Undisputed Facts

Merriam-Webster defines allegations as… an assertion unsupported and by implication regarded as unsupportable

We are not presenting allegations, these are the facts supported by LEGALLY RECORDED words and actions of the people involved.

On November 1, 2009, Kevin Walters was a member of Keaukaha Canoe Club, whose other members included Judge Lloyd Van De Carr and numerous other court officers.


At this same time he is also claiming he is so disabled that he needs help feeding and bathing himself.

However, when it suits his purpose he also shows that he is able to boogie board, hike, paddle, play guitar, and work as an engineer repairing computers and studio equipment.

On November 3, 2009 Carrie was charged with assault based solely upon statements Kevin made and the fact that he had a wound.  The video was recovered on November 10, 2009.

The following is Kevin’s numerous differing ALLEGATIONS made regarding this incident:

Police Report #1

11-01-09 @ 7:26 p.m. – Officer Hatada

[Kevin] did state that on the evening of 11-01-2009 sometime just prior to police arrival, he had been on the telephone at his residence located at [address]. While he was on the phone, he stated that his ex-wife who he identified to me as Carrie Walters was insistent that he get off the phone. Kevin informed me that because he remained on the phone, his wife began to become agitated.

It was at this time that Kevin stated that he then hung up the phone and stood up from where he was seated in front of his computer. At this time, he observed his wife come from the kitchen area of this residence and strike him in the abdomen with a “blunt object.”

Medical Report

11-01-2009 @ 8:32 p.m. – ER Staff

[Kevin] does not recall what happened. The patient appears intoxicated and is unable to give a reliable history at this time. Poor historian because he does not recall being stabbed.

Due to the increase in domestic violence, we ask all patients: Are you being hurt, hit or frightened by anyone at home or in your life?

Domestic violence survey shows NEGATIVE risk for this patient.

 Police Report #2

11-01-09 @ 9:05 p.m. – Officer Domingo (at ER)

[Kevin] related to [Officer Domingo] that [Carrie] wanted him to call up his doctor to change his medication. He related that that was not going to happen.  He stated he tried to call his doctor but was unable to make contact with the doctor.  He related that this went on for much of the morning and much of the afternoon.

He related that maybe at about 8:00 p.m. he was at his residence sitting at the computer which is located in the kitchen talking to some friends through a Vonage line, which is a computer line. He related that he heard Carrie yelling at him.  He stated that he got up from the chair, felt something push his left rib area, and he fell down.

TRO Application (written by a Turning Points Representative)

“ Nov. 1, 2009 Kevin and Carrie were at their home around 8:00 pm Kevin was on the phone with a friend from San Francisco.  Earlier in the day Kevin and Carrie had financial arguments and Kevin told Carrie he did not want to talk about it and he was going to lay down.  Kevin got off the phone he was looking around for Carrie he did not know where she was.  Carrie was then angry and she started yelling at Kevin that “She could not put up with this anymore.”  Kevin did not see the knife he seen [sic] his shirt bloody by his abdomen (in shock) Kevin walked into the room changed his shirt went to his computer and with the understanding that Carrie called the police on Kevin.  Kevin then passed out and remembered bit and pieces of the E.M.T., in the ambulance then waking up in the hospital after surgery.  Kevin is currently at Hilo Hospital.”

“I solemnly and sincerely declare, UNDER THE PENALTY OF PERJURY, that the statements made in this document are true and correct to the best of my belief, information, and knowledge.” [emphasis added]

Kevin then signs his TRO application.

