knew I awoke in the ER with my arm in a sling. A nurse gave me my purse and some papers, saying the cop took my license as required by law and information about getting it back was in the papers.

    The cop at the hospital did not leave a citation with the ADLRO stuff. I was never charged with dui. I wasn’t summoned to court. No prosecution or conviction. So I tried to get my license back, but ADLRO refused and said it didn’t matter that I wasn’t charged or convicted of dui because the courts deal with law breaking, but ADLRO is administrative and independent of the courts. They told me I had to get an assessment done to get my license. I asked why, and was told my BAC warranted it. But I’d only drank 2 beers and a whole pitcher of water (I’d been dancing for hours). I asked for copies of their file. When I got it and saw it said my BAC was something outrageous like .23, I flipped, knowing that couldn’t be right. I finally found a chain of evidence form. It showed the name of nurse who drew the blood, the date and time she drew it, the time she turned it over to the cop, and her signature. Also, the cop filled in when he received it, and the date/time he released it to some courier, and his signature. The courier did the same when he took possession of it, noting it was going to Clnical Labs, signed it. Then it ends. No one at C. Labs signed off as ever receiving the blood. Thus, the chain of evidence was broken and it’s impossible to know where my blood went or what blood they tested that had a .23 BAC.

    Having just had my car totaled with only liability insurance, and having no money to replace it, my need for my license wasnt a priority as I had nothing to drive. As an ID was cheaper and faster to get, I did that.

    It was many years before I could afford another car. When I found one I wanted for a great price, I called DMV and asked procdure for renewial. The lady put my info in the computer and said ADLRO said no license till assessment. If I paid for that and the fees for license and registration, I’d not have enough for th car, so I put it off since I still wouldn’t need a license with no car.

    In 2012 I’d saved for and found another good deal on a truck. It had been 5 years since the accident, but when I asked again, dmv said a I still needed an assessment.

    I’d had one done in 2011 for a totally unrelated matter–an argument with my boyfriend– and the counselor said he didn’t see a need for treatment and was stunned to learn I wasn’t there for a dui. The assessment was done at Lokahi in Naalehu. When in 2012 the dmv again refused me a license saying I had to present an assessment I was irritated, but the Lokahi assessment was pretty recent so i calledLokahi for a copy. I was told Paul didn’t work there since they closed the clinic in Ka’u, the Kau records had been moved to storage, and only the CEO had the storage key. The receptionist said she’d ask her boss for a copy. A month later, no copy, so I called back. Same story. Yet another month later, no report. I called again, and was told she’d have the CeO, Jamal Wasan, call me. He didn’t. Over the next 6 weeks I left 3-4 more messages for Wasan. He finally called back, asked what I needed a copy for because it was a hassle to try finding it in storage. I said the dmv wants it so I can renew my license. He said he’d look for it.

    I have to take 5. I’ll finish the story of fraud and no recourse in a little while. Please stay tuned.

  11. This is to inform you that PAWS University is involved in bad business practices, threatening to sue boarders who REPORT illnesses stemming from that facility, to any government officials.

    There is a BIG cover up on the island in regards to animal rights and animal abuses in general, in Hawaii, but the HIHS also ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to investigate ANY health threats to others’ animals!!!

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