Grand Jury Testimony

Prosecutor Rick Dammerville Q:  And at any time did you become violent?
Kevin Walters A:  No.
Q:  And, um, at some point in time she came over to you.
A:  Yes.
Q:  And when she came over to you how close did she get, if you can say?
A:  Um, chest to chest.
Q:  Do you have a computer desk.
A:  Yes.  It’s a kitchen table used in the – in the kitchen. And we usually keep the lap top on that one. And there’s a desk in the other room that has the desk top computer and I was sitting at that. But then I stood up and she was yelling and screaming at me at that point.
Q:  Do you recall what she was saying to you?
A:  It was all around – I had said to her, “You’re no longer going to manage this money. I am going to the social security office and I am going to have you removed from this. And I’m going to ask my doctor if I can do it myself. Or if not, I’m going to go get someone else and it’s not going to be you. And I am going to aggressively do this and move out. And she was very angry with that.
Q:  Okay. And how – at some point in time she came close to you. Do you know when?
A:  You mean time-wise?
Q:  Yeah. In relation to what she just – you just testified about.
A:  I’d say within two or three minutes.
Q:  Okay. And, um, she approached you or you approached her?
A:  She approached me.
Q:  Okay. And she approached you and then what happened?
A:  Ah, then I felt a lot of pain in my chest. And she left and went back out the door

During Kevin’s Grand Jury testimony the video ran for awhile WITHOUT THE AUDIO! The 911 call logs, proving time of events, were not presented.

The VOIP phone records show that on 11-1-09 at 5:04 pm Kevin has called a friend and is exchanging drunken pleasantries.  He hangs up the phone at 6:32 pm. The following video is a 20 second snippet of his demeanor.

Sixty seconds later Carrie once again turns on the video.  Warning: video contains graphic language.

Carrie’s TRO application written 5 MONTHS before she gets to see the video or any other evidence against her:

“11/1/09 Kevin got up at 6:50 am in an agitated state and immediately began an argument me.  Even when he made a point I agreed with, he would get more agitated and yell at me that I didn’t understand.  This continued non-stop until apx. 1:30 pm, when he began drinking and he became more unreasonable and aggressive.  About 2:30 pm he started yelling at me for not returning an item to a neighbor because it was supposed to have been done earlier.  I said that’s what I’m going to do right now and I got in my truck and left.  I did not go to the neighbor, I instead went to Bill Church, a pastor & friend [of Kevin] on Kevin’s paddling crew.

I explained to Bill what was happening and asked for some help.  Bill advised me to return home, tell Kevin to call him, and I should call 911.  When I did return home, (around 4 pm?) Kevin was much drunker than I’ve ever seen him and was talking on the phone with a friend telling him how wonderful his (Kevin’s) life is.

I told Kevin that Bill wanted him to call.  Kevin stayed on the phone for about an hour continuing to tell his friend how wonderful everything is.  When he got off the phone he gave me this look of total hatred and said “you fucking cunt.”  Then he yelled at me and I said something to the effect of “he just wants to talk to you.”  Kevin then picked up my truck keys and put them in his pocket and called Bill.  I tried to quietly call 911 on the other line, at 6:37 pm.  Kevin heard and got more angry.

While Kevin was on the phone with Bill, he said the sharks been let out of the cage and now the shark is going to bite.  This is when I got the knife.  When he finished talking with Bill he handed me the phone and said Bill wanted to speak with me.  I told Bill how serious the situation had gotten, pointed out the shark threat, told him I had a knife, and that I was recording this.  Bill told me to call 911, I said I already had.

When I got off the phone with Bill, Kevin started yelling at me to “unring the bell” and call off the police.  He also told me to be prepared to deal with what I had done, he would be out in a few hours, knew where I lived, would destroy all I had, make my life miserable, hunt me down, and come after me.

At 7:05 pm 911 called to say the police were delayed with a traffic incident and it would be a longer wait.  I told her I needed the police now, he’s escalating, very drunk, and threatening me.  I told her if the police don’t get here soon one of us would be dead and it would probably be me.  I told her to tell the police to get my camera because I’m recording this.  I also told her I had a knife.

I continued recording until the camera battery died.  When I put the camera on the kitchen counter Kevin started screaming at me that I had no idea what I had done, now he was going to have to kill me.  He lunged at me, grabbed me by the hair and flung me to the ground, then jumped on me.  I then stabbed him and he backed off me and I ran.

[Michelle Keiki, Turning Points representative, then adds the following]  On this same day Kevin dumped water in my computer and damaged the walls by throwing things.  There are holes in my wooden walls.

Carrie then signs her TRO application under penalty of perjury.

Additionally, the video, VOIP log and the police log all verify the time frame of events.  Kevin hangs up with his friend at 6:32 pm.  Video is turned on again at 6:33 pm.  First 911 call at 6:37 pm, 911 calls back at 7:09 pm, the video cuts off at 7:12 pm.  At 7:16 pm Kevin calls 911 and hangs up.  Carrie’s third 911 call is made from a neighbor’s house just after they arrived home at 7:19 pm.

The following recording is a call Kevin made to the Fire Department at 7:19 pm.  This call was not released to Carrie’s attorney until October 10, 2010.  Carrie did not receive it until November 21, 2011.

Kevin had access to all this information PRIOR to making his statements or giving testimony and still his statements don’t match up with the evidence.  In fact, the evidence shows that NONE of Kevin’s stories could conceivably have happened.

On the other hand, the only statement that does match up exactly with the evidence is Carrie’s and she (the defendant) was the only one who DIDN’T have access to the evidence.  She didn’t need to see the evidence, she lived it.  The truth is not hard to remember.

On this night and in the ensuing weeks Kevin will commit Assault, Attempted Murder, numerous counts of Terroristic Threatening, numerous counts of Perjury, numerous counts of TRO violations, Theft, destruction of property, Social Security Fraud, and Insurance Fraud.

Charges filed: Zilch, Zero, Nada

Having Hawaii County connections: Priceless

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 as we update you on how this has played out over the last two years.


23 responses to “Undisputed Facts

  1. Fing unbelievable. I pray Carrie will prevail.

  2. Carrie,
    I, too, was attacked and at one point had to grab a steak knife. I held it against my tummy, pointy tip outwards. I told him, “if you try to lay your hands on me again, they’ll hit this knife first.” Luckily, he backed off and turned his rage on my clothing. I had to call 911 too, but at the time I didn’t live in rural Kau so cops got there pretty quick. I’d gone out on the balcony and closed the slider to create a barrier, but where I could watch for police. That was 2003. Man, I WISH I could have broadcast my story, named names, exposed publicly his perjury and abuse of process. But back then, cell phones didn’t record, the web was a toddler compared to now, and people were just starting to blog. Also, some bloggers were prosecuted for posting their abuse and corruption survival stories because there was no way to attach photos, videos, recorded phone calls, (evidence), and the perps being exposed on the internet was considered defamation of character.

    Does Kevin have the nerve to still live here after so many people have seen the “real Kevin”…the one behind closed doors that he hides from the public? Do his buddies still hang with him in public, or has he yet been rightly ostracized?

    What irks me is that, like me, you were scared for your life enough to take knife in hand for protection, clearly your safety was jeopardized, and though (sadly, in a way) the battery died shortly before he pulled you down, it’s pretty clear he was the aggressor. Q: do you think the judge might have wondered why you didn’t go outside to wait for the police, and figured since you could have left the house but stayed, your fear for your safety, while legit, was not “imminent”, or you’d have fled? To me, I totally get the reasoning for risking staying inside so you could get the necessary evidence of his calculated intent to cause your person and property harm…revenge in an evil way. With his buddies in the legal system more than willing to turn a blind eye to accusations of his dangerously abusive behavior, you were pretty much forced to stay inside and get the evidence, especially to try amd protect yourself from the future harm he promised to cause you. To me, that’s a valid, mitigating reason why you didn’t “just leave” and wait outside for da cops. Extenuating circumstances abounded to give you good cause to not flee. A cop once told me the law says, in self defense, I can’t use lethal force if there’s a way to escape…so basically I have to have a gun to my head or knife at my throat to use a weapon to protect my life. I guess the legislators haven’t ever been picked up and thrown across a room by a violent man who’s bigger or stronger than they ; or TRIED to exit an argument only to have their larger opponent physically block the door; or been grabbed by the hair and thrown down or pulled across the floor. Clearly the lawmakers haven’t had to protect or defend their own lives, or they’d know it’s not always the best or safest option to flee.

    Glad you’re doing this!! Finally, a public forum to expose corruption, nepotism, abuse of power, prosecutorial misconduct; that Public Defenders are not defense attorneys at all, but act as extensions of the prosecution to help “dispose” of cases faster, not fairer; how the cops can’t protect us (or they prioritize very badly), how perps walk free while their victims get revictimized by the Legal system for trying to protect themselves (it’s not a Justice system, that’s for sure).

  3. I have been very blessed to meet Carrie, I could not bring myself to come to this website, even tho I knew I should because we ALL must never turn I blind eye to injustice/corruption, things we don’t really want to see. Instead we must all blow our whistles LOUDER, and shine spotlights more & more, because from the higher powers that be, right down to the lowest levels of many that have a little power, sick pieces of meat are being given power over us & Whistle blowers are going to become more deaf, dumb & blind, until we are all in deep kim chee. I don’t even know if this ramble makes sense.. because i feel as tough I got PTSD after listening to & watching this psycho clip. There should be a donate button on this site! Not only because Carrie has been put to financial ruin, loosing EVERYTHING (financially) but because she works tirelessly helping others on a daily basis. I dropping tears onto my laptop now. If you are ever blessed to experience the person that Carrie is… you prolly will, as well. SUPPORT!!! Carrie, support yourself. We do good, live right, yet we never think how quickly our innocent lives can suddenly be turned upside down by no fault of our own. Please promote this site on ALL of YOUR social media!!! Thats FREE. I’d say do it even for your own karma. FEAR THAT more than we fear getting involved! Hawaii Corruption, How can ppl make donations?

  4. What patience taking all his abusive language waiting forever for cops. She should have punched him just to shut him up.

  5. Deuteronomy 19:16-21

    If a malicious witness takes the stand to accuse a man of a crime, the two men involved in the dispute must stand in the presence of the Lord before the priests and the judges who are in office at the time. The judges must make a thorough investigation, and if the witness proves to be a liar, giving false testimony against his brother, then do to him as he intended to do to his brother. You must purge the evil from among you. The rest of the people will hear of this and be afraid, and never again will such an evil thing be done among you. Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

  6. I got this link from a good friend Errol, O my, it is real HORROR….I’m so sorry for what you have gone through! I feel sorry for you……I can imagine that you fight for your right……the best place for him is behind bars…..I really hope you win this, you are the victim…..hope my English is clear enough…I am from the Netherlands

  7. Hi S.I.S.T.A.H, just checking in. Keep that head up and know that I love you and support you. I pray for your justice and mines. Luvin u alwayz,
    YOUR S.I.S.T.A.H 4EVA. See you on monday?

  8. I was told point blank by a public defender that we are all now guilty until proven innocent. I believe him.

  9. One S.I.S.T.A.H

    I’m so sorry for what you have gone through! I can relate. Our so called law enforced folks have been fooled and have no idea what the abused have gone through nor do they know what it’s like to live in terror! I pray for your justice and mines! How did we end up with the monsters? Their mothers dumped them on us!!! Be strong my S.I.S.T.A.H!!!

  10. Dear Carrie,
    I’ve just learned about this and am so sorry that you are going thru this. After hearing Kevin on tape…yes, he is a monster. I’ve never seen you smoke before and you were always in good health and shape for hikes. But I can see why with that monster there making you stressed out. How should one defend herself in her own house is not even a question to be asked. Every person has a right to defend themselves especially in their own home. To rick damerville, why don’t you let your daughter, sister, wife or mother live with Kevin for a while if you believe in him. You’re full of it if you say you do… Carrie…..we support you and with much Aloha

    • We have shown Carrie your comments and she would like you to know how appreciated they are. Posting support is important for her to contiue her battle against this corruption and so the officials know they are being watched.

  11. There are many paddlers who are abusive. I know one of them who continually breaks the law and gets away with it!…She has lied to police, was invovled with ice dealers, and has caused her neighbor a lot of harm…intentionally!

    Abusive people should be locked up, especially when they use drugs and alcohol as an excuse for their “bad behaviors.” I have heard the girl brag about how she was “going to get back at the neighbor for reporting her illegal stuff to police, and even lured friends to help do her dirty work, (other paddlers, etc.) She lied to them about the neighbor and she lied to the police and others about being harassed because she relaly was intent on breaking the law. Thre is nothing about obeying laws that this woman wanted. She wanted to get away with everything and not be accountable for even her own barking dogs, and instead she blamedthe neighbor for reporting her barking dogs who actually also bothered other epople

  12. There is something terribly wrong with you to “be” in that moment with such a monster. Because you are not under 18…..this was your choice; and a poor choice it was.

    • You’re right about Kevin Walters being a monster. But in this case it’s called false imprisonment, which he has admitted to, yet has not been charged with.

    • Esmeralda, have you ever had a man who abuses you and threatens that if you call anyone for help or just leave, he’ll come to your house and destroy it and physically harm you? But he’s so nice around everybody else that no one believes you’re being abused and threatened? Since he only does it when no one else is around, you’ve no witnesses? And the cherry on top: he’s pals with the cops or prosecutors or judges who won’t believe you or take action to protect you because they like your abuser?
      Obviously not. Until you’ve been there, don’t be fooled into thinking your safety is just a matter of choosing to leave. Leaving doesn’t stop stalking or revenge!

    • Are you seriously blaming the victim for another person’s action???? It’s FLAWED MINDSETS with your kind of thinking (oops excuse me, LACK of thinking) that allows perpetrators to continue in their immoral, degrading, dishonorable, shamefully inexcusable behavior.
      I too experienced violence and degrading deeds against me in my PAST…
      For example I have heard ignorant comments such as “She asked for it” referring to what a person was wearing in reference to the type of clothing…
      My opinion that is just a cop-out excuse for the perpetrator to justify their SELFISH actions against another HUMAN BEING.
      If that is the case based on clothing then please enlighten me as HOW a six month old (youngest) statistics or a ninety year old conjure up any sexual arousal??
      [VIOLENT BEHAVIOR rather it’s hostility, verbal or physical abuse, sexual assault no matter what name is attached to it is STILL VIOLENCE]
      It is solely the repulsive CHOICE of the perpetrator’s actions and NOT the VICTIM (prey, wounded, injured party, sufferer).
      In my opinion perpetrator’s LACK the ability of seeing their own meaningful significance. IF they DO NOT respect their own being how will they show consideration and value someone else? That is why SIN (Missing the Mark) happens rampantly

      Hey Carrie,
      You know my PRAYERS are with you for a divine intervention in bringing you a RIGHTFUL judgement in your favor.
      May a man/woman of integrity step up to the matters in these causes and honestly guide you to overcoming victory.

      There is a saying “Things in the DARK will be brought forth into the LIGHT” do not be weary in WELL doing…your efforts takes a lot of courage and boldness..
      Shalom (PEACE)

      • oops forgot to mention my reply was in regards to an old post of Esmerelda’s who probably doesn’t KNOW the complete details

  13. real men dont behave like this. good luck lady. youre gonna need it.

  14. I thought I was going to be sick listening to the last 10 minutes of the 35 minute video; I don’t know what churned my stomach more: the tension and intention of his words or the resolve in your voice knowing that the tape you were making could possibly record your death. Despite all the legal acrobatics that would turn the tables on you afterwards, you’re right: these tapes ARE the undisputed facts – you have been so wronged and so failed, I’m so sorry… THANK YOU for the courage to bring this all to light – it does so need to be seen – ALL of it. Keep on keepin’ on ~

